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  1. Finished three long overdue protocacoward/top 100 wads tonight, alongside Sector 666. Naturally, im still avoiding must-plays like Memento Mori, after all these years. One day..

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    2. Kyka


      Wait what. There is  a Doom launcher app that tracks stats and stuff? srs?


      And yes Mark Klem is a cool guy. He allowed me to use one of his tracks for that little project you mentioned that you kept a backup of. :)

    3. Devalaous


      Takes a lot of tinkering to get set up, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes hard to live without.




      This is my setup after a LOT of work. Megawads (15+ maps), Miniwads (2 to 14), single levels, various official content, all the Master Levels in one spot (plus the 7 rejected master levels), various stuff for Heretic and Hexen, deathmatch stuff, all the millions of cacoward/top 100 wads, and a folder that shows everything ive ever completed.


      Life-changing stuff :D I went through all four Doom IWADs again this year JUST to get those stats recorded.

    4. Kyka


      Wow. That is amazing. I may play around with it. Lol I suck at technical things though. :) It took me years to get any good at mapping.