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  1. Devalaous

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    You would have to merge TNT and Revilution into one wad, as the Unity port doesn't have iwads in the traditional sense. Pretty much all Final Doom IWAD mapsets are 'incompatible' as a result, but may work with a lot of wad surgery. And after all that, it may still not run, Plutonia 2 didnt!
  2. Devalaous

    Unity Port WAD Development and Information Guide

    Very strange. Your DMAPINFO for 200 Lines Massacre looks no different than what I originally had for Memento Mori 2, Alien Vendetta and D2TWID, yet Map 33 onwards shows up, and apparantly you got the secret exits working. For me, Map 33 has never once showed up on the episode selection, and any attempt to access a Map 33 has crashed. Even when utilising the ML1 trick, Hexsoil was never reachable via an exit switch, nor could it transition back to MAP03. Similarly I could not integrate Valley of Echoes into the regular progression, nor could I emulate MM2's Secret Operations original behaviour of going to MAP03 once the two extra maps were done. I would try again to see if things can be more 'accurate' but ive screamed at SLADE enough with those unofficial add-ons; they work as they are and ive gotten no complaints over bugs, so eh. The only real use I would have for Doom 1 having the extra map slots working, would be to have Death Tormention Trilogy and 2002 ADO having all maps, instead of cutting some out. Episode 5 wont have an intermission screen anyway, it appeared once in DTWID Lost Episodes testing, and it was a black void.
  3. Devalaous

    Unity Port WAD Development and Information Guide

    Is this why Perditions Gate/Hell to Pay/Eternal Doom don't work? Thanks for looking into all this btw. For a while it seemed I was the only one trying to understand the port, and im far from knowledgeable about all of Doom's limits and mechanics. Did you actually get Map 33 onwards to work? Nothing I ever did got them to work, resulting in some hackery by utilising 'ML1 to 'ML21' to get extra maps working. In Ultimate doom, I found that any map outside of E1M1 to E4M9 would load, but crash the port upon hitting an exit switch, no matter the formatting.
  4. Devalaous

    Winter's Fury - 10th Anniversary Update

    Every time ive tried to play this, my computer has never been strong enough. Now after more upgrades, we have another GZDoom version and another Winter's Fury. Will the curse still be present.. Aside from that, the bits ive managed to play over the years have always wowed me like no other mod has, and passing this mod around to a few people that DID have beefy PCs, got a whole lot of them back into Doom for a time. Lets see if I can do it again :D
  5. Devalaous

    Good Playstation Games?

    The price for quiksave was all the secret mudokun puzzles etc getting MUCH harder and utter bullshit level. I recently went through Abes Oddysey on Duckstation, with achievements enabled, and I got all 99 saved without much difficulty. Without quiksave cheese you had to do all those puzzles in one perfect go and it felt way more rewarding when you finally got it. I have to play the game again and kill something like 75 of them for the last two achievements, should be a fun catharsis. New N Tasty is perfectly fine btw, my main issue was the controls werent 1 to 1 with the original. Soulstorm, the reimagining of Exoddus, is where things went screy. We will never have the Oddworld Quintology, the artist types behind Oddworld are just way too picky.
  6. Both sides going to double down till the end, such is life.
  7. Devalaous

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    I swore I'd never have a need for the original PS1 Doom again after playing PsyDoom. Then I found out Duckstation has achievements for Doom and Final Doom...
  8. Devalaous

    Obscure, Hardly Known Bad Games/Guilty Pleasures.

    The definition of a hidden gem that is janky, totally unknown to the point that even gamefaqs and retroachievements have little to no data on it, and very beloved by a small group of people that gave it a go back in its day. Back in my childhood, this game was one of my favourites on the system,although I could NEVER finish it without cheating. The plot is nonsense; A zeppelin, called the Nautiflyis iirc, is carrying a mystical green pearl off to some far off land to heal some sort of plague, thats never really talked about further, and Bad Shit Happens, and the ship crash lands on top of a stupidly giant tower, and the pearl is stolen and the captain abducted, while the player character, one of four (six if using cheats to unlock two secret characters) crew members is sent out to go explore the area and find parts to repair the ship. The tower top is kind of like a training area, albeit almost nothing is told to you; there is an INSANE amount of secret pickups and tricky jumps in the starting area alone, and its very likely that you will use up all your lives trying to get them all, because the controls are very janky. This game is HARD because of them, and save points and extra lives are very rare. iirc you can only use each save point once too. This is why I had to use the 99 lives code, a LOT, to beat the game. Careful exploration of the starting 'tutorial' area, 'Level 0' as its called ingame, reveals an ENTIRE hidden area full of items and collectibles, and basically the rest of 'Level 0', you can even meet the other crew members you aren't playing as here, which is basically the only dialogue they ever get, and completion of the level will get you the first piece of the 'Psykey', a key with one piece well hidden in every level, that forms the Psygnosis logo; its used to unlock a secret develop room in the final level of the game. Ive never seen it, sadly. Progressing to Level 1 proper, starts the real game off, and from here on out your exploring insanely varied levels of the tower, each one its own unique crazy ecosystem, full of secret areas, insanely well hidden items that only the most skilled players will get, and the whole way you have to locate pieces of the Green Pearl's containment device, canisters of Gas to refill your airship's baloon, and if you can, the aforementioned pices of the Psykey. You also obtain EXP from every monsters you kill and every object you break, so you'll be kicking and shooting the shit out of EVERYTHING to increase your stats; pumping the ponits into Armour to take less damage, Magic to learn new spells and obtain more mana, and to level up existing spells (almost all of which are secret item pickups) and weapon skill, which allows you to upgrade four different weapon types, with all six characters having different maximums in armour, magic and weapon levels, so noone plays alike. The bruiser of the group for example, has maximum armour but almost no magic skill, and his most common weapon is the flamethrower weapon; the opening levels are frustrating because he has to use the rapidly draining flamethrower with almost no ranged attacks, while the mage will have ALL of the health and mana pickups swapped, and start off with an electric weapon instead, which is great against machines, but terrible against people and objects. What always captivates me though, is how alien and surreal the game world feels. Level 1 and 0 are the ramparts of this great tower, rain, wind and a pitch black night, with plenty of giant bats swooping down to attack, hints of a great industrial underbelly, and the lowly grunts of this hostile race that took the pearl littering the area, with traps and turrets and a rock golem boss. Level 2 meanwhile descends into a chaotic industrial nightmare, full of rusty machinery, smashing pistons, half-finished (or damaged?) robot guards lying on what look like operating tables, who spring back to life to shoot you from their tables, as if determined to still be useful to whoever made them then abandoned them. Later levels include a great prison, a biomechanical jungle, a great kitchen with razor blades and grinders and horrific implications of what happens to the prisoners, and so forth. After every level, the plot is continued not by your character, but from the viewpoint of the abducted captain, who is going on his own adventure. Overall the game is probably my most well loved 'hidden gem' ever, and I love it despite its MANY flaws. Its now available on GoG, the PS1 and PC versions are largely identical. I would highly recommend the 99 lives code to get much enjoyment from the game, due to the very awkward controls.
  9. Devalaous

    Ultimate Doom Megawads and Episodes

    It has a sequel called Black Hell, in case youve never heard of the followup.
  10. Devalaous

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    Very small request here that should be pretty easy; could someone please do Zone 300 and 400? Got them lined up for unity port stuff
  11. Devalaous

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    This is why it took me over a year to finish No End in Sight, played it in short bursts to keep the fun going longer.
  12. Devalaous

    I gibbed a cacodemon.

    Fun gibbing oddities in the actual game: The Demon can iirc take enough damage to actually gib, but lacks the frames to do so. While the Cyberdemon, as pictured, suffers an extreme gibbing death, as its normal death. I suppose you could also say the pain elemental is always gibbed too.
  13. Devalaous

    I gibbed a cacodemon.

  14. Devalaous

    Cacoward winners without any cacodemons?

    thats cheating and you know it :p
  15. Devalaous

    Favorite Video Game Composers

    Digital Devil Saga is almost absolutely good all the way through with its soundtrack, and generally all the way if you only count the actual game music and not cutscenes I'm playing Devil Summoner Soulless Army right now and the battle theme is classic Shoji Meguro SMT goodness. He makes so many good battle themes, enough that I have a playlist entirely made out of them.