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  1. Devalaous

    Good Playstation Games?

    The price for quiksave was all the secret mudokun puzzles etc getting MUCH harder and utter bullshit level. I recently went through Abes Oddysey on Duckstation, with achievements enabled, and I got all 99 saved without much difficulty. Without quiksave cheese you had to do all those puzzles in one perfect go and it felt way more rewarding when you finally got it. I have to play the game again and kill something like 75 of them for the last two achievements, should be a fun catharsis. New N Tasty is perfectly fine btw, my main issue was the controls werent 1 to 1 with the original. Soulstorm, the reimagining of Exoddus, is where things went screy. We will never have the Oddworld Quintology, the artist types behind Oddworld are just way too picky.
  2. Both sides going to double down till the end, such is life.
  3. Devalaous

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    I swore I'd never have a need for the original PS1 Doom again after playing PsyDoom. Then I found out Duckstation has achievements for Doom and Final Doom...
  4. Devalaous

    Obscure, Hardly Known Bad Games/Guilty Pleasures.

    The definition of a hidden gem that is janky, totally unknown to the point that even gamefaqs and retroachievements have little to no data on it, and very beloved by a small group of people that gave it a go back in its day. Back in my childhood, this game was one of my favourites on the system,although I could NEVER finish it without cheating. The plot is nonsense; A zeppelin, called the Nautiflyis iirc, is carrying a mystical green pearl off to some far off land to heal some sort of plague, thats never really talked about further, and Bad Shit Happens, and the ship crash lands on top of a stupidly giant tower, and the pearl is stolen and the captain abducted, while the player character, one of four (six if using cheats to unlock two secret characters) crew members is sent out to go explore the area and find parts to repair the ship. The tower top is kind of like a training area, albeit almost nothing is told to you; there is an INSANE amount of secret pickups and tricky jumps in the starting area alone, and its very likely that you will use up all your lives trying to get them all, because the controls are very janky. This game is HARD because of them, and save points and extra lives are very rare. iirc you can only use each save point once too. This is why I had to use the 99 lives code, a LOT, to beat the game. Careful exploration of the starting 'tutorial' area, 'Level 0' as its called ingame, reveals an ENTIRE hidden area full of items and collectibles, and basically the rest of 'Level 0', you can even meet the other crew members you aren't playing as here, which is basically the only dialogue they ever get, and completion of the level will get you the first piece of the 'Psykey', a key with one piece well hidden in every level, that forms the Psygnosis logo; its used to unlock a secret develop room in the final level of the game. Ive never seen it, sadly. Progressing to Level 1 proper, starts the real game off, and from here on out your exploring insanely varied levels of the tower, each one its own unique crazy ecosystem, full of secret areas, insanely well hidden items that only the most skilled players will get, and the whole way you have to locate pieces of the Green Pearl's containment device, canisters of Gas to refill your airship's baloon, and if you can, the aforementioned pices of the Psykey. You also obtain EXP from every monsters you kill and every object you break, so you'll be kicking and shooting the shit out of EVERYTHING to increase your stats; pumping the ponits into Armour to take less damage, Magic to learn new spells and obtain more mana, and to level up existing spells (almost all of which are secret item pickups) and weapon skill, which allows you to upgrade four different weapon types, with all six characters having different maximums in armour, magic and weapon levels, so noone plays alike. The bruiser of the group for example, has maximum armour but almost no magic skill, and his most common weapon is the flamethrower weapon; the opening levels are frustrating because he has to use the rapidly draining flamethrower with almost no ranged attacks, while the mage will have ALL of the health and mana pickups swapped, and start off with an electric weapon instead, which is great against machines, but terrible against people and objects. What always captivates me though, is how alien and surreal the game world feels. Level 1 and 0 are the ramparts of this great tower, rain, wind and a pitch black night, with plenty of giant bats swooping down to attack, hints of a great industrial underbelly, and the lowly grunts of this hostile race that took the pearl littering the area, with traps and turrets and a rock golem boss. Level 2 meanwhile descends into a chaotic industrial nightmare, full of rusty machinery, smashing pistons, half-finished (or damaged?) robot guards lying on what look like operating tables, who spring back to life to shoot you from their tables, as if determined to still be useful to whoever made them then abandoned them. Later levels include a great prison, a biomechanical jungle, a great kitchen with razor blades and grinders and horrific implications of what happens to the prisoners, and so forth. After every level, the plot is continued not by your character, but from the viewpoint of the abducted captain, who is going on his own adventure. Overall the game is probably my most well loved 'hidden gem' ever, and I love it despite its MANY flaws. Its now available on GoG, the PS1 and PC versions are largely identical. I would highly recommend the 99 lives code to get much enjoyment from the game, due to the very awkward controls.
  5. Devalaous

    Ultimate Doom Megawads and Episodes

    It has a sequel called Black Hell, in case youve never heard of the followup.
  6. Devalaous

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    Very small request here that should be pretty easy; could someone please do Zone 300 and 400? Got them lined up for unity port stuff
  7. Devalaous

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    This is why it took me over a year to finish No End in Sight, played it in short bursts to keep the fun going longer.
  8. Devalaous

    I gibbed a cacodemon.

    Fun gibbing oddities in the actual game: The Demon can iirc take enough damage to actually gib, but lacks the frames to do so. While the Cyberdemon, as pictured, suffers an extreme gibbing death, as its normal death. I suppose you could also say the pain elemental is always gibbed too.
  9. Devalaous

    I gibbed a cacodemon.

  10. Devalaous

    Cacoward winners without any cacodemons?

    thats cheating and you know it :p
  11. Devalaous

    Favorite Video Game Composers

    Digital Devil Saga is almost absolutely good all the way through with its soundtrack, and generally all the way if you only count the actual game music and not cutscenes I'm playing Devil Summoner Soulless Army right now and the battle theme is classic Shoji Meguro SMT goodness. He makes so many good battle themes, enough that I have a playlist entirely made out of them.
  12. Devalaous

    I gibbed a cacodemon.

    I gibbed one in vanilla Doom!
  13. Devalaous

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I never hear anything at all about CC3 aside from how good Black Rain supposedly is. The rest is never spoken of. The other three all have good and infamous maps in them, or textures in 4's case, so its kind of amusing.
  14. Devalaous

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    yesssss, that was one of the ones I wanted WSed the most!
  15. Devalaous

    Console exclusive levels?

    No Consolation is an 8 map episode for Doom 2 that someone made for ZDoom out of Kaiser's old console Doom megawad I beleive. I have done *some* fixing up of this wad, but it might not be perfect. Map 1: Hell Gate (Jaguar/Playstation/Saturn) Map 2: Hell Keep (Jaguar/Playstation/Saturn) Map 3: Twilight Descends (Playstation/Saturn) Map 4: The Marshes (Playstation/Saturn) Map 5: Threshold of Pain (Playstation/Saturn) Map 6: Redemption Denied (Playstation/Saturn) Map 7: The Mansion (Playstation/Saturn) (Secret) Map 8: Club Doom (Playstation/Saturn) (Secret)
  16. Ive mentioned in the Widescreen thread and the Unity port thread that ive successfully ported several well-loved older megawads to the Unity Port, with a near-official add-on feel. After a bunch of testing in both singleplayer and multiplayer, I have six of them ready for posting. They should work out of the box with no issues, but theres usually *something* that manages to go unnoticed till release day just to make the poster look stupid, right? Anyway, ive been asked to post these already, so here they are for those few interested. Big thanks to @Terraformer9x, @Arsinikk, @Mike Stu, @Scuba Steve, @NightFright and @Tarvis for the widescreen graphics used in these, and @Gez for help reducing ultrawide graphics to the Unity port's 16:9 requirement. Widescreen status bars are now included as of Update 4! To run these wads, place them in the Unity Port's wad folder, where all the official downloads go. They will then appear in the menu. Doom 2 wads and Ultimate Doom wads are mutually exclusive, unlike official add-ons. Wads on offer: Doom 1: (Ultimate) Doom the Way id DiD Doom the Way id Did: Lost Episodes E1-E5 + Cold Steel + Castle of Fear PhobosDeimos Anomaly 2002: A Doom Odyssey Death Tormention: Complete Trilogy The Beginning of the End: Part 1 Doom 2: Doom 2 the Way id Did Alien Vendetta Alien Vendetta: Black Label (Fused with Alien Vendetta for now) Hell Revealed Hell Revealed 2 Memento Mori Memento Mori 2 Requiem Cleimos 2 Icarus: Alien Vanguard Scythe Akeldama 1000 Lines CP Deathmatch: Official id DM Maps (for both Doom 1 and 2) Bloodlands Grievance Pursuit Gothic DM Gothic DM 2 _____________________________ Official id Software Deathmatch Maps I always half expected Sponge to add these to the port officially, as im sure they have the rights to do so. This package contains the 8 GBA Deathmatch maps and the idMap01 from American McGee. Someone by the name of MP2E did the original conversions of the GBA maps here, I had to edit Map 3 to make some items obtainable, as they were set too far back into an alcove. I am not sure if they were always that way, if the original conversion broke them, or if collision was different in the GBA. UPDATE: Now this download contains a version for both Doom and Doom 2. The Doom version utilises DMAPINFO to play the proper soundtrack for the GBA levels, using the built-in SC55 versions of the midis, at the cost of one less map. The Doom 2 version has idMap01, but uses the original MUS ________________ Memento Mori The age-old classic Memento Mori was one of the most requested add-ons for the Unity Port, before the legal requirements came to light. If you've got a local buddy thats somewhat interested in Doom, you can potentially now play Memento Mori in couch coop with them in the official port. Includes a widescreen INTERPIC by Terraformer9x, a TITLEPIC from Arsinikk based on the Infopack graphics, and the seperate music pack has been integrated, due to the Unity port only allowing one wad loaded at once. _____________ Memento Mori 2 Memento Mori 2 was also highly requested, and I've figured out how to integrate the two ultrasecret maps from the MM2INFO.DAT, despite the Unity Port not being able to support more than 32 maps, which is why Anomaly Report and Revolution had Map 33 cut. By labelling them as M1 and ML2, the port thinks they are Master Levels. This allows more than 32 maps, but as a minor tradeoff, the CWILV graphics for the extra maps wont be used in the intermission screen, instead using the originals. This version has the two Secret Operations as a second episode, the music pack integrated, and widescreen assets by Terraformer9x. I was tempted to fix the bugs in Secret Operation 1, but thats beyond the scope. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar! ___________ Requiem Requiem, the third of the Memento Mori 'trilogy', featuring many of the same people. Porting MM1 and 2 would feel wrong without also porting Requiem. The archvile ghost bug is indeed present in the port, as the Nazi Ghost fountain worked as intended. This version has widescreen graphics by Terraformer9x, integrated music, and the CWILV graphics have been swapped for Map 25 and 26, as they were the wrong way around according to a post from Capellan, the original mapper who created those levels. It'll feel wrong for longtime players, but its a longstanding error that was never fixed. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar! _____________ Hell Revealed Hell Revealed, one of the all-time classic megawads that's regarded by many as a rite of passage in Doom. Its aged poorly by today's standards, and its memey graphics are facepalm worthy, but its such a classic I'd be remiss to exclude it. Just uhhhh, dont try Ultra-Violence+ unless your a doom god. This release combines Hell Revealed with HRE1, the earlier demo release with two exclusive maps and 9 easier versions of maps in the full release and an entirely different soundtrack. Changes include widescreen graphics from Mike Stu, the original 32 levels using the bundled ROTT music and the 11 demo levels using their own exclusive soundtrack and the original Doom 2 sky. Its sort of a 'Hell Revealed Deluxe' I was originally going to just add the two exclusive maps, the very different 'Into the Gate' and the early map 'Slime Disposal' which was later rebuilt into 'Knockout', but I had the ability to just add all 11, so why not? UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar and updated widescreen assets! ____________ Alien Vendetta Alien Vendetta: Original Version (For historical interest) Alien Vendetta is up there with Scythe 2 as one of the most important wads of all time, and in an ideal world with looser legal bullshit, would have been on the port already as an official add-on. I actually ported this four times in my testing, the original version, the second version, a Black Label-only version that was rife with errors, and this version: An unofficial '20th Anniversary' version that merges all Alien Vendetta content into one release. This version has the second release as its base, with @Cammy's midi pack integrated, the original release of Valley of Echoes included with its bespoke midi as a seperate map (Labelled 'Valley of Echoes 2001' to distinguish it from Vorpal's take on it) and the two maps from 'Alien Vendetta: Black Label', complete with their original midis and sky intact. It also has the graphics from Black Label included in the wad, but to use them you will have to open the wad in Slade and swap the two INTERPICs and TITLEPICs positions, as the Unity Port reads the bottom entry. Terraformer9x widescreened both the original and Black Label graphics included. I originally wanted to keep Black Label seperate, due to a post from Anders Johnson that I wished to respect, but for some odd reason, Valley of Echoes would not show up in the wad no matter my efforts until the Black Label maps were added before it as a test. Somehow, doing so enabled Valley of Echoes in the selection, and since the seperate release of Black Label was throwing lots of errors like a garbled sky, yet worked perfectly when added here, ive decided to keep them. UPDATE: Now includes the original AV release as a seperate download, and a version of the main release without Black Label or the MIDI Pack. Black Label graphics are now the default for the 20th Anniversary version, but can still be reverted with SLADE. Black Label will be seperated once the stand-alone wad is fully fixed. Par times will be added soon! UPDATE 2: Now includes widescreen statusbar, par times, and reordering for the MIDI Pack version in preparation for Black Label's eventual seperation. Also the names of the episode in the MIDI pack version have been changed, by request of Anders Johnson, original creator of Alien Vendetta. _______________________________ UPDATE 1 _______________________________ Icarus: Alien Vanguard Icarus was another classic people originally expected to pop up on the add-ons. There are very minimal changes here, just widescreen assets and the DMAPINFO lump to make it all work nicely. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar! _______________ Scythe Scythe is something I'd expect to see on the port officially if Erik was reachable; two authors, almost entirely stock resources, and I can see it getting a custom midipack someday. This version has a widescreen INTERPIC from Terraformer9x as the rest of the assets look perfectly fine, changes the level select screen to be three distinct episodes like in the text file, and also changes the sky of Map 11 to match the rest of the episode. _____________________ UPDATE 2 _____________________ Cleimos II One of the oldest megawads out there, Cleimos 2 was almost lost to time due to the awkward install method. This is based on the reupload which preserved it for modern audiences, and now its my turn, converting it for the official port and modernising it further. The original had a 28 level campaign, with Deathmatch levels in the final four map slots. Due to limitations though, all 32 levels would always be played together. This release seperates the deathmatch levels and ends the campaign after Map 26. Widescreen assets are not included, as this port was made long after the widescreen craze boom of artwork. I will likely add the original Cleimos for Ultimate Doom to the download later on, and if widescreen assets are made for Cleimos II, I will update the wad with them. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen status bar, CREDIT lump cloned from the BOSSBACK lump, and the Wolfenstein SS replacement is now fixed. ______________ Doom 2 the Way id Did The sequel to one of the biggest crazes on Doomworld, D2TWiD comes in two flavours: Stock music and 'MIDTwiD' music from @Doomkid and company. All 33 maps are included, with Hexsoil now being a one-off bonus map, due to lack of support for Map 33, and the inability for ML maps to intersect with regular maps. The secret exit in Map 2 has been changed to be a regular exit as a result. Shoutout to Gez for helping me fix the graphics of the new enemies Kracov's art has been included, and widescreen assets from Terraformer9x and Mike Stu are included. Now for the first Ultimate Doom custom add-ons: ________________ Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes What? Where is the original? The original DTWiD is currently suffering from a severe issue, so Lost Episodes comes out first. Lost Episodes was a 6 episode monster of run-off content for DTWiD that didn't make the main cut, with further maps spawning No End in Sight and PhobosDeimos Anomaly. There was also two standalone maps released: Castle of Fear and Cold Steel, the latter of which was originally in Lost Episodes at one point. Episode 6 has been cut completely from this release, as it requires MAPINFO ports to function properly. Episode 5 has been split off as its own wad, with E5M0 becoming E2M1, and the aforementioned Cold Steel and Castle of Fear have been added as standalone maps in the episode selection, as a sort of compensation for the loss of Episode 6. Widescreen assets from Terraformer9x are included in both halves of the wad. _______________ PhobosDeimos Anomaly The final wad spawned from DTWiD, PhobosDeimos Anomaly is a collection of 12 maps from the late Phobosdeimos1, compiled by Xaser into two 6 map episodes. The titlescreen already works perfectly in widescreen, and the only change I have made is disabling Xaser's E1M7 and E2M7, as they aren't needed with DMAPINFO ending the campaign after E1M6 and E2M6. They can still be warped to, but there's not really much reason to. _____________________ UPDATE 2.1 Doom the Way id Did & Ultimate Doom the Way id Did Big thanks to my brother for solving the issue with DTWID's intermission screens. This release of DTWID comes in three flavours; stock music, with Mr Freeze's soundtrack, and with the Ultimate MIDI Pack. All three have UDTWID integrated fully, for a four episode complete megawad. Comes with widescreen graphics by Terraformer 9x. With this, all of the wads from the DTWID saga, except for the still unreleased D2TWID Lost Episodes, are ported to the Unity Port. ______________________ UPDATE 3 ______________________ The Beginning of the End: Part 1 (END1) The oldest published work of NaturalTvventy, who would later go on to have No End in Sight become an official add-on, END1 is a great two-episode classic Doom wad that still receives a lot of love today. Enough so in fact, that the aforementioned NEIS has a special secret in one of its levels that shows the areas in the above two screenshots in one hell of a cool easter egg. Now players of the add-on seeing that easter egg will be able to load up this wad on the same port and see those levels in full The soundtrack is entirely intact, and there is a second version of the wad with the END_SND.wad integrated, due to the inability of the port to load multiple wads at once. I have also added WILV graphics for the intermissions, duplicated the D_INTROA lump and turned the second into D_INTRO, and although the port doesn't actually use them, there is now an M_EPI1 and 2 lump ___________ 2002: A Doom Odyssey 2002 ADO won one of the 'proto-cacowards', appearing on the 'Top 100 WADs of All Time' list, and 10 years later, was rereleased as the 10th Anniversary Edition, overhauling almost every map, adding two new maps, and removing the custom skies and the original E4M1 in the process. Originally intended to be '2001: A Doom Odyssey', it did not reach the deadline, and thus '2001: A Deathmatch Odyssey', an 8 map Deathmatch wad, was released to tide people over. This download contains the original 2002 ADO, the 10th Anniversary version, and 2001 ADMO. Why the original? There are apparantly a lot of people who prefer the goofier first release, and it also contains a rich variety of skies across the levels, previously a ZDoom-only feature. The original E4M1, Play School is also only present in this version. I was forced to cut E5M1, 'Surfing the Mighty Green' from both versions of 2002 ADO, due to levels outside the E1M1 to E4M9 slots crashing the port, as well as the updated 'Secret Wolfenstein Level' in the rerelease. I originally intended on adding Play School as E5M3 for a bonus map, but it did not pan out. The levels which originally led to E5M1 and E5M2 now have two regular exits as a result. The original release's E2M9 is accessed from E2M4, not E2M5. The ZDoom exclusive soundtrack for Episode 4 is also present and accounted for in the 10th Anniversary version, there does seem to be a bug though where the tracks wont update as the level changes. If this occurs, save the game, quit to the menu, then load your game. Apparantly the Music lump override in DMAPINFO doesn't like episode 4 soundtrack replacements, as this also happens in Death Tormention Trilogy and Ultimate DTWID. 2001: A Deathmatch Odyssey is unchanged outside of the DMAPINFO lump. Thus the rather rude (but very 'early pcorf') trap in one of the DM levels is still present. Fair warning if you fall into that during a splitscreen DM with your sibling! _____________ Death Tormention: The Complete Trilogy This is a compilation of Death Tormention 1 2 and 3, with Simply Phobos to fill the first episode and bring the collection to a full 36 maps. I have included the original Death Tormention and Simply Phobos wads as well, as bonus content. Death Tormention 1 was massively upgraded in the complete release, Death Tormention 2 has three silly bonus maps I was unable to add due to the 36 map limit, and Death Tormention 3 has 'Unbleed', a map I was forced to cut. 'Iron Fist' from Simply Phobos was also cut from the E2M10 slot. I will likely see about adding the updated Iron Fist, Unbleed as well as Surfing the Mighty Green from 2002 ADO above to pcorf's Incineration as bonus maps if I can, as compensation. Episode 2 and 3's secret exits are on E2M2 and E3M2, due to being ported from wads that were originally on Episode 4. Some levels MAY not function to their fullest intentions, due to the original wad being largely intended for ZDoom, but still playable on all other ports. Note that the seperate versions of Death Tormention 1 2 and 3 included display the wrong intermissions, due to a large flaw of the Unity port itself. The boss maps MAY be broken as a result. There is likely nothing I can do if so, short of defining the entire original Episode 1 2 and 3 for EACH wad. ______________________ MOSTLY DM UPDATE (UPDATE 4) ______________________ TNT: Bloodlands TNT: Grievance TNT: Pursuit The four TNT Deathmatch megawads were something I never got to experience, but now the first three can be played splitscreen. Reclamation is a Boom DM wad, thus incompatible. All three have a widescreen statusbar from NightFright's github respository. I do not know which set of rules the Unity port uses, as I could not for the life of me get my brother to play a game of Deathmatch with me this time. ____________ Gothic DM Gothic DM 2 Gothic DM 1 and 2 were mentioned on the proto-cacowards as things that even SP players should run through to admire the architecture. This pair of wads was specifically requested, so here they are. No real changes outside of the DMAPINFO lump. For some reason Gothic DM 2 has almost no textures or flats when played in GZDoom, yet it all works fine here. Bizarre. ________________ UPDATE 5 ________________ Hell Revealed 2 Big thanks to @Rexen² for help getting this one working Hell Revealed 2 is the often-divisive ultrahard sequel to Yonnotan Donner's original, and was originally going to be released in the very first post, but a few broken things in the megawad that modern ports ignore, caused Map 6 to be unplayable. That map is now fixed, as is the broken track on that level. Key changes are widescreen assets for the entire wad by Terraformer9x, and the conversion of the soundtrack from MUS to MIDI. The latter likely changes nothing, but that conversion is what stopped the crashing overall. The terrible menu replacements in HR2 are also not used at all in the Unity port, so thats a big plus for me! Good luck attempting this on Ultra-Violence+, Doomgods out there! _________ Akeldama Another requested megawad, this is Valkiriforce's community project, and likely pairs well with Anomaly Report. This was a straightforward port; All I really did was add the DMAPINFO lump and the widescreen statusbar. Note that the story text for the secret levels is not working. ___________ 1000 Lines Community Project Also requested was 1000 Lines. This wad had two extra maps in the 33 and 34 slots, they are present as ML1 and ML2, with the music choices intact. The story texts may or may not be present; I integrated the oldschool Dehacked as an embedded lump, and those seem to alter the story texts, unlike the modern embedded Dehacked patches (see; Akeldama above) ________________ The Master Levels: PS3 Version Campaign + Rejected Master Levels This one is very different from anything else I will ever post; This wad is deliberately incomplete as I CANNOT distribute the Master Levels maps themselves, you will have to add Map01 to Map21 yourselves using SLADE, using the markers I left in the wad as a guide. The Maps will need to be renamed, as most Master Levels are map01. The wad will look almost exactly like this in SLADE: Example After proper assembly it should look like this: Example After proper construction, you will be able to play the PS3 campaign of all 21 Master Levels in continuous order, with the starry skies intact, unlike the PS3 version. The broken secret exit is also patched by a conversion of Kick Attack, stripped of all custom assets and cheekily renamed Boot Assault. Additionaly the seven rejected Master Levels are added as an extra episode. It also features a brandnew widescreen TITLEPIC and INTERPIC courtesy of Scuba Steve, who did the official widescreen graphics for Doom and Doom 2 in this port. There are three versions: One with stock music, albeit custom built to use the full soundtrack instead of D_RUNNIN constantly, one with Peter's Master Levels MIDI Pack, and a custom one from me using MIDTWID. ______________________ Not compatible: Scythe 2, Scythe X, Perdition's Gate, Hell to Pay, Eternal Doom, The Evil Unleashed, Slaughter Until Death, Community Chest 1, 25 Years on Earth Coming 'soon': Doom 64 for Doom 2, Doom Core Delta, Reverie, Eternally Yours, Vispire, Pulse, H2H Xmas, 'Works of the Masters', BF Thud, Lost Episodes of Doom Wishlist of wads to look into: STRAIN, Nova 1 & 2, Serenity Trilogy, Zone 300 and 400 Not coming: Any Doom 1 single episode replacements that are Episode 2 3 or 4 only, due to massive issues with DMAPINFO. (See Death Tormention for examples)
  17. Devalaous

    Ports of classic Megawads to the Unity Port - UPDATE 5

    Looks good to me, but only proper testing will answer that; my first experiments with the ENDSEQUENCE field resulted in the number 4 randomly showing up at the end, and in some wads, I don't think they even triggered. The first secret exit text will likely only show up if taking the regular exit. If it works out alright, I'dd add that DMAPINFO to the download. Ive also made a 'version' of Icarus that strips out the original 32 levels and adds in three 'add-on' wads in their place; Icar 2015 and the two single map tribute to Ty from Memfis and Valkiriforce. I was originally going to have these as ML1 to ML13, but it didn't feel right as they weren't official TNT content. Since two wads is impossible, I had to surgically fuse all three wads into the main Icarus wad, same as how I got Alien Vendetta Black Label working initially. 13 maps is a much better deal than 2 though, so I feel its worth the conversion. EDIT: Also forgot to mention, Ty Halderman's first Doom project, Sacrifice, is coming as well as Fava Beans in future updates. Both were very easy to convert, for once.
  18. Devalaous

    Ports of classic Megawads to the Unity Port - UPDATE 5

    I even included your H2H fixes and widescreen status bar and everything, sigh. I get the feeling that older editors had a ton of strange quirks with how they built wads that the Unity port is very sensitive to, I generally don't have these issues with anything Doom Builder era. Might be a reason why sponge is exclusively doing modernish stuff. The Innocent Crew in particular liked to use something called NWT that really screwed the community over in later years, for example, and that's likely why their wads don't work. Unfortunately interest in the Unity port here on Doomworld is naturally pretty low, so we probably wont find out these mysteries of why things don't work. Might be able to do one of the christmas DBPs, those are great fun. They tend to do limit-removing stuff though. (Plus, someone will probably ask me to do the *rest* of them x.x) I still need to sort out the credits files for the completed ones and take screenshots and stuff, plus get them onto Dropbox. And I'll need moderator permission to post Lost Episodes here.
  19. Devalaous

    What is the hardest Master Level for Doom II

    Its actually the easiest of the lot, since its really just a puzzle map that looks intimidating Other than that, its a tie between TEETH and Mephisto, Sverre's levels have ALWAYS been ballbusters.
  20. Devalaous

    Any PS1 Colored Room WADs?

    Threshold of Pain by Scalliano is one of the big ones.
  21. Found out ive developed an extreme allergy to eggs, after being allergy-free all my life. Weird. Did a ton of slade stuff while laid out though.

    1. Kyka


      Hope it goes away as quickly as it came on. :)

  22. Devalaous

    Ports of classic Megawads to the Unity Port - UPDATE 5

    No luck on Doom 64 so far. H2H Xmas is sadly incompatible; another 'really old wad' that was apparantly built funny in ways the Unity port doesnt like. Some maps autocrash the port, others crash it randomly during play, like Perdition's Gate does, and node rebuilds did absolutely nothing to help. I really wanted to add that for the christmas season coming shortly, ah well. I feel like these ancient wads will need to totally rebuilt from the ground up with modern tools, but I doubt even that will work. What DOES work: Zone 300 (Done) Zone 400 (Done) BF Thud! (Done) Lost Episodes of Doom (Done) Suspended in Dusk (WIP) Doom Core & Doom Core Delta (Done) Reverie (WIP) Eternally Yours (WIP) Pulse (Done) Vispire (Done) TV 1998 (Done) Dr Sleep's Maps Titan Series Cabal Series Oracle & Interdiction Zone Enigma works with the exception of Rings (Map 2). I'm looking at packaging Enigma, Titan, Cabal, Oracle, Interdiction Zone, Crossing Acheron and Dante's Gate as a 24 map campaign, aka my own 'Works of the Masters', but there's a LOT of work to do in the texture table. I've also added three Tom Mustaine DM maps for good measure.
  23. Devalaous

    Custom WAD's on Unity Port

    Not to toot my own horn, but: Ive already been porting a whole bunch of classic wads to the port, with various upgrades and fixes, and full use of DMAPINFO
  24. Devalaous

    “Dr. Sleep”

    Personally, I found the best way to really appreciate his skill at level design, was to play his original two wads, Dante's Gate and Crossing Acheron, and comparing them to other community work from the same era. I had my brother play them, and he couldn't even tell they were fan levels, to him they were indistinguishable from official ones. I myself felt that way when first playing Master Levels, albeit the PS1 versions. At that time, I didn't know that TNT, Plutonia and the Master Levels were all made by outsourced people, and Dr Sleep's levels in particular felt special amongst that batch.
  25. Devalaous

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Dear god. I feel like song midis like this should just be 'instrumental' xD