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  1. Ive mentioned in the Widescreen thread and the Unity port thread that ive successfully ported several well-loved older megawads to the Unity Port, with a near-official add-on feel. After a bunch of testing in both singleplayer and multiplayer, I have six of them ready for posting. They should work out of the box with no issues, but theres usually *something* that manages to go unnoticed till release day just to make the poster look stupid, right? Anyway, ive been asked to post these already, so here they are for those few interested. Big thanks to @Terraformer9x, @Arsinikk, @Mike Stu, @Scuba Steve, @NightFright and @Tarvis for the widescreen graphics used in these, and @Gez for help reducing ultrawide graphics to the Unity port's 16:9 requirement. Widescreen status bars are now included as of Update 4! To run these wads, place them in the Unity Port's wad folder, where all the official downloads go. They will then appear in the menu. Doom 2 wads and Ultimate Doom wads are mutually exclusive, unlike official add-ons. Wads on offer: Doom 1: (Ultimate) Doom the Way id DiD Doom the Way id Did: Lost Episodes E1-E5 + Cold Steel + Castle of Fear PhobosDeimos Anomaly 2002: A Doom Odyssey Death Tormention: Complete Trilogy The Beginning of the End: Part 1 Doom 2: Doom 2 the Way id Did Alien Vendetta Alien Vendetta: Black Label (Fused with Alien Vendetta for now) Hell Revealed Hell Revealed 2 Memento Mori Memento Mori 2 Requiem Cleimos 2 Icarus: Alien Vanguard Scythe Akeldama 1000 Lines CP Deathmatch: Official id DM Maps (for both Doom 1 and 2) Bloodlands Grievance Pursuit Gothic DM Gothic DM 2 _____________________________ Official id Software Deathmatch Maps I always half expected Sponge to add these to the port officially, as im sure they have the rights to do so. This package contains the 8 GBA Deathmatch maps and the idMap01 from American McGee. Someone by the name of MP2E did the original conversions of the GBA maps here, I had to edit Map 3 to make some items obtainable, as they were set too far back into an alcove. I am not sure if they were always that way, if the original conversion broke them, or if collision was different in the GBA. UPDATE: Now this download contains a version for both Doom and Doom 2. The Doom version utilises DMAPINFO to play the proper soundtrack for the GBA levels, using the built-in SC55 versions of the midis, at the cost of one less map. The Doom 2 version has idMap01, but uses the original MUS ________________ Memento Mori The age-old classic Memento Mori was one of the most requested add-ons for the Unity Port, before the legal requirements came to light. If you've got a local buddy thats somewhat interested in Doom, you can potentially now play Memento Mori in couch coop with them in the official port. Includes a widescreen INTERPIC by Terraformer9x, a TITLEPIC from Arsinikk based on the Infopack graphics, and the seperate music pack has been integrated, due to the Unity port only allowing one wad loaded at once. _____________ Memento Mori 2 Memento Mori 2 was also highly requested, and I've figured out how to integrate the two ultrasecret maps from the MM2INFO.DAT, despite the Unity Port not being able to support more than 32 maps, which is why Anomaly Report and Revolution had Map 33 cut. By labelling them as M1 and ML2, the port thinks they are Master Levels. This allows more than 32 maps, but as a minor tradeoff, the CWILV graphics for the extra maps wont be used in the intermission screen, instead using the originals. This version has the two Secret Operations as a second episode, the music pack integrated, and widescreen assets by Terraformer9x. I was tempted to fix the bugs in Secret Operation 1, but thats beyond the scope. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar! ___________ Requiem Requiem, the third of the Memento Mori 'trilogy', featuring many of the same people. Porting MM1 and 2 would feel wrong without also porting Requiem. The archvile ghost bug is indeed present in the port, as the Nazi Ghost fountain worked as intended. This version has widescreen graphics by Terraformer9x, integrated music, and the CWILV graphics have been swapped for Map 25 and 26, as they were the wrong way around according to a post from Capellan, the original mapper who created those levels. It'll feel wrong for longtime players, but its a longstanding error that was never fixed. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar! _____________ Hell Revealed Hell Revealed, one of the all-time classic megawads that's regarded by many as a rite of passage in Doom. Its aged poorly by today's standards, and its memey graphics are facepalm worthy, but its such a classic I'd be remiss to exclude it. Just uhhhh, dont try Ultra-Violence+ unless your a doom god. This release combines Hell Revealed with HRE1, the earlier demo release with two exclusive maps and 9 easier versions of maps in the full release and an entirely different soundtrack. Changes include widescreen graphics from Mike Stu, the original 32 levels using the bundled ROTT music and the 11 demo levels using their own exclusive soundtrack and the original Doom 2 sky. Its sort of a 'Hell Revealed Deluxe' I was originally going to just add the two exclusive maps, the very different 'Into the Gate' and the early map 'Slime Disposal' which was later rebuilt into 'Knockout', but I had the ability to just add all 11, so why not? UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar and updated widescreen assets! ____________ Alien Vendetta Alien Vendetta: Original Version (For historical interest) Alien Vendetta is up there with Scythe 2 as one of the most important wads of all time, and in an ideal world with looser legal bullshit, would have been on the port already as an official add-on. I actually ported this four times in my testing, the original version, the second version, a Black Label-only version that was rife with errors, and this version: An unofficial '20th Anniversary' version that merges all Alien Vendetta content into one release. This version has the second release as its base, with @Cammy's midi pack integrated, the original release of Valley of Echoes included with its bespoke midi as a seperate map (Labelled 'Valley of Echoes 2001' to distinguish it from Vorpal's take on it) and the two maps from 'Alien Vendetta: Black Label', complete with their original midis and sky intact. It also has the graphics from Black Label included in the wad, but to use them you will have to open the wad in Slade and swap the two INTERPICs and TITLEPICs positions, as the Unity Port reads the bottom entry. Terraformer9x widescreened both the original and Black Label graphics included. I originally wanted to keep Black Label seperate, due to a post from Anders Johnson that I wished to respect, but for some odd reason, Valley of Echoes would not show up in the wad no matter my efforts until the Black Label maps were added before it as a test. Somehow, doing so enabled Valley of Echoes in the selection, and since the seperate release of Black Label was throwing lots of errors like a garbled sky, yet worked perfectly when added here, ive decided to keep them. UPDATE: Now includes the original AV release as a seperate download, and a version of the main release without Black Label or the MIDI Pack. Black Label graphics are now the default for the 20th Anniversary version, but can still be reverted with SLADE. Black Label will be seperated once the stand-alone wad is fully fixed. Par times will be added soon! UPDATE 2: Now includes widescreen statusbar, par times, and reordering for the MIDI Pack version in preparation for Black Label's eventual seperation. Also the names of the episode in the MIDI pack version have been changed, by request of Anders Johnson, original creator of Alien Vendetta. _______________________________ UPDATE 1 _______________________________ Icarus: Alien Vanguard Icarus was another classic people originally expected to pop up on the add-ons. There are very minimal changes here, just widescreen assets and the DMAPINFO lump to make it all work nicely. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen statusbar! _______________ Scythe Scythe is something I'd expect to see on the port officially if Erik was reachable; two authors, almost entirely stock resources, and I can see it getting a custom midipack someday. This version has a widescreen INTERPIC from Terraformer9x as the rest of the assets look perfectly fine, changes the level select screen to be three distinct episodes like in the text file, and also changes the sky of Map 11 to match the rest of the episode. _____________________ UPDATE 2 _____________________ Cleimos II One of the oldest megawads out there, Cleimos 2 was almost lost to time due to the awkward install method. This is based on the reupload which preserved it for modern audiences, and now its my turn, converting it for the official port and modernising it further. The original had a 28 level campaign, with Deathmatch levels in the final four map slots. Due to limitations though, all 32 levels would always be played together. This release seperates the deathmatch levels and ends the campaign after Map 26. Widescreen assets are not included, as this port was made long after the widescreen craze boom of artwork. I will likely add the original Cleimos for Ultimate Doom to the download later on, and if widescreen assets are made for Cleimos II, I will update the wad with them. UPDATE: Now includes widescreen status bar, CREDIT lump cloned from the BOSSBACK lump, and the Wolfenstein SS replacement is now fixed. ______________ Doom 2 the Way id Did The sequel to one of the biggest crazes on Doomworld, D2TWiD comes in two flavours: Stock music and 'MIDTwiD' music from @Doomkid and company. All 33 maps are included, with Hexsoil now being a one-off bonus map, due to lack of support for Map 33, and the inability for ML maps to intersect with regular maps. The secret exit in Map 2 has been changed to be a regular exit as a result. Shoutout to Gez for helping me fix the graphics of the new enemies Kracov's art has been included, and widescreen assets from Terraformer9x and Mike Stu are included. Now for the first Ultimate Doom custom add-ons: ________________ Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes What? Where is the original? The original DTWiD is currently suffering from a severe issue, so Lost Episodes comes out first. Lost Episodes was a 6 episode monster of run-off content for DTWiD that didn't make the main cut, with further maps spawning No End in Sight and PhobosDeimos Anomaly. There was also two standalone maps released: Castle of Fear and Cold Steel, the latter of which was originally in Lost Episodes at one point. Episode 6 has been cut completely from this release, as it requires MAPINFO ports to function properly. Episode 5 has been split off as its own wad, with E5M0 becoming E2M1, and the aforementioned Cold Steel and Castle of Fear have been added as standalone maps in the episode selection, as a sort of compensation for the loss of Episode 6. Widescreen assets from Terraformer9x are included in both halves of the wad. _______________ PhobosDeimos Anomaly The final wad spawned from DTWiD, PhobosDeimos Anomaly is a collection of 12 maps from the late Phobosdeimos1, compiled by Xaser into two 6 map episodes. The titlescreen already works perfectly in widescreen, and the only change I have made is disabling Xaser's E1M7 and E2M7, as they aren't needed with DMAPINFO ending the campaign after E1M6 and E2M6. They can still be warped to, but there's not really much reason to. _____________________ UPDATE 2.1 Doom the Way id Did & Ultimate Doom the Way id Did Big thanks to my brother for solving the issue with DTWID's intermission screens. This release of DTWID comes in three flavours; stock music, with Mr Freeze's soundtrack, and with the Ultimate MIDI Pack. All three have UDTWID integrated fully, for a four episode complete megawad. Comes with widescreen graphics by Terraformer 9x. With this, all of the wads from the DTWID saga, except for the still unreleased D2TWID Lost Episodes, are ported to the Unity Port. ______________________ UPDATE 3 ______________________ The Beginning of the End: Part 1 (END1) The oldest published work of NaturalTvventy, who would later go on to have No End in Sight become an official add-on, END1 is a great two-episode classic Doom wad that still receives a lot of love today. Enough so in fact, that the aforementioned NEIS has a special secret in one of its levels that shows the areas in the above two screenshots in one hell of a cool easter egg. Now players of the add-on seeing that easter egg will be able to load up this wad on the same port and see those levels in full The soundtrack is entirely intact, and there is a second version of the wad with the END_SND.wad integrated, due to the inability of the port to load multiple wads at once. I have also added WILV graphics for the intermissions, duplicated the D_INTROA lump and turned the second into D_INTRO, and although the port doesn't actually use them, there is now an M_EPI1 and 2 lump ___________ 2002: A Doom Odyssey 2002 ADO won one of the 'proto-cacowards', appearing on the 'Top 100 WADs of All Time' list, and 10 years later, was rereleased as the 10th Anniversary Edition, overhauling almost every map, adding two new maps, and removing the custom skies and the original E4M1 in the process. Originally intended to be '2001: A Doom Odyssey', it did not reach the deadline, and thus '2001: A Deathmatch Odyssey', an 8 map Deathmatch wad, was released to tide people over. This download contains the original 2002 ADO, the 10th Anniversary version, and 2001 ADMO. Why the original? There are apparantly a lot of people who prefer the goofier first release, and it also contains a rich variety of skies across the levels, previously a ZDoom-only feature. The original E4M1, Play School is also only present in this version. I was forced to cut E5M1, 'Surfing the Mighty Green' from both versions of 2002 ADO, due to levels outside the E1M1 to E4M9 slots crashing the port, as well as the updated 'Secret Wolfenstein Level' in the rerelease. I originally intended on adding Play School as E5M3 for a bonus map, but it did not pan out. The levels which originally led to E5M1 and E5M2 now have two regular exits as a result. The original release's E2M9 is accessed from E2M4, not E2M5. The ZDoom exclusive soundtrack for Episode 4 is also present and accounted for in the 10th Anniversary version, there does seem to be a bug though where the tracks wont update as the level changes. If this occurs, save the game, quit to the menu, then load your game. Apparantly the Music lump override in DMAPINFO doesn't like episode 4 soundtrack replacements, as this also happens in Death Tormention Trilogy and Ultimate DTWID. 2001: A Deathmatch Odyssey is unchanged outside of the DMAPINFO lump. Thus the rather rude (but very 'early pcorf') trap in one of the DM levels is still present. Fair warning if you fall into that during a splitscreen DM with your sibling! _____________ Death Tormention: The Complete Trilogy This is a compilation of Death Tormention 1 2 and 3, with Simply Phobos to fill the first episode and bring the collection to a full 36 maps. I have included the original Death Tormention and Simply Phobos wads as well, as bonus content. Death Tormention 1 was massively upgraded in the complete release, Death Tormention 2 has three silly bonus maps I was unable to add due to the 36 map limit, and Death Tormention 3 has 'Unbleed', a map I was forced to cut. 'Iron Fist' from Simply Phobos was also cut from the E2M10 slot. I will likely see about adding the updated Iron Fist, Unbleed as well as Surfing the Mighty Green from 2002 ADO above to pcorf's Incineration as bonus maps if I can, as compensation. Episode 2 and 3's secret exits are on E2M2 and E3M2, due to being ported from wads that were originally on Episode 4. Some levels MAY not function to their fullest intentions, due to the original wad being largely intended for ZDoom, but still playable on all other ports. Note that the seperate versions of Death Tormention 1 2 and 3 included display the wrong intermissions, due to a large flaw of the Unity port itself. The boss maps MAY be broken as a result. There is likely nothing I can do if so, short of defining the entire original Episode 1 2 and 3 for EACH wad. ______________________ MOSTLY DM UPDATE (UPDATE 4) ______________________ TNT: Bloodlands TNT: Grievance TNT: Pursuit The four TNT Deathmatch megawads were something I never got to experience, but now the first three can be played splitscreen. Reclamation is a Boom DM wad, thus incompatible. All three have a widescreen statusbar from NightFright's github respository. I do not know which set of rules the Unity port uses, as I could not for the life of me get my brother to play a game of Deathmatch with me this time. ____________ Gothic DM Gothic DM 2 Gothic DM 1 and 2 were mentioned on the proto-cacowards as things that even SP players should run through to admire the architecture. This pair of wads was specifically requested, so here they are. No real changes outside of the DMAPINFO lump. For some reason Gothic DM 2 has almost no textures or flats when played in GZDoom, yet it all works fine here. Bizarre. ________________ UPDATE 5 ________________ Hell Revealed 2 Big thanks to @Rexen² for help getting this one working Hell Revealed 2 is the often-divisive ultrahard sequel to Yonnotan Donner's original, and was originally going to be released in the very first post, but a few broken things in the megawad that modern ports ignore, caused Map 6 to be unplayable. That map is now fixed, as is the broken track on that level. Key changes are widescreen assets for the entire wad by Terraformer9x, and the conversion of the soundtrack from MUS to MIDI. The latter likely changes nothing, but that conversion is what stopped the crashing overall. The terrible menu replacements in HR2 are also not used at all in the Unity port, so thats a big plus for me! Good luck attempting this on Ultra-Violence+, Doomgods out there! _________ Akeldama Another requested megawad, this is Valkiriforce's community project, and likely pairs well with Anomaly Report. This was a straightforward port; All I really did was add the DMAPINFO lump and the widescreen statusbar. Note that the story text for the secret levels is not working. ___________ 1000 Lines Community Project Also requested was 1000 Lines. This wad had two extra maps in the 33 and 34 slots, they are present as ML1 and ML2, with the music choices intact. The story texts may or may not be present; I integrated the oldschool Dehacked as an embedded lump, and those seem to alter the story texts, unlike the modern embedded Dehacked patches (see; Akeldama above) ________________ The Master Levels: PS3 Version Campaign + Rejected Master Levels This one is very different from anything else I will ever post; This wad is deliberately incomplete as I CANNOT distribute the Master Levels maps themselves, you will have to add Map01 to Map21 yourselves using SLADE, using the markers I left in the wad as a guide. The Maps will need to be renamed, as most Master Levels are map01. The wad will look almost exactly like this in SLADE: Example After proper assembly it should look like this: Example After proper construction, you will be able to play the PS3 campaign of all 21 Master Levels in continuous order, with the starry skies intact, unlike the PS3 version. The broken secret exit is also patched by a conversion of Kick Attack, stripped of all custom assets and cheekily renamed Boot Assault. Additionaly the seven rejected Master Levels are added as an extra episode. It also features a brandnew widescreen TITLEPIC and INTERPIC courtesy of Scuba Steve, who did the official widescreen graphics for Doom and Doom 2 in this port. There are three versions: One with stock music, albeit custom built to use the full soundtrack instead of D_RUNNIN constantly, one with Peter's Master Levels MIDI Pack, and a custom one from me using MIDTWID. ______________________ Not compatible: Scythe 2, Scythe X, Perdition's Gate, Hell to Pay, Eternal Doom, The Evil Unleashed, Slaughter Until Death, Community Chest 1, 25 Years on Earth Coming 'soon': Doom 64 for Doom 2, Doom Core Delta, Reverie, Eternally Yours, Vispire, Pulse, H2H Xmas, 'Works of the Masters', BF Thud, Lost Episodes of Doom Wishlist of wads to look into: STRAIN, Nova 1 & 2, Serenity Trilogy, Zone 300 and 400 Not coming: Any Doom 1 single episode replacements that are Episode 2 3 or 4 only, due to massive issues with DMAPINFO. (See Death Tormention for examples)
  2. I might add Romero's two new E1 levels to No Consolation DX, ive kept getting requests here and there to port them to this port, but never really had a good place to put them. They are more visually advanced than anything there though, so it might clash horribly, heh.
  3. It changes up the gameplay too much. Going from skill 1 to skill 4 largely just ups the monsters and in some cases lowers the powerups and ammo, you only go up in skill as you play as all the quirks of the monsters are learnt. Nightmare punches your muscle memory by making the monsters go berserk and attack nonstop with faster projectiles/move faster, and they now respawn all over the place so you have to adjust. You cant even cheat to practice on these new monster AI patterns. As such, ive always seen the skill level as a joke (Turned out I was right; it WAS a joke from id) and for people with something to prove, like leaderboard climbers.
  4. Devalaous

    Changing Level Names for Vanilla Doom

    Theres two types of Dehacked to use for vanillalike stuff, one is external ones for things like vanilla and chocolate, that one has the frustrating string limits, you can also use internal Boom-style Dehackeds that stuff like Crispy Doom reads, which is basically just a much more human-readable format without the string limits. The second one is so easy to make, there's really *no* excuse not to have that lump in wads these days, you can literally type a basic one that just changes level names out in Slade by hand. Having a UMAPINFO alongside the Dehacked is also basically a common courtesy for advanced ports to display full map names and stuff, making it more presentable for everyone As for that text generator, if you want it to print out stuff that really fits in with the original game near-flawlessly, for level names (WILV or CWILV graphics) set the colour to 'default', the font to 'menu font, small caps only', Line Spacing to 4, and make sure the word wrap is on at 320 pixels, so you can tell when it goes out of bounds into widescreen territory (Eternity and vanilla stuff wont render this, Crispy and other advanced ports will). Episode graphic replacements (M_EPI1 etc) use red font and the regular menu font with capitals. GZDoom and UMAPINFO ports can auto-generate (C)WILV and M_EPI graphics on the fly, but they don't look quite right, so its always good to generate some with this tool so that all ports are covered.
  5. Now we just need Rage Wars and the handheld titles, could bundle them all up together as an odds and ends collection
  6. Devalaous

    Best depictions of Hell in DOOM wads?

    So far from stuff ive played that stands out, No End in Sight, especially that last map, Netherworld Citadel.
  7. Devalaous

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    I spotted it in END1 E1M2 the other day, and thought of this post.
  8. Devalaous

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    ^ There is also an HD version of that picture without the star that can be pulled from the PS3 version's files, it was the backdrop for when you hovered over the game, its what I used for my profile background here.
  9. Devalaous

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    Now thats not something I expected. It was one of the early ones I attempted to port myself, before a lot of the kinks of the engine were figured out. EDIT: Its missing the deathmatch levels and the bonus map :(
  10. Devalaous

    Random Image Thread

    Someone forgot to texture this map properly, the insides of the windows are showing the no texture warning
  11. Devalaous

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Strange. I used the archives linked from the Doom Wiki, and the only wadpak 4 was a doom 2 conversion with the original's text files.
  12. As mentioned in the past, ive been working slowly on making piles and piles of patches to update loads of classic wads with modern features; automap names, episode selection screens, widescreen assets, UMAPINFO support, and so forth. Rather than keeping them stuffed in my Doom Launcher folders, ive cleaned up a bunch of them for public release, and hopefully credited everyone accordingly. Many more will be coming; ive made so many random patches that I once gave myself carpal tunnel in the process. Generally, you can expect these to work in Crispy Doom, DSDA Doom, Woof, Eternity, GZDoom, and tentatively, Doomsday (This port has consistently given me the most issues), and there is also usually a seperate file for use in older ports that only use regular MAPINFO, due to conflicts. They are all highly modular too, so you can pick and choose parts to use. All vanilla wads will have xINFO patches (MAPINFO, ZMAPINFO, EMAPINFO, UMAPINFO), a GAMEINFO lump and an embedded Dehacked/Bex patch for compatibility with pretty much everything, and many also support Doomsday where possible. Doomsday and Eternity do not support any of the widescreen assets. I have a consistent naming scheme in my patches to quickly identify them; '_fix' is the baseline patch, '_fixint' is an edit of the main patch that integrates bonus levels into the existing set for a seamless unbroken campaign (Usually a bonus MAP33 coming after MAP32), and anything with _old is a MAPINFO-only version. Widescreen statusbars are always seperate from the other widescreen assets if present, as there are mods that replace the huds that garble with a widescreen statusbar in use. All of these mods load on top of the original wad, leaving the original wad unaltered. In some older level packs I have fixed some levels with secrets contained in improperly deleted sectors; this is usually the extent of the fixes to levels, as other bugs stopping 100% are usually solvable with NOCLIP or console commands to kill monsters, and I do not wish to change any geometry of someone elses work. Other level fixes are provided by other users and solve critical issues. For the first batch I have ready: (Keep in mind these are only tested by me and may have mistakes somewhere; please report any to me) Thank you to @Gez and @rfomin for advice here and there, and @Kyka for occasionally testing some of these, as well as all the people in the Widescreen appreciation thread for inspiring these patches in the first place back in 2001, and of course, all the people that made the wads these patches give some love to :) Alien Vendetta (Contains integrated MIDI pack, patches for original release, second release and Black Label, restores Valley of Echoes to second release, adds widescreen assets) Hell Revealed (Contains updated music wad, patches for HRE1 and Hell Revealed, adds two bonus levels from HRE1, adds widescreen assets) Memento Mori (Contains widescreen assets, unofficial wide statusbar, new TITLEPIC) Memento Mori 2 (Contains widescreen assets, adds the Secret Operations as a new 'episode') Requiem (Contains widescreen assets, fixes MAP25/26 names) Revolution (Upgrades Revolution to the official add-on version, also has alternative soundtrack to restore the original MIDI Pack version) Icarus: Alien Vanguard (Contains widescreen assets) Good Morning Phobos (Restores 3 cut levels, fixes MAP33; also contains patch for GMP V1) Fragport (Fixes Map 10, adds custom obituaries) Anomaly Report (Widescreen assets, Fixes MAP33, optional MAP19 midi change to mimic add-on version) Whispers of Satan (Update to bring the ZDoom-only maps to Eternity and UMAPINFO ports, small fixes) Zone 300 (General UMAPINFO/Eternity support) Zone 400 (General UMAPINFO/Eternity support) The Beginning of the End: Part 1 (General UMAPINFO/Eternity support, adds optional END2 skies, adds level graphics) Fava Beans (UMAPINFO/Eternity support, integrates the silly bonus wad, widescreen statusbar) Lost Episodes of Doom (Fixes issues with Ultimate Doom, widescreen graphics from the original pre-ultimate Doom) Vilecore (Fixes the error of MAP30 and MAP32 being swapped) Number One Kill (Adds #1 Kill Extra as E3M1, fixes E2M5 being skipped after completing the secret level) Number One Kill: The Next Generation (Widescreen INTERPIC, fixed MAP12 level graphic, ends game at MAP20) As an extra, check out my Master Levels patch for similar patches, and my Unity Port conversions which originated from these very patches I have a bunch more stuff to come; anything I ported to the official Unity Port is definitely on the way. Also, those Heretic and Hexen tags aren't errors..
  13. Devalaous

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    Its amazing just how MANY companies are going all in on the 'Destroy own reputation' train this year.
  14. Devalaous

    Who are some of the greatest mappers in dooms history?

    I think I played that 1000+ monster pcorf map not to long ago. Is it the one with a secret nazi base in the MAP99 slot?
  15. Gave this a quick spin and IDCLEV, after being mired in '94 wads for the last few days, seeing stuff like Spawning Vats and Unto the Cruel is an eye opener. Lots of great music in there too. (also that automap post at the top of this page, I greatly appreciate clean automaps, I am on record for annoying people for reporting automap errors a lot back in my testing days)
  16. Devalaous

    [RC2] "Hell's Bane" - an Ult Doom megawad

    Your maps kicked my ass the most in 2002 ADO, looks like they'll be doing it again for a third time. Also that hell sky in the above shots is amazing
  17. Devalaous

    Why is there so much hate for the Unity Port?

    I was more referring to how many headaches its given us trying to get things working on it :p The previously-unknown reasons for all the crashing while trying to get so many old mods working on it natively did eventually discourage me though, but I never stopped liking the port for what it is
  18. Devalaous

    MAP33 and so on if needed

    You need to define the extra maps in some form of MAPINFO, and that includes the music. You cant do this in vanilla.
  19. Man, that all feels so long ago, and as much as I wish people would forget it, it changed my life for the better. Thankfully, from the brief period I was in the TNT Convilution/Forever development discord, almost all of the drama and hostility has LONG gone and people once flinging shit at each other were working together like nothing happened
  20. Devalaous

    Quality of Life Patches for various WADs

    I finished off the WadPak series I started on a while back, thanks to @Doomlover77 tracking down the semi-lost original fourth entry in the series. These four are some of the earliest megawads out there, and a fun little collection of 1994 'trash and treasure. All four are on Maximum Doom in some form too, the third entry appears unaltered in the Doom section, while the first, second and fourth are all converted to Doom 2 in the Doom 2 section, and rife with bugs. I have accounted for the Doom 2 versions; you'll see a folder with patches for those versions, which applies missing Doom 1 textures as well as the usual xINFO stuff. I highly recommend playing the original Doom versions though. For flavour, just like with Lost Episodes, ive added the old pre-Ultimate Doom graphics for the titlepic, credits and help screens, but only for the original Doom versions. Since I had to write 6 patches in a row for this, plus go over the existing WadPak 3 patch, I am now utterly exhausted. I tested out the Author field in UMAPINFO for this too, with unfortunate results; DSDA Doom prints the contents of this field upon entering a level, but doesnt have enough room to always print out all of it. As this is a DSDA problem, not much I can do to mitigate it, so I wont use that field in future patches nor retrofit older ones unless this gets fixed.
  21. Devalaous

    Why is there so much hate for the Unity Port?

    A lot of 'official port only' purists use it and ONLY it, and its a robust enough port for what it needs to do. Its not the best for playing mods though, as me and Arsinikk's experiments with classic megawads and miniwads have proven. I still like it for what it is, and I had a bunch of fun with it on consoles. Probably the biggest problem is simply that its official; that means its a dead end for improvements as company products cant be updated forever. Community sourceports an be updated freely, forever, while official stuff needs money for the same thing. Thankfully the port is good at what its designed for, playing the original classics.
  22. Devalaous

    Big Half-Life Update

    Maybe one day we'll actually get to take the Combine down, feels like its going to be left unresolved forever though, like so many other plots in history
  23. Devalaous

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thanks a lot! I wonder how and when the Maximum Doom version replaced the one on the archives? The other files are normal, but the wad has everything Doom 2-ised. Various Maximum Doom guides all link to the archive version as if its the original, so it was at some point. I made patches for all three remaining WadPaks today, good to know the original fourth one isn't lost to time.
  24. Devalaous

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Does anyone have the original Doom version of WadPak 4? The one on the archives seems to be the Doom 2-converted one from Maximum Doom
  25. Devalaous

    Quality of Life Patches for various WADs

    Eternity has UMAPINFO support in devbuilds at least (Its why ive mostly stopped providing an EMAPINFO), as well as widescreen statusbars, but yeah, the almost total lack of 16:9 is frustrating, the game will render to the sides of a 16:9 or higher monitor, but things like CWILV graphics, level names, text screens, all that HUD stuff, its all still 4:3 only. Its a shame, because if that issue could be solved, as well as providing stat tracking like DSDA/Woof/Crispy/GZDoom, I'd use Eternity a lot more. Its the ONLY port with good controller vibration too! It would be nice if all these patches had widescreen graphics and things like demos for the demoless wads/pre 1.9 wads, but im not really capable of doing either on my own.