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  1. ZehCacodemon

    3rd-person Doom 3

    Well crap...I'll get around to looking for the NoClip cheat again. (It looked correct anyways.)
  2. ZehCacodemon

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Ultimate/Doom please. I really got into Ultimate Doom's four episodes. It was awesome.. Doom 2 I'm struggling to get into. The maps are so confusing. <D>'
  3. ZehCacodemon

    3rd-person Doom 3

    It should be a button combo for the Xbox. On the PC you just opened the console commands. No modding required. =/ And surprisingly I don't see NoClip.
  4. ZehCacodemon

    3rd-person Doom 3

    For Doom 3 the console command for 3rd person is, pm_thirdperson 1 when you want to turn it off you put in, pm_thirdperson 0
  5. ZehCacodemon

    Resurrection of Evil

    I think it would be obvious it was a bump if it was from NOVEMBER. No excuses. Just ignorance. ;-;
  6. ZehCacodemon

    I'm looking for a no gibbing mod...

    Gamespot.com -> Doom 3 (PC) --> Downloads ---> Ducttape mod & Gibbing mod somewhere in that mess. Enjoy.
  7. ZehCacodemon

    Heath Ledger dead at 28

    Aww crap. I remember him from "A Knight's Tale". I wheep...then again everyone one way or another wheeps the loss of an actor and change the channel when informed of a murder in *insert state* of some person that has no signifigance to your life. Yeah.
  8. ZehCacodemon

    I saw a Pinkie Demon as a hood ornament!

    If it was that particular type of model for a hood ornament, I should totally get one.
  9. ZehCacodemon

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    The Hellknights just look awesome. Always a risk when fighting with one. (Or two in the case of Delta Labs 4)
  10. ZehCacodemon

    3rd-person Doom 3

    HOLYSHNAPITSAFINDBYTHEORIGINALPOSTER! o.o; Nice work. Can't wait for the upload. Now to get the Xbox version from a friend again...rofl.
  11. ZehCacodemon

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    Ah, so they do have a Doom 4 in the making... Cool. I wouldn't mind playing through either another Doom 3. But before I get griping I might aswell say this. I feel your pain in how slow and predictable the game could be. It just felt like Doom only in the dark out in space. All alone...kinda. Now if Doom 4 is just a remake of something, like Hell on Earth, they had better make it worth playing really. Hopefully with large out door environments.
  12. ZehCacodemon

    Resurrection of Evil

    Wut...you bumped the topic over CHAINSAWS?... I'm sorry but I see a similarity in you and dissatified Bioshock owners. They troll related boards and complain about a particular product until they (in theory) get what they want. What's the point you are trying to make? *Has Doom 3 and RoE on the PC with no regrets.* ---- Dear User. I take much issue with your fanboyism and wish you the best of wishes when they come out with Doom 4 for the Sega Genesis that will not possess a chainsaw, but in fact, possesses a banana. When wielding this banana with authority PLEASE do not feed the animals/demons/the possessed.
  13. ZehCacodemon

    3rd-person Doom 3

    What says it's on a 360?
  14. ZehCacodemon

    Do you DM?

    No Like...thirty times? No No Mabye so. I haven't played long enough to devise an accurate answer. What makes it appear dead if people still play it? Yes?
  15. ZehCacodemon

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    I jumped quite a bit quite often as I went through the beginning of the game. But for some reason the effect wore off... The Imp in the mentioned 'zoo' made me jump aswell. "OH MAH GAWD ITZ GONNA GET MEh!"