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  1. Ouch

    Let's have a day of DOOM!

    Or have just played them too many times, like myself.
  2. Ouch

    Time to Set Your World on Fire

    I don't expect it to be great but I'll buy a copy. The other novels were terrible, I hope this author is better. edit.
  3. Ouch

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    A clever plan. Its too bad that it might actually work.
  4. Ouch

    What is everyone's favorite installment of DOOM?

    Episode 2 and Plutonia. Mostly Plutonia. The Doom 64TC is outstanding, imo.
  5. Ouch

    Ever get sick of Doom?

    I do get sick of doom. But i can binge on it too. It just comes and goes. Many other games can't match the variety of doom imo. Its really easy to pick up again and start playing maps you've never seen before. I like to think that doom won't die. Whether that is true or not we'll see eventually. But it is likely it will drastically change before that happens. The concept of doom as a novelty may end up being its hand to being immortalized. As long as ID survives and this community, to an extent, then doom will likely be around as well. You can download from xbox live and play it on your 360. Doom won't be gone for awhile if that is the case.
  6. Ouch

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    I liked the movie but really only because there is a giant monster destroying everything. Thats really all I look for in such a movie. I normally expect all the characters to be poorly written and Cloverfield was no exception.
  7. I enjoyed Halo but in hindsight it wasn't an outstanding game by any means. Would anyone agree that Robotron should be somewhere in that 22?
  8. Ouch

    R.I.P. Bobby Fischer

    A good chess player, well missed. Now for someone else to fill the shoes of a crazy chess genius.
  9. I would find this list to be more accurate if it weren't ranked. 22 influential games, yes. Doom 11 and Football 3? No.
  10. Ouch

    Your most HATED monster?

    Archviles by far. Their flame attack is annoying. But nothing compares to bringing back the dead. That really complicates things.
  11. Ouch

    Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Mike.Reiner "but now they are just beating a dead horse." Well put. The series went downhill after 3. Considering it dead is much more accurate.