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  1. Yeah, custom final boss expected =) Don't worry about the Dehacked, a french guy named JCD (speedrunner & creator of Survive In Hell and contributor of some other wads) did a great job with it! But thanks a lot for your offer, that's really cool, dude =)
  2. I think it will fit in the "classical" gameplay style. Not in the slaughtermaps style at all, neither for the noobs. Medium difficulty, focused on the architecture, mainly to offer a challenge without the need to know the whole map to nail it.
  3. @ Deathevokation : don't worry mate, I won't give up, even if it takes me forever haha =) @ Gaspe : thanks a lot dude!
  4. As usual, got back to do some more mapping after some months. Map05 in the work, here's a screenshot for you guys. Also featuring one of the biggest (and hardest) bridge I ever did, a pain in the ass to build :
  5. Hi guys, Some new stuff here. As I said at the top of this topic, I'm really freaking slow in terms of mapping speed, and I eventually finished map03 after some months of inactivity. That definitely doesn't mean that I'm bored or something, I just take a huge load of time to create maps =) Here are some screenshots of the last part I made in map03, which finishes the map for good : http://i74.servimg.com/u/f74/18/59/08/91/screen10.jpg http://i74.servimg.com/u/f74/18/59/08/91/screen11.jpg http://i74.servimg.com/u/f74/18/59/08/91/screen12.jpg Hope you like them. I'm gonna start working on map04 when... Well, whenever I got some decent creative content popping out of my brain x)
  6. @ jdagenet : yep, thinking about musics I could add to the project, and I'm also working with a good friend of mine who's also good in terms of midi-music creating, SidZetmeck =) @ memfis : I think I'm gonna change it, but nothing's definitive about skies at the moment. Since I have the possibility to change the sky at will in each and every map because of the format I'm working with, I guess that this sky COULD stay in this map. Nothing sure right now though =)
  7. Hi guys, Here's some new screenshots from map03, getting in shape slowly but surely. http://i61.tinypic.com/k2muiq.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/245euch.jpg http://i60.tinypic.com/abt2eg.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/2nrouu.jpg I think it'll be finished soon, hopefully I'll finally start to create map04 =)
  8. Thanks mate =) BTW, here's another screenshot from Map03 : http://i60.tinypic.com/xksui9.png Still working on this one, that's ok I guess. Gotta cut these bricks tightly.
  9. Ok, just re-worked this arch, I think that it looks better this way : http://i60.tinypic.com/2dc7r47.png
  10. Thank your Primeval =) @ XCOPY : I guess this texture's fitting a bit more to that arch, take a look dude : http://i59.tinypic.com/5cj86u.png
  11. @ XCOPY : Yeah, I know about the arch, JCD's told me the same thing when he was testing it. The problem is the following : the arch is NOT opened at first, it opens later. So I don't know how to change this... Maybe adjusting the textures of it? But the alignment will give a strange aspect of it I think... Any suggestion? EDIT : here's a screenshot of what it gives when I adjust the textures so that it is not cut here and there : http://i61.tinypic.com/33n86th.png @ scifista42 : Many people telling me to release this by episode lately... I think I should do this. I'll think about it =) Thanks! @ FireFish : thanks man =)
  12. Yes, I think that I am experienced enough to create the full 32-maps megawad, but it will take some time =) Not very keen with the idea of releasing a short episode only, heh =)
  13. Thanks for the good words =) Yep, only 2 maps completed, I'm working on the 3rd one at the moment. I started this in late february/early march, and since I'm so slow when creating my maps, don't expect this to be released really soon actually, haha x)
  14. Hi everybody, I'm Dislogical, french Doom player & mapper. I already contributed to some wads in the past (especially Necromantic Thirst map 17 & 18 lately), and finally decided to start my own boom-compatible 32-maps megawad. Being totally bored to see tech and/or military themed wads around, I wanted to focus on something more... "ancient". The first episode will take place in antic aztec ruins ; the second one in some egyptian tomb & pyramids, surrounded by exotic landscapes ; to end in some of the bigger greek temples for the last episode. There are 3 new enemies in the game, which I don't want to reveal already. Still, one of them is replacing Romero's Head as the final boss. Here are some screenshots from the 2 maps completed at the moment. http://i58.servimg.com/u/f58/18/59/08/91/screen10.jpg http://www.servimg.com/u/f58/18/59/08/91/doom0110.jpg http://www.servimg.com/u/f58/18/59/08/91/doom0410.jpg People who know ruma.wad will recognize the suspension bridge made of ropes, while some others will recognize textures from Brotherhood Of Ruin. I'm working on the 3rd map right now, and since I am kind of a reeeeally slow mapper, don't expect me to create a map each 2 days, haha Cheers =)
  15. Nope, we're not recording in LAN. We all live in France though, so we can play without experiencing much lag... kinda.