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  1. [UPDATED] 2009.02.01 --> v2.0b2 [UPDATED] 2008.11.04 --> v2.0b1 Newest version: http://www.flamich.com/tamas/Pages/DownloadFile.aspx?file=doomdemobrowser_2.0b2.0.0.zip Requirement: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or newer http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&displaylang=en New features since 2.xx: (1) User can customize the database schema You can add any Wad to the browsing GUI, as you can modify "DatabaseSchema.xml" easily (you only need a little XML knowledge). If you have any question about this, feel free to ask. (2) Demo analysis, LMPC is no longer needed I got myself into the source of LMPC, and implemented my own OO version, so the analysis has become much faster and more stable. (3) Pack extraction, WinRAR is no longer needed Found a free GPL source code, what has also sped up the browsing :). (4) Playback modes You can register different ports for playback, so problematic demos can be played easily. (5) More dymamic GUI You are able to resize almost everything :).
  2. Sorry, my first success made me so excited, because the idea of this run came more than 2 year ago (I was never able to gain enought free time and inspiration to do it).
  3. Uhmmm, that was 4:20, but on the same day i did a 4:19. Quite lucky day... :) The later run is much more decent, but it has a big failure, which causes ~17 secs loss. My goal is to go below 4:00, but since I do not have too much time for Doom, i don't know, when will it happen :(. Might I send the lmp in an email to you?
  4. Mr.TF

    SR50 with mouse-strafing

    I also use this method, it is very useful at doing long distance jumps and makes life much easier in some situations (fe. MAP30 elevator catch)
  5. I just did an ep4-0419 (ultimate doom) a few minutes ago, but the run is so ugly, i just cant share it, lol
  6. Hey all, http://competn.doom2.net is dead Could someone tell me, where can I get the original (structured) CompetN database? Thanks, Tamas
  7. Mr.TF

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    Has anyone continued this run? It would be awesome, if it was finished
  8. Mr.TF

    Doom2 UV speedruning by Sedlo

    This could save another second :P http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-speed-demos/43731-doom2-map12-rj/
  9. Mr.TF

    Doom2 UV speedruning by Sedlo

    wow, email sent :)
  10. Mr.TF

    Doom Demo Browser [v2.0b2]

    Problem fixed http://www.flamich.com/tamas/Pages/DownloadFile.aspx?file=doomdemobrowser_2.0b2.0.0.zip Btw why does the thread title keeps being named v2.0b1?
  11. Mr.TF

    Doom Demo Browser [v2.0b2]

    UPDATE --> 2008.02.01 Demo analysis is implemented All Compet-N wads are supported
  12. Mr.TF

    3 Questions for a DOOM2 speedrun

    Hmm, you are quite confident, but okey... :) I guess you should try to implement MAP21 glide trick, because it's not too hard and it's possible to try it again a few a times, if you miss it. It would save quite much time, and the record beating would be much easier. :) If I remember well, it is also mentioned by Radek in one of his demo descriptions.
  13. Mr.TF

    3 Questions for a DOOM2 speedrun

    It doesn't seem to.... But try to make a TooYoung movie run first, compare the total times, and afterall realize how harder UV would be. :)))
  14. Mr.TF

    Doom Demo Browser [v2.0b2]

    Has anyone tried it???
  15. Mr.TF

    Official Demo Request Thread

  16. I just have to quote Sedlo: "If you belive in yourselfe you can make everything you want" Why 9 sec would be impossible? It would be almost the same as in UV. You would need perfect movement, lots of S50 (as in Sedlo's run) and much more luck, since you can die easier :))))))))))))))))))) Btw your demos are great :) Keep on playing ;)
  17. Mr.TF

    Official Demo Request Thread

    Do you think anyone could stay alive on that platform surrounded by 6 fast/respawn mancubus? I don't think so :) Btw Adam Hegyi has recorded a demo (nightmare), in which he made the platform rise to the maximum, but of course he wasn't on that :).
  18. Mr.TF

    Doom Demo Browser [v2.0b2]

    Some news: I started rewriting this whole mess... The new major version will be much more professional, considering 1.x was just really a RAD without any design. Here's a screenshot, which shows how I imagine the new interface. http://www.flamich.com/tamas/Pages/DownloadFile.aspx?file=ddb2.PNG The whole browsing structure will be configurable from an XML file. This is the main part (I think it is quite self-evident ): <wad name="Doom II"> <playbackModes default="1"> <playbackMode id="1" name="Prboom" playerId="1" commandline="-iwad DOOM2 -complevel 2"/> </playbackModes> <maps sequenceType="continuous"> <map episode="0" level="1" name="Entryway"/> .... etc </maps> <demos> <demoGroup name="Normal demos"> <demoCategory name="UV Speed" rootId="0" path="doom2\speed" filter="lv{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> <demoCategory name="UV Max" rootId="0" path="doom2\max" filter="lv{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> <demoCategory name="NM Speed" rootId="0" path="doom2\nmare" filter="nm{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> <demoCategory name="NS 100" rootId="0" path="doom2\nm100s" filter="ns{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> <demoCategory name="Pacifist" rootId="0" path="doom2\pacifist" filter="pa{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> <demoCategory name="Fast" rootId="0" path="doom2\fast" filter="fa{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> <demoCategory name="Respawn" rootId="0" path="doom2\respawn" filter="re{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> <demoCategory name="Tyson" rootId="0" path="doom2\tyson" filter="ty{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> </demoGroup> <demoGroup name="Movies"> <demoGroup name="01-10 movies"> <demoCategory name="UV Speed / Max" rootId="0" path="doom2\speed" filter="lv{0}{1}.\d\d\d\.zip"/> ...etc </demoGroup> ...etc <demoGroup name="Coop"> ..etc </demoGroup> </demos> </wad> Note: demoCategory.filter is a regular expression demoCategory.rootId and playbackMode.playerId derives from this part: <demoPlayers> <demoPlayer id="1" name="Prboom path"/> </demoPlayers> <demoDirectoryRoots> <demoDirectoryRoot id="1" name="Compet-n database directory" /> </demoDirectoryRoots> It makes possible to customize your own browser and share it, what makes the development of a public structure faster and easier. This would be the main feature of this new version. If you have any palatial idea please tell me, because it is much easier to implement in the start of the development.
  19. Mr.TF

    HR2 MAP30 1:34 UV MAX

    And why was indispensable to create a new topic for this?
  20. Mr.TF

    Plutonia TAS movie in 13:37

    On MAP28, at the blue key room, i managed to avoid the door closing... accidently. Probably I have skipped a linedef somehow (like in E3M1?). Notice it has been done on ZDaemon, but I guess it is also possible on a vanilla doom port. Perhaps you should try it...
  21. ep27-206 is very cool :). Have you tried the normal UV run? I think you could beat my 1:59 easily.