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Everything posted by muffins.exe

  1. muffins.exe

    DTWID: Project is done, check the release thread

    Everything looks awesome!! Can't wait to play this >:0
  2. muffins.exe

    Doom game for Facebook

    A browser-based Doom would probably never happen -- they couldn't edit out the gore as easily as they did with Quake Live.
  3. muffins.exe

    Voxelstein 3D

    yeah but it's pretty big
  4. muffins.exe

    Sexual Themes in games

    yo i am fuckin WIRED
  5. muffins.exe

    FreeDoom with all of the levels finished! ;)

    what do you have against freedoom samiam :'(
  6. muffins.exe

    Original, full quality Doom 1,2 soundtrack

    Excellent quality, as usual! I'll try to seed to at least 500%.
  7. muffins.exe

    Original, full quality Doom 1,2 soundtrack

    edit: Blah, never mind. I just checked it again and it works now, for some reason :D
  8. muffins.exe

    Original, full quality Doom 1,2 soundtrack

    Same here. The link takes me to this: http://isohunt.com/torrents/d034c63260e528d30666d4fc2448468fb3d94045
  9. muffins.exe

    Freedoom 0.6.1 has been released!

    hm, works fine for me
  10. muffins.exe


    i will love you forever if you do this
  11. muffins.exe

    Sketch of spider-like monster

    this this a million times this
  12. muffins.exe

    The Doom Roguelike awareness thread

    Already has been.
  13. muffins.exe

    Freedoom 0.6 is out (was -rc2 (was rc1))

    I am the original author of these sounds and I release them under the Modified BSD license. What? :)
  14. muffins.exe

    Freedoom 0.6 is out (was -rc2 (was rc1))

    Is there any way I can override that? I could remove them from Freesound if need be. I made the sounds just because the silent rocket launcher in Freedoom annoyed me. I just put them on there since I needed to host them somewhere and I have an account at Freesound :)
  15. muffins.exe

    Freedoom 0.6 is out (was -rc2 (was rc1))

    If you still need the sounds, I've got a rocket launcher sample and an explosion sample on Freesound. All 100% original content, too ;) http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=47251 http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=47252 It's CC, but that shouldn't be a problem -- it's compatible with Freedoom's current license :)