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  1. Linux Doom

    The future of Freedoom

    I would still prefer better quality enemy graphics than the ones available. If I could make better ones I would try.
  2. Linux Doom

    The future of Freedoom

    Okay then, if this is not Free Software Doom then what is it?
  3. Linux Doom

    Yadex Help

    I will not waste all the work I did learning this far to use a different editor. I would prefer something that runs Native anyways.
  4. Linux Doom

    Yadex Help

    I am working on a WAD based on real places (A garden, a Train, etc) and I need help with these two questions: 1. How do I add new Textures in Yadex? 2. How do I save a WAD with two levels in Yadex? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Linux Doom

    The future of Freedoom

    For Multimedia, I think FreeDoom needs to work on these areas: 1. Better Music. Some tracks are okay, but some could use editing to make less depressing. Maybe change the Instruments. 2. Better enemies. They seem more like aliens than demons. Maybe get graphics that are closer to the Doom originals. I would prefer it if the levels did not get to complex. I like the first episode of Doom's levels complexity, but they went insane in the second episode. Maybe if I get skilled enough with Yadex I will contribute some levels. Maybe change the story from the Doom II one please. Nothing to complex, this is a Doom clone not Doom3. I agree that a little more uniformity in design would be good. My favourite episode of doom is Episode One because it was very uniform, each level was the same style as the previous. The name Should remain FreeDoom, because it states the goal of the project. We are making Free Software artwork and levels for the Free Software Doom engine. The engine does not really matter, since you can just download it. It is not like you have to buy anything. I dont care as long as it is in the Fedora Repository. BTW, Dont all Doom Source Ports have to be GPL?
  6. Linux Doom

    3rd-person Doom 3

    I tried the Command, but it did not work. What did I do wrong?
  7. Linux Doom

    Yadex Help

    Does DeuxEx have a GUI? If not, could someone tell me step by step how to use this thing? If it is not to much trouble ;) Good thing this was in the Fedora repository, I was lost looking at th installation instructions in the readme. Should have kept the Dos instructions away from the Unix ones.
  8. Linux Doom

    I'm looking for a no gibbing mod...

    Does the Suck Tap mod work on Linux? What about with the Demo?
  9. Linux Doom

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    I should mention I have only played the demos. I find Doom 3 is a little scary when you dont cheat. For confusing levels though see Quake 4, WHERE THE HELL IS THAT DAMN MEDIC! Funny Story, first time I played Doom3. We enter the UAC base, and see one of there sentries. Thinking like it is an Arachnatron from Doom II, I punch like crazy at it, until I realize it does not fight back ;) I have to get that new Video Card so I can play Doom3 on my Linux Box. Damn ATI not making decent drivers sooner. The first FPS game I played Bad Toys, scared me. But then I was five or six or something. The only game that EVER kept me up at night was Blood, that chant in E1M5 just got stuck in my head.
  10. My main Blog is hosted on LinuxQuestions. You can find it here:

    I will use this Blog for my Doom WADS though, or for writing guides to getting Doom working on Linux

    1. YMB


      Linux Doom said:

      I will use this Blog for my Doom WADS though, or for writing guides to getting Doom working on Linux

      Why don't you post your doom wads over here? And I think most people who are members here with linux have Doom running.

  11. Linux Doom

    The future of Freedoom

    Is FreeDoom dead/ It would appear to be by the way you are talking.