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  1. I'm sorry, I was rather tired at the time of creating this thread. Yes I would like pre-made weapons, as I have the artistic skills of a blind, amputated kitten.
  2. I'm currently on a hunt for (edit: some premade) melee weapons that would fit the setting of modern days (ex: a fire axe...actually an axe of some sort would be preferable). Anyone able to recommend some decent ones?
  3. Whenever I start Doombuilder 2 up now I get the Just-in-time debugger with an error message of "System.ArgumentException". I'm running Vista Home Premium, I have no updates available for Windows, and have just reinstalled doombuilder with the latest version.
  4. I personally got bored of Strife because I kept glitching/breaking it without warning. A Strife do-over (like KDiZD) would be perfect :D
  5. No, its not your fault. I meant I was under the impression that they are the same thing. Otherwise I would have called it by ZDoom's Lower/Upper Portal system. Anyway, I doubt that with the current design plan I have I could do anything to fix the HOM so I'll just go with a black background to it (kind of helps with the atmosphere of the area anyhow
  6. The sexy Realm 667 lacks what I need (for once), so I'm wondering if anyone's made a sort of effect of sand sifting through cracks in a cavern. It's fairly hard to explain what I'm looking for, and the above is very very undescriptive. You know how, when in an underground cave, after a violent earthquake sand will sift through cracks in the ceiling? That's what I'm after.
  7. This. Although I haven't ever really finished a map yet, I still screw around with the editor. Sometimes I go through 5+ prototypes of a room before I get it right.
  8. Honestly I was talking more of ZDoom's Lower/Upper Sector Portals, although I was under the impression they are the same thing. Thanks for the quick response though, luckily I can just ALLBLACK the area I considered for portaling.
  9. But Nazi Zombies is so meh. People who play that need a good dose of L4D on Expert.
  10. Concerning Anchored Portals, is there any limit to the complexity allowed of the sector anchoring the portal? I'm finding my extremely small edges of a portal I'm using to simulate a fairly intricate hole are creating anomalies when viewed in the right direction.
  11. Map02 bears a striking resemblance to a techbase level I played on skulltag once, but that doesn't matter, because yours looks so much more badass! Sign me up for testing, don't use my actual Doomworld inbox, because I remember to check it once every 22nd half moon, use my email at
  13. Was definitely worth my final hours before high school started, thanks for the map.
  14. Oh crap >.< I didn't see a download! Finally something to spend my last few hours before High School.
  15. Looks awesome agreed, I find some of your floors are rather bland though (mainly in the last pic, which looks really nice otherwise!). At least, in the screenshot they were