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Everything posted by blink182sean

  1. blink182sean

    Pistol start in ZDoom

    If you go to the console and type 'disableautosave 2' you will disable the auto save feature.
  2. blink182sean

    Favorite Maps in Final Doom-TNT and Plutonia

    Then I'll just flag it as all modes in doombuilder. Or find the key and replace it. What ever I'll figure it out.
  3. blink182sean

    Favorite Maps in Final Doom-TNT and Plutonia

    Or i could use doombuilder and put the key where its supposed to go. Good idea, eh?
  4. blink182sean

    Favorite Maps in Final Doom-TNT and Plutonia

    Map 31 tnt pharoh havent figured out how to beat it though got to the last set of arachnotron guard thingy.
  5. blink182sean

    Summoning monsters

    I tried to post before anyone else did so I didnt look like I was being a copycat. but that list is pretty useful.
  6. blink182sean

    Summoning monsters

    You can also summon scenery & weapons. Scenery: Candelabra explosivebarrel evileye burningbarrel theres way more than that just don't know the names. weapons: you should know the weapon names. fist (you can summon but nothing pops up) pistol chainsaw shotgun ? supershotgun chaingun ? plasmagun bfg9000 * if you have doom builder you can use the thing list to summon various items.
  7. blink182sean

    Summoning monsters

    Looks pretty damn cool. I see why he's so dangerous!
  8. blink182sean

    Summoning monsters

    Yeah I just found out how to do that pretty damn cool! And that sorcerer1 thing kills monsters like crazy! Its invisible too!
  9. blink182sean

    Summoning monsters

    Does this only work for gzdoom? cause that sounds kind of cool to do. I have the new zdoom 2.2.0. ???
  10. Yeah just wondering. If not someone should totally start on it.
  11. blink182sean

    Favorite Ultimate DOOM map?

    i dont know the E#M# but the level name was Pandemonium. Just the coolest level. actually pandemonium sucks! I just realized.