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  1. glaber

    Community Chest 4 (NEW HOTFIX NOW ON IDGAMES/!)

    Ok fair enough. but from my perspective it's kinda like changing the rules of a contest after all the submissions were submitted. And yea, I did disappear, but it was only because of how slowly Community chest 4 was moving. when I left, it was like progress on the megawad was at a stand still. Like the project was stopped. I had no way of knowing myself if the project was still going, even if I did stay. (I checked the section several times before leaving) However, you still could have e-mailed me about the map, because even if my interest in doom dropped, it would have been nice to know that the map I submitted was being dropped for one reason or another. Also I'm sure the others who disappeared and submitted finalized maps that were previously accepted might be interested if their maps were cut or not. To be honest, I actually get a better turnaround time for feed back with SRB2's bimonthly Original Level Design Contest. ps. I contacted the person who expressed interest in playing my level. The level is now receiving a revision with few edits.
  2. glaber

    Community Chest 4 (NEW HOTFIX NOW ON IDGAMES/!)

    If I may ask, why was my map dropped? Last I knew , those who finalized their maps for the pack didn't have to check up in the status check thread.
  3. glaber

    Buying Second-hand games could now be illegal

    it is sort of possible. mostly with the dos based games such as Doom or commander keen.
  4. A bit too colorful for this place, but: Beaten the game, no upgrades on the Trolly, all crates have not been opened minus the one you're forced to, and i haven't even gon into that level on the trolly yet.
  5. glaber

    Free Doom doom 2 maps?

    Managed to find what I was looking for on an old hard drive, and I'm enjoying some of the removed maps. Makes me wonder if they were removed for the same reasons as MAP01.
  6. glaber

    Free Doom doom 2 maps?

    I downloaded the latest versions of Freedoom and I'm now wondering, what happened to the freedoom versions of the doom 2 maps? In the Doom 2 wad the first map is the Doom 1 equivalent for E1M1 instead of the equivalent of Doom 2's Map02.
  7. glaber

    Vanilla Hexen and slopes?

    Wait, The Eternity engine has renderable slopes without Physics? Just to double check, that engine has Poly objects too, right?
  8. glaber

    Vanilla Hexen and slopes?

    So slopes only came to both Doom and Hexen via Source ports. Thank you, that clears things up for me.
  9. glaber

    Vanilla Hexen and slopes?

    I've seen plenty of topics releated to source ports and slopes, but I really have to wonder, did Vanilla Hexen have slope support?
  10. glaber

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Version 2.0 Released

    Go for it! If this takes off, I'll make a level for this! Remember there is a version of Doom Builder that was specifically built for SRB2.
  11. I'd like to tackle Brian and Craig Sparks map 1 http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=1630 I've started working on it and will give a status report soon maybe.
  12. glaber

    id Doom map oddities

    I am! Oh and I sort of found a Wiki Bug. 32X E2M7: The level is not the final one for the port. Instead it's E2m9 (32X map 16)
  13. glaber

    id Doom map oddities

    32X E2M2: near the green armor in the crate section, you can get a HOM effect. Also the level shrunk.
  14. glaber

    A storm is gathering...

    These people are going to have to learn the hard way. Gay's CAN'T reproduce. If nature intended for us to be gay, women would not exist.
  15. glaber

    Annoying pop-up on these boards

    Banner's are one thing. these ads like that one for the Mirror are annoying and drives away people.