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  1. Yeah, I usually avoided it entirely because I'm a moron. But then I played Valiant, and that finally forced me to learn how to use the darn thing.
  2. By God, it's like I've been waiting for this thread for years! More then a century ago, a relative on my mom's side of the family who went by the name Aunt Teeny (North Carolinians are weird), was due to be wed. However, several weeks before the wedding, her fiancé died in a tragic carriage accident. The fiancé's family had purchased a wooden chest filled with a number of items as her dowry. As part of their grieving, they decided to give Aunt Teeny the dowry regardless. Many years later, on her deathbed, and for unknown reasons likely as Faulknerian in nature as the rest of my mother's family history, Aunt Teeny made it known that it was her wish that the dowry chest be passed down to the youngest member of each generation. Over time, each generation has added items to the chest from their time, particularly as the people that owned them have passed away. It contains a visual history of eyeglasses, a jar of gallbladder stones (I know, right. Also a kidney stone jar!), a set of carting combs, a coin celebrating Kaiser Wilhelm's birthday, an array of various forms of currency from various times, a bandana promoting Grover Cleveland's candidacy in the 1888 election, my grandpa's tobacco pipe, a small study bible from 1811, an honest to god Nazi shoulder patch brought back from the war by a relative that fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and many other things. Over the years, the chest has descended through the generations to end up in the hands of my mother, and on the event of her hopefully very eventual passing, will be mine to own.
  3. My first exposure to Doom was actually Chex Quest, so any of the entries in that series are my happy place. Otherwise, I've got a list of things that got me through Middle and High School and are still close to my heart. Action Doom, Zen Dynamics, Sonic Doom, Phocas Island 2, Daedalus, Epic, Chosen, Foreverhood...
  4. Xenomia Alpha 15 is out! We've got a number of improvements and adjustments to the single player mode, Launcher support for custom wads, and resource duplication in team games. The full changelog can be found at , and the download is on the site as always.
  5. Strange! The site should be back up and working now. Sorry sbout that!
  6. The latest alpha for Xenomia is now out, and with it the first release of single player content! As always, download the game for Windows or Mac from!
  7. I read this very late last night and had forgotten it wasn't a dream until this afternoon :( So terrible.
  8. Xenomia alpha 13 is out! Licher walls now make sense and deploy on top of the preview so it's much easier to get it where you want it!
  9. Boom! Xenomia is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.9+ ! Get it on the downloads page on the site!
  10. By the way, alpha 0.0.12 is out! Changelog at !
  11. Have had an insane couple weeks, but Xenomia is now at pre-alpha version 0.0.11! Changelog is at the top of the page at !
  12. Pre Alpha 0.0.8 is out and available to download from ! Major changes include a progress bar on your HUD for capture points, and indicators for when a unit can be unlocked and/or upgraded.
  13. Pre-Alpha 0.0.7 is out and available on the site! The big feature is the addition of Defense Orders, which tell units around you to stay and guard your location, so you can task them to capture points, hold passes, etc. Edit: The changelog is available for viewing on the official Xenomia forum!
  14. Hopefully that's how the poll will go! Regardless we also have a match-making thread on our forums, which due to the youth of Xenomia, are quiet at the moment.
  15. Well we run a weekly testing event when the devs are online to play with. At the moment we're polling in Facebook to see a suitable time, because our Sunday afternoon time slot hasn't seen much activity.