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  1. Captain Ventris

    Lost Civilization 2, The Desolation

    Holy shit I gotta get through the first one, dang!
  2. Captain Ventris

    Best total conversions?

  3. Captain Ventris

    What color is your doomguy?

    Has always been Lavender!
  4. Captain Ventris

    How did people map in the 90s

    I remember messing around in the free trial of DeepSea when I was young and messing around with Chex Quest!
  5. Captain Ventris

    Just finished Final Doom. Any wad recommendations?

    Augur;Zenith, Suspended in Dusk, Eviternity, Valiant. Gogogogo
  6. Captain Ventris

    Doom Guy: Life in First Person -- by John Romero

    Preorders are signed according to his Twitter, so I’ve got mine reserved!
  7. It looks rad. I’m so excited to play it. Congrats to the whole team for the progress, and I can’t wait to see more!
  8. Hardware. If I’m running GZDoom, I want all the bells and whistles!
  9. Void by Cyb. Absolutely legendary.
  10. Captain Ventris

    Branching Out Recommendations

    Harmony is a good one, too! An updated version of it was released and it’s included in the Unity re-release of Doom. Same goes for Rekkr which you should also play!
  11. Captain Ventris

    Where can I find a website to buy/download Doom 1993.

    Dude are you asking to pirate it? Just buy it on almost every legit digital storefront?
  12. I was gonna do an in depth response until I realized this was the correct answer. I love seeing any combo of anything on the list. It’s all great in different ways!
  13. Captain Ventris

    Has anyone made their own custom Doom map "Mixtape"?

    I took WadSmoosh and smashed together Doom, Doom 2, all of Final Doom, and SIGIL, but added NRFTL, Master Levels, Lost Episode, and D64 in Doom 2 for an entire uninterrupted journey of Doomguy with custom text screens and Community MIDI packs for Final Doom to tie it together. It’s a blast.
  14. Captain Ventris

    Doom II RPG Port Reverse Engineering (version 0.1)

    Incredible. I’ve missed this game so much!
  15. Captain Ventris

    Comfy Maps (or, favourite maps to just exist in)

    Glass Messiah from Augur;Zenith (map01). Just a magical place to see.