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  1. Captain Ventris

    what are some funny doomworld incidents

    Oh man! I forgot about the Sailor Jupiter guy! The utterly insane Body Allegory thread was one of the greatest things ever and I’m sad it vanished with Post Hell. For a living piece of history, make some popcorn and sit through this entire glorious thread that slowly devolves into one person’s weird multiple internet personas:
  2. Captain Ventris

    Vile Flesh MIDI zip

    Gotta love how, often enough, a Necro on this forum ends up being Archaeology instead.
  3. Captain Ventris

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    1. To get this out of my head: HELL ON PERTH 2. Glad I grab albums of yours off Bandcamp when I can! Will be sure to keep supporting and spreading the word.
  4. So, like, whoever made the run to Toys R Us that day?
  5. Captain Ventris

    Levels or megaWADs with a "broken reality" theme?

    One episode of Beyond Reality has this kind of feel.
  6. Captain Ventris

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released+Fixed!

    A default set of female sounds seems like a good idea to me. Puts things on an even field for all the make skins, after all.
  7. Captain Ventris

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released+Fixed!

    https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=48675&hilit=Ventris Got one set of subtle Doomgal sprites in the Doom Style section of my resource thread here.
  8. I hate nights like this. Got a psychiatry appointment in a few days, but tonight I feel so anxious and sad and alone and angry and ... it’s a lot. My heart won’t settle down, I feel light headed, and I invariably end up getting into a fight with my wife. It’s always my fault. I don’t know what comes over me. It’s like there’s this screaming in my head that drowns everything rational out.

  9. My birthday was yesterday! Help me celebrate by buying my Excellent scifi novel in either ebook or paperback! And then review it. Seriously folks, I need reviews.



  10. Captain Ventris

    The story behind your custom avatar

    The main character off the cover of my debut novel!
  11. Captain Ventris

    Anyone else get this feeling?

    I don’t like NPCs etc. dying on my watch. It’s not a huge deal but I always avoid unnecessary deaths, particularly with animals. The only time I ever purposefully killed a non-combatant in a game was in Morrowind when a particularly snooty quest-giver called me “Outlander” one too many times. I then followed him to his home and straight up murdered him. But yeah, just that one time.
  12. Well, I’m on Vero as Dylan Wayne Sanchez. It’s free for life for the first million people, and I do like free stuff, so hey.

  13. I just assumed I was going crazy when that option seemingly vanished, so at least I know that’s not the case?
  14. Finally been diagnosed as bipolar. Feeling the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. Every moment is a roller coaster of emotions. I just feel sick and tired and awful.

  15. Whew! Settling into a new job on Sales, an area I thought I’d never end up in. It’s axtually a really good job that pays REALLY well when you sell. I seem to have knack for it, luckily.


    Anyway, sales on my book have been slow but I’m working on the sequel and already love it so far. It’s gonns be so good!