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  1. So here's the deal. My girlfriend and I are strongly considering moving to England or Norway. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Classic Studies with a minor in Humanities, and she is working on her Anthropology/Classics (Minor in Art History) undergrad.

    We are strongly considering moving to either England or Norway (where a good friend lives who can help us as far as language barriers, etc.).

    I've never moved countries before, and have no idea how to get jobs in other countries, etc. We need help, and ways to not starve to death once we're over seas. We're both American and living in Texas. Any help any of you can provide on tips and requirements for moving and getting work in either country would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to work at either Games Workshop, or as an educator. I can find a way of getting a Teacher's Certificate here in the US, but have no idea how that transfers to other countries.

    ANY help or advice you folks can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    1. durian


      Well, I'm no expert in any of this, but - for the UK - you and your girlfriend would each need visas - check out the options here:


      I'm guessing you'll probably want one of the 'work visas'. It would no doubt be good if you were able to secure a job offer prior to arrival. I suspect that if you just had the teaching qualification, but very little teaching experience, then it would not transfer well to the UK. You could consider applying to take the qualification over here - it's called a 'PGCE' - since then you could come over on a student visa. But the student fees would probably be crazy (though perhaps not by American standards) since you're not an EU citizen.

    2. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Okay, thanks for the link on the types of Visa. Gonna have to find a way to get a job ahead of time, and/or a job which will sponsor a Visa perhaps.

      That info about the PGCE and being able to come over on a student Visa for certification is fantastic. I'll definitely delve into how all that works. And yeah, American educational costs are horrifying, so the sticker shock there might not be too bad.

      Thank you so much for this info.

    3. Mordeth


      Try reddit.com/r/IWantOut for general advice.

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