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      Our server host (Linode) is going to be applying patches to address the Meltdown vulnerability over the next day or two. Because this involves patching the hypervisor that the Doomworld virtual private server runs under, this will require some degree of downtime. Some of our servers are due to have this maintenance around midnight-ish tonight, America time, and the other server is due to have this maintenance tomorrow morning, America time. So if you try and come to Doomworld and stuff appears to be broken, don't freak out!

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  1. Got both a copy of the Skulltag mod Heretic: Element Storm and the original creator's blessing to patch it up and re-release it. It's an interesting and fun gameplay mod that was really only distributed privately, so I'm excited to get it out there in the wild.

    1. Philnemba


      Nice I recall hearing about that mod back when Skulltag forums were around :)

    2. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      It's a blast. Dunno if I'm up for filling out the remaining monster variants, but will definitely throw in some quality of life changes to keep track of the elemental interactions and all.

    3. Anidrex_1009


      You had been choosen. You must fullfill your destiny.