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Captain Ventris

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  1. Captain Ventris

    Doom edition 1 1996 printed 1996

    Holy crap, not something you expect to see crop up!
  2. Captain Ventris

    Doom Unity port Glitch hunting

    Ewww we’ve got people begging for follows? Groooooss
  3. Captain Ventris

    Insanity Edged

    Been waiting for a followup to Winter’s Fury for ten years! To say I’m excited is an understatement!
  4. Captain Ventris

    Winter's Fury - 10th Anniversary Update

    Now how the hell did I miss this? I was just thinking about replaying it! And a sequel? This is one of my favorite “Big Budget” Doom projects so I’m ridiculously excited about this.
  5. Captain Ventris

    any good "short" level megawad recommendations?

    Crumpets is always a winner for me!
  6. Captain Ventris

    The 2022 Cacowards

    Rewards were awesome as always. So many wads to try! Can’t wait to see what’s cooking for the big three-oh!
  7. Valiant for me as well. It got me to finally stop hoarding rockets!
  8. Captain Ventris

    Knee-Deep in KDiZD: Released! It's KDiZD for doom2.exe - 1.7 is out

    Just finished. An absolute wonder. Maps were sprawling but not obscure—things were signposted and flowed very naturally. The monster roster was well executed and the final arena fight was fun. The frame story was satisfyingly silly and the repeating bit of the dressing room poster was great. Really imaginative and impressive!
  9. Captain Ventris

    Knee-Deep in KDiZD: Released! It's KDiZD for doom2.exe - 1.7 is out

    This is badass. Great visuals all around, the music is fantastic and moody. Really great work and such a good demonstration of the engine. Baffled at what you were able to achieve.
  10. Captain Ventris

    Knee-Deep in KDiZD: Released! It's KDiZD for doom2.exe - 1.7 is out

    Absolutely floored this is out. I’m so excited to try it, holy shit!
  11. Captain Ventris

    I gibbed a cacodemon.

    I love the whole class of “Something weird happened oh also I’m obviously running mods” posts.
  12. Captain Ventris

    Do you prefer vanilla wads or TC mods?

    I adore both. Sometimes I just want a solid set of old school levels, but other times I want to be swept away into something brand new. I love this game because it’s community represents such a vast range of gameplay possibilities!
  13. Captain Ventris

    Action Doom: Rampage Edition

    Yep, this rules. Takes a good wad and puts it over the top. Really wonderful additions, they make the entire experience that much more sleek and fun!
  14. Captain Ventris

    Action Doom: Rampage Edition

    Holy SHIT an Action Doom re-release? We are getting quite spoiled this year.
  15. It did, so I’m not sure, but figured it was worth mentioning at any rate.
  16. The Harmony re-release on the Unity port whips ass. So does The Thing You Can’t Defeat.
  17. Captain Ventris

    re-release Harmony

    Update: Harmony still kicks ass! Soundtrack obviously rules, levels are fun. Just a good game.
  18. Captain Ventris

    re-release Harmony

    Adore Harmony. I’m so excited to play this spruced up version! Now I have to get through my work day knowing this is waiting for me!
  19. Captain Ventris

    This is the spooky season. What spooky WADs are there to play?

    Unloved and Maskim Xul are great recommendations. Will definitely try some of the others here! edit: Oh! The Happy Time Circus series is another one I just thought of.
  20. Captain Ventris

    He Came From Beyond

    Watching this like a hawk on Twitter. Love the style, it’s so unique!
  21. Captain Ventris

    Looking for a Doom Comic (No, not that one)

    Will never stop being impressed by this communities’ ability to cough up anything Doom related and obscure within seconds.
  22. Love the environments and themeing. Great gameplay, tight levels—really good stuff!
  23. Captain Ventris

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    Finished playing this, and really enjoyed it! I felt like it was just the right length. The color palette and visual design was unique and a joy to run through. I liked the low health Cyberdemon, it really opened up some possibilities. The fast cacos required some adjustment for sure, but I like what they added to it. Really nice wad!
  24. I love my Roland. The Um-1 is definitely the way to go. Mine plays all day no problem with it.
  25. Captain Ventris

    The Thing you can’t Defeat - Ultimate Doom WAD for GZDOOM - [8 maps]

    Just sat down and tried this, and wow. The atmosphere was incredible, the sense of dread as things unravel. The ending was high concept and I loved it. You took a swing for the fences with this, and it shows.