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  1. EllipsusD

    US federal authorities shut down 9 pirate sites

    Ah, I think I see what you're getting at. We may just be interpreting that statement differently. "Sense of entitlement" here seems to refer more to a characteristic than an object. I'm not entirely sure (if) why it is being interprested as representing an object in this discussion, but whatever.
  2. EllipsusD

    US federal authorities shut down 9 pirate sites

    How is a "sense of entitlement" in any way limited to objects? A lot of the comments I have heard about piracy recently boil down to people saying that they want the game, but only on their terms. If they have to pay more than what they feel is necessary, if the oppose even an uninvasive DRM, or even if they just don't think they will like the game enough to give any money for it (but will somehow like it enough to play it...), piracy, or whatever term you would prefer to use for it, becomes a viable option for them. Disagreeing with intellectual property right goes right into that. So just because something is intangible that means someone is entitled to a copy of it regardless of how much it cost to create the orginal, or how much the creating entity wants for it?
  3. EllipsusD

    US federal authorities shut down 9 pirate sites

    If you're going to get technical about it, counterfeiters is the wrong word as well. Counterfeiting is an act of claiming that a product (which is usually inferior) is made by a well known brand (when it isn't) in order to get people to buy it. Even if the people selling bootleg/warez copies of stuff claim that those copies are legitimate, the actual content of what is being sold was actually made by the company in question. It's just that they're copies.
  4. EllipsusD

    Oklahoma to pass new anti-abortion law.

    Yeah, there's a fair bit of stupidity going on here in Texas too. Maybe it's a proximity thing... Anyway, it seems that people are already gearing up to fight these laws. Really it should only be a matter of time before they are overturned by the court system.
  5. EllipsusD

    Don't go in the Basement

    I saw the movie a couple of days after it started in theatres, before I really heard much of the hype about it... though somehow I manage to be oblivious to hype about most things, so I guess that helped. Anyway, I really liked the movie at the time. Most people seem to hate it, though.
  6. EllipsusD

    Hardest games ever?

    I personally never really had too much trouble with the original Mega Man, so it's kind of strange to here people say that it was difficult. Some of the Castlevania games were pretty hard, and Fester's Quest was something I couldn't beat until a few years ago, but I think the only NES game I own thatI have never been able to complete is the original Ninja Turtles game. There's just too much craziness going on once you get into the Technodrome.
  7. EllipsusD

    A powerful new PC - is it worth it?

    I think this is really the key point here. If you don't play games as much these days then there seems to be less of a reason you should be looking at consoles, or possibly upgrading. If you're thinking about it from the 'games' perspective, consider what it is that you want to play and what system those games are on. If you aren't interrested in console games then why bother? If you prefer PC games, then how is your PC running them now? If they aren't running at their best, is it something a small upgrade like ram could fix in the short term? As I see it, there's no need to update a machine that is working well enough to fit your needs. When it gets to the point where it no longer does that, then yes, a new PC (IMO) is the way to go. If it helps, think of the money as an investment; spending the money to make it nice now will (hopefully) increase it's overall lifespan, so maybe you can wait another 5+ years before you have to upgrade again. Ultimately you should do what fits your needs and not end up like a lot of people and think "well, I have the money, might as well spend it all."
  8. EllipsusD

    Doom 4 in Motion, id Is Hiring

    I just hope that they've taken the complaints about Doom 3 to heart and will design the new game in a way that eliminates them. But at the same time, I've also learned a lesson; I'm not going to be following this one as closely as I did Doom 3. Getting too hyped up about it and knowing too much beforehand helped to kill the experience.
  9. EllipsusD

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    Don't get me wrong, The Suffering was a great game, but it seemed to suffer in the same way that Undying did: the beginning was atmospheric and scary, but towards the end of the game it really seemed to lose steam. I dunno, maybe it just seemed like that to me.
  10. EllipsusD

    Very gory NES game

    Well the Splatterhouse that came out on the NES wasn't really that gory. More goofy than anything else. Then again, for gory NES games, Abadox was the goriest one I have personally played, though it's a different kind of gory than Chiller.
  11. EllipsusD

    Games with the hardest puzzles?

    While most of the puzzles in Shivers and Shivers 2 weren't too bad, there were a few of them in there that were mind numbingly difficult.
  12. EllipsusD

    Which Quake 1 Console Port Is Better?

    Seriously? I haven't seen all of the N64 levels, but on the point of E1M1, how is it so amazingly different? Both versions are missing one of the secrets, though the N64 version is missing some of the architecture under the bridge leading to the nailgun and the lighting is a little off, but otherwise it's spot on. I mean, it's a lot closer than the Saturn version of that level, at least. That said, though, if all of the levels in the Saturn version take the degree of liberty, or more, than they did with E1M1, it might be fun to play. It's interresting to see a slightly different take on the same old levels.
  13. EllipsusD

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    Think about it in the sense that there are two stories going on. One is the giant monster that is for some reason attacking New York, and the other is, in some way, the relationship between the main character and the girl that he likes (couldn't bother to remember the names), which actually does have some sort of resolution. Yeah, the indestructible camera was kind of unbelievable, as was any "oh something that wants to kill me is chasing me right now, maybe I'll run away while holding up the camera and filming instead of lowering it for a second and hauling ass" moment, but in the end there's only so much they can do to make a functional movie while still trying to film it from that perspective.
  14. EllipsusD

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    I'm going to have to go ahead and second that it was a good movie. It leaves a lot unanswered, though, but then again I suppose when you think of the focus of the movie in a different light, it says all it needs to say.
  15. EllipsusD

    Finally, video game reviews that tell it like it is.

    Ok, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions... but seriously? I mean, I understand some of the complaints, but others seem completely arbitrary, or have to do with things that were standard for the time the games came out.
  16. EllipsusD

    The Orphanage

    Yeah, so I went to go see this movie yesterday. Someone had mentioned it being "this years Pan's Labyrinth", so I figured it was worth a look. Wow. It's not as fantasy based, but still a good, creepy movie. I don't want to get too much into specifics, or build it up too much, but the basic story is that a woman, her husband, and her son move into what was orphanage that she grew in as a child, and her son goes missing. What follows is her trying to find out where he went. It really doesn't seem as interresting when I write it out, but the movie itself really is good. So, yeah, if The Orphanage is showing in your area, you guys should go see it.
  17. EllipsusD

    DNF Teaser Trailer To Be Released

    One thing that I will give it is that the monsters seem pretty true to their DN3D counterparts... something I wish Doom 3 had done a better job of. I suppose we'll have to wait a few years to see if that's a good or a bad thing, though.
  18. EllipsusD


    Don't get me wrong, the rest of the levels are a lot of fun, and are pretty rewarding once you figure it out. Level 18 in particular was fun to figure out once you get onto the first hightened platform. But 16 was less "figure out how to do this" than "here's a bunch of stuff shooting at you at the same time... have fun". Now to figure out the challenges, though...
  19. EllipsusD


    Ugh... just finished beating the advanced levels... that stuff is insane. Level 16 especially... if I never play that level again I will be happy...
  20. EllipsusD

    For Megaman music fans

    Wow, that was incredibly awesome. I'm really looking forward to any others that you do. Since you asked for requests; Magnet Man, Dark Man, or Blizzard Man are all pretty good songs. If you could do any of any of those that would be great.
  21. EllipsusD

    PC games that never were....

    I must be going crazy... I seem to remember that a sequal to Nocturne was in the works... and I remember seeing like an E3 video of it or something... at least some screen captures... but for the life of me I can't find any trace of it. At any rate, as much potential as that game had, it's kind of sad that nothing has been done with it since.
  22. EllipsusD


    Well, it was touted as the spiritual sequal to SS2, and if you've played SS2 then a lot of things will stand out as being the same, or at least very similar. Not saying that's a bad thing, though.
  23. EllipsusD


    Well, I picked up the game earlier today and started playing it. I've got a few gripes about it, but honestly most of that comes from comparing it to System Shock 2. Unlike in SS2, it doesn't really seem like you can avoid battles, and knowing if there is a fight that you'll have to face it really detracts from the tension. Also, the way that the deal with researching enemies is much more annoying. In SS2 you would take parts of defeated enemies, combine them with certain chemicals for research and then you would find out weaknesses or uses for certain things. In Bioshock you get a camera. That's right, you have to take pictures of your enemies... as they are attacking you, btw, and you will get points that count towards levels of research. Of course you can electrify an enemy and take the picture to get full points, but the attack will wear off by the time you finish getting the shot. On the bright side, however, the game looks amazing. I'm shocked, personally that it runs so well on my machine, as I've barely got the minimum requirements, but damn... I haven't played anything recently that looks this good. And the game really can be a lot of fun. There are a few frustrating moments... like almost any time you have to fight a Big Daddy, but if you try to lure enemies to certain spots, sneak in for a stealth attack, or actually try to plan out how you want to deal with certain encounters the game becomes much more entertaining. One thing you begin to realize, and one of the reasons, I'm sure, the game is getting such high reviews, is that you really can go about any situation in a number of different ways. This is most apparent in boss fights. With the last boss I faced, there was the option of throwing explosive barrels using telekinesis, setting oil spills on fire which would light the boss on fire, waiting till the boss was in a puddle then electrocuting him, reprogramming the defence system and gun turrets to attack the boss, reprogram the health dispenser to poison the boss when he tried to heal, freezing him and trying to break the ice, as well as melting the ice on the ground to reveal weapons that were frozen (your weapons are taken before the fight). Anyway... I personally prefer SS2 so far... however if Bioshock doesn't crap out at the end like SS2 did then I might chance my opinion. And the Big Daddy figurine that came with the special edition is pretty cool. I recomend that you guys at least try the demo... and even if it doesn't live up to the hype, well... it's still a good enough game to be worth playing.
  24. EllipsusD


    So yeah, I'm a huge nerd so I stood in line to wait at Best Buy. By the time I got there the line was stretching across the building, but I figured 'what the hell', so I went to the back and waited. An hour goes by... more people are showing up... finally they start the head count to set the cut off point. Out of 102 systems I was number 96. "Rock on" I say to myself... things are looking up. But alas, the head count only preceeded the handing out of tickets for the console, and by the time they handed those out eight people had cut in line. 8 people. Talk about suck. So the eight people who got shafted were asked to wait... in case in payments didn't go through. Kind of a lucky, yet not lucky at all, runner up deal. So we wait... and wait... everyone who had a ticket has left, and we're waiting... finally one of the guys goes and gets the manager. It turns out that waiting actually paid off... just not for me. See, I was runner up number 2, and out of 102 people, only one credit card was denied. The other seven of us were all, "Hey, can't you save one for us from the next shipment, seeing as we were shafted and all? Could you at least tell us when the next shipment is?" No luck there, the guy was treating us all like crap, and every other Wii in Austin has been sold already. Hell, they don't even have displays of the system around here because the remote is wireless... so I can't even see what I'm missing. Well, I suppose I could see what I'm missing... I managed to get two of the games at GameStop where I had them reserved... but a fat lot of good that's going to do at this point. Moral of the story? Best Buy and it's manager can suck my dick. All of it. And the eight people who cut in line? They can suck my dick before Best Buy... and then again afterwards. I guess I'll just have to do something else with my time... like exercise... or something...
  25. EllipsusD

    Final Fantasy 12 omg

    Not by Square, but try playing Shadow Hearts of Shadow Hearts Covenant; they're set in the early 20th century. Just stay away from the newest one "From the New World"... it's just ass. I got XII on release so I could get the special edition but I doubt I'll play it any time soon. Right now I'm trying to finish everything in the new .hack game, and in a few weeks the Wii is released. Final Fantasy just ins't a priority for me.