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  1. A few years ago in Antwerp there were people squatting in an empty monastery. If you know Antwerp, it was behind the Zoo / central station. I have never entered the building while there were squatters, but I've heard that the people there were not criminals, but more artististic / free people. They would organize things there, give food to the homeless, ... Then the city cleared out the monastery with the plan of renting out the rooms to artists. Artists then can use these rooms as a workshop to work on their art, or to host exhibitions. The church next to the monastery is going to be converted to a climbing hall I've heard? Well, my friend she is a artist and she rented a room there. I was visiting the building and walking around and in one room I suddenly find this very old doomguy painting. The paper was ripped apart and the pieces of paper were held together with nails in the wall. I was sure that if I didn't take it that the artist who would rent that room would throw it away in the trash. So I took it and put it in a frame. I like it. Everyone I know hates it.
  2. steuntron

    Interesting Doom read.

    This article describes perfectly why I love Doom. Doom is not similar to Serious Sam, Painkiller or Hard Reset. I find it very frustrating when other gaming sites define a new fps as an old school fps similar to doom! Brainless killing! kill hordes of enemies! No. Doom is not that. But to a lot of people who have spent not so much time playing Doom those games are all similar. We see what Doom really is because we have spent a lot of time with Doom. For most people Doom is just killing monsters and finding the exit switch. So we see what Doom really is. But does id software see Doom as we see Doom? Personally I am convinced that the depth that Doom has is accidental. Just like rocket jumping in Quake is accidental too. Maybe id software had something entirely different in mind when they were developing Doom, but because they had technical limitations doom has become what it is now. A beautiful accident.
  3. steuntron

    Interesting Doom read.

    I agree with this
  4. steuntron

    Evil of Repercussions

    @inverse.... Maes = Icon of Sin ?!
  5. steuntron

    Episode 2 Intermission 3D Models (work in progress)

    I think it's a coconut factory.
  6. steuntron

    Tell Me Your Dream Weapon for Doom

    portal gun, maybe with vacuum in it so monsters get sucked in, and then back out the other portal Then you can group monsters for infighting party
  7. steuntron

    Doom 4 should have...

    I do not have permission to delete my own post.
  8. steuntron

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I always wondered how going online with Duke Nukem 3D worked. I got access to the internet in 1999, I was using Windows 2000 then. I don't know how people accessed the internet in 1996. Duke Nukem 3D did not have a server browser. How did people acces the internet with DOS? I can't imagine how it worked back then. I imagine you have to load a driver like you had to do with sound cards and cd rom drives. And then use a browser and search newsgroups for an IP adress of a duke3d server? Damn... I am really curious how it all worked back then :D
  9. steuntron

    Doom 4 should have...

    - Cover based system. Dodging attacks is too hard. It's more fun to hide behind a crate. - Auto regenerating health, so no health packs. This way a lot of money can be saved because level designers don't need to balance out encounters and power ups. - No real secrets, secret and easter eggs should be on your path and very obvious because development costs are way too high to implement secrets nobody will find because nobody likes replayability. - Linear levels. Gamers don't like multiple paths. It's too confusing. - Even though the levels are linear, everything should be pointed out with a compass or an arrow on screen. If a player stays too long in an area the path should be highlighted too. - No possibility to quick save. There should only be checkpoints. Preferably right before a 1 minute cutscene - Doom should have a LOT of cut scenes you can't skip. Games should have emphasis on story not on gameplay. - Quick time events is what separates good games from bad games. Just like in the excellent game Duke Nukem Forever, it's fun to tap a button just to force a door open. - Since nobody uses mouse and keyboard anymore, mouse control should be messed up with mouseaccel you can't turn off because nobody cares about mouse control - the only gamepad in existence is the xbox360 controller. So no support for other controllers. - Pre-order bonusses: Only when gamers preorder Doom4 then they should receive all weapons. Just like in Rage. - DLC: There should be DLC on day 1 of release. With extra mappacks every month for 6 months at 20 euros per mappack - No modtools or map making software will be released to the public, so DLC will sell better - The PC version has to be a port that only works on 10% of all PC's at release - Charge for patches
  10. steuntron

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I have only been mapping for a few days. (I can say I started mapping in 2012 :P ) Im having lots of fun. My biggest problem is making everything look interesting. It all looks generic imo
  11. steuntron

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I must be confused I guess. It's a long time ago. Memories change over time. Maybe I had a 2 disk version, and his version fit on 1 disk? I remember that he had a version with even less content than mine shareware Doom.
  12. steuntron

    Have you ever run Doom below system requirements?

    Try removing himem.sys from your config.sys file. That will free up a lot of memory. ... What do you mean this is not relevant anymore??
  13. steuntron

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    When I was a kid I only had the shareware version of Doom. I played that version for 2 years. My Doom shareware came on 4 disks. With cheats I could get all 7 weapons. But a friend of mine had a different version. It came on less disks (2 I think?) and he didn't get all 7 weapons with the IDKFA cheat. I don't know what else was missing from his version. Does anyone what version this is? In 1996 I got hold of the shareware version of Duke3D. But I wasn't able to even run it on my old 386DX. I also got a CD-Rom that came with a magazine with the shareware version of quake and I didn't even have a cd-rom drive. The only thing I could do was look at screenshots of those games... In late 1997 my parents finally decided to buy a new computer. A Pentium with 166Mhz and 16Mb ram. I remember exactly how excited I was when I heard the Duke Nukem 3D theme for the very first time! Because of Quake, duke3d and many other games I forgot about Doom very quickly. I wasn't interested in playing more shareware Doom after 2 years. The first time I heard the Doom theme was in 2001 when I got broadband internet and I pirated the full version of Doom. Then I played a lot of doom online with Doom Connector. I remember playing a lot with a guy from the Netherlands. I never finished e2, e3, e4, doom2, tnt and plutonia. I have only seen the first few levels of all those episodes/wads.
  14. EDIT: I found the solution -> CTRL + D I have seen many tutorial on youtube, but i haven't seen anyone using CTRL+D @Moderator: Could you please delete this topic? I was too hasty with creating a thread for such a minor issue. I am currently building my very first doom map ever. So far I managed to create some rooms with doors and teleports etc... I am using doom builder 2. I am having issues drawing sectors that connect to other sectors. I will try to explain the best I can. Lets say I have a square room. I want to build a tunnel that connects to that square room. This means I have to draw a long rectangle that connects to that square. My issue here is, I have to start drawing the rectangle outside the square, because if I right click on a linedef a menu will popup. I don't like this behaviour. I want to be able to start drawing on a linedef. To me this is a more logical way of drawing. Or another example: I have a tunnel that contains stairs. I want to add 1 step. I cant add just another line because I cant click on the sides of the tunnel and create a line. I have to click in the middle and then go to each side. I end up with a vertex in the middle, so i move it to the side. So to draw 1 line I have to do 4 clicks. This should be possible in 2 clicks no ? Am I making any sense, or should I make a youtube video to explain my problem?
  15. steuntron

    doom e1-e3 without dying?

    will try that out :o I did not know that. I have been using prboom 2.5.0 for years now!