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  1. I often wonder if it is possible to reach a "ceiling" in term of skills when it comes to DOOM. For the longest time i've considered myself a decent doomer, at least until i started watching other doomers, but i've never really managed to tackle on the more "notorious" megawads. I feel i reached my "ceiling" as a doomer and i'm not sure how i could improve from there, there're so many good maps released but it seems i often comes to a "wall" that i cannot surmount when i play...most of them. 


    We're not talking "pistol start" playthrough but continuous ones (where you keep gears from last map, etc) considering some of these levels are hellish even with "continuous" i can't fathom how i'd pull it off from pistol start.


    I always play on UV, without save but yeah...i feel like i've reached my "potential" as a doomer and do question whether or not it's possible, for me, to improve further. Gotta say, my ceiling is pretty unimpressive.

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    2. rdwpa




      minimizing plasma rifle waste + maximizing efficiency



    3. Doomkid


      Typical Doomkid comment incoming: Spend some time Deathmatching, it will force you to think and play in ways you never even thought to before, what with the opponents having the ability to move just as fast as you do! If you think you've reached your max Doomability, I'm sure that a few deathmatches will still push you up a few more notches simply due to stretching you as a player. Also, what the others said!

    4. Shanoa


      @Doomkid Thank you, deathmatches sounds like a good idea, albeit a bit scary considering it will take some getting used to for the movements and learning levels vs people who knows the ins and outs but gotta start somewhere.


      @rdwpa All of these sounds really interesting, looks like it all comes down to me having to step out of my comfort zone and trying things i'd normally wouldn't try. I'll see what i can do and try to adopt new approach in general, even if a map doesn't necessarily requires it. The joy of DOOM is how you can go about any levels with your own method. Thank you~