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  1. Lust for improvement - Part 2

    MAP05 - Sol
    Deaths - 3

    A small update today on my "journey through hell" only a single map.


    I feel this is where the mapset start to become tricky.

    Although an easy beginning once the main large room is
    cleared i was free tackle the level in any way i wanted.


    There're 3 zones, each zones contains a key and a mean ambush
    in each of them. Red Key had me face a few revenants upon
    walking a short distance. Once they're dead, i hit that
    switch and here comes some cacos, a pain elemental and a
    bunch of Chaingunners, care is needed here as the ceiling is
    high so, some Lost Souls got the drop on me but after an
    annoying, ammo wasting fight i moved on.


    Yellow key is originally guarded by a single Arch-vile,
    nothing big here. When the switch is pressed tons of revs
    pops out but because i'm a coward i ran back to the start and
    shot them "safely" from there, the ambush also includes some
    fatsos and an arachnotron who kindly battled a rev for me.


    Blue key's a short but mean encounter, the walkway led to a
    small circle-shaped sector with the key and 2 Medkits...but
    the sector also sink temporarily, forcing me to trigger a
    switch. Upon doing so, the floor goes back up, two revs spawn
    behind me, two chaingunners on two distant platforms and a
    buncha Imps. This here was my second death caused by me
    losing my cool and shooting plasma here and there and taking
    unnecessary damage, even though it's hard to leave unharmed.


    With the three keys in hand i ran to the last room and what a
    room that was. Originally the monsters don't notice you, 6
    revenants are in the room, 3 on each side and a mancubus in
    the middle. After pressing the switch the fight begin. As the
    mapper expected from the player i ran back at the entrance of
    the room, feeling slightly safe. BIG MISTAKE: An Arch-vile
    spawn over time, right up in your face. I thought i was dead
    but nope, after taking a massive explosion to the face i
    panic-ran to the Megasphere. Still in a state of panic i took
    a lot of damage and barely survived the room with only 7%
    left, thankfully a few medkits and stimpaks were left in the
    map for me to take.


    Then i finished the level. I say it was a rather mediocre
    performance by me, i made use of the Soulsphere and both
    megaspheres. I even entered the last room with 160% but still
    blew through that MS and the one the room give you. Rather
    shameful i'd say. ._.


    That said, i look forward to MAP06 BUT, i'm starting to see a
    familiar pattern with the monsters usage. It will probably be
    an unpopular opinion but i'm not a fan of overuse of
    Revenants, even less so in every ambushes. I saw the start of
    MAP06 when saving and i feel this will go down the "revenants spam"

    road which i've seen one too many times. I know there's so

    much one can do to make challenging encounters in Doom, but i also

    lost count on how many mapsets made usage of the beloved boneheads by the thousands.


    I guess we'll see.


    Deaths so far - 9


    1. leodoom85


      Revenant spam and turrets are some of the worst uses for a monster, same for chaingunners... :(