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  1. No End in Sight progress:


    Just finished Episode 3, the first 2 episodes were pretty solid and so was E3 for the most part except E3M7 and E3M8. E3M7's openness was nice but the one dreaded flaw that made me hate the map is the lighting itself, i hate having to pace myself in dark environment, it kills the pacing of the actions and is frustrating at times and in a huge map like that with 750 monsters yeaaaah. Not a very good map sadly.


    E3M8 was more of a pain than it should've been, cause you know a Mastermind fight with no cover and no healing beside a zerk pack is totally fun to do. If the previous map didn't annoy me i would've probably gone for all 20 secrets including cells and BFG but i wanted it done with ASAP.


    E4 is left and after the last 2 maps of E3...i don't know what to expect. Hoping it's gonna be good.

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    2. leodoom85


      Oh yeah.....I also can't remember much what does that secret. Is it reveal the area behind you or something opens inside of that area where that shootable switch is...?

    3. leodoom85


      *does that reveal.....

      Damn I'm dumb sometimes lol

    4. NaturalTvventy


      No worries, I take no offense from criticism.


      I’m also pretty sure that I added a teleporter in the lava nearby that positions you in the right place to make the shot. That was added on the final release.