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  1. S!N

    On Top of the World

    Awesome! kinda like smash tv and RIP with a doom twist
  2. S!N

    impse fanart

    ummmm wow, thats a good drawing, if only the demon in the Impse wad was a female. >.>
  3. S!N

    Xbox360 Doom now 50% off on XBLA

    damn, i already got it on the day it came out =( ah well
  4. S!N

    Time to Set Your World on Fire

    QFT, i just got mine today, haven't read much but its good so far.
  5. S!N

    The Five Bio Force Gun Prototypes

    not in doom that i know of but the BFG10K was in quake II and III http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BFG10K#BFG10K
  6. S!N

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Got Wifi workin today, FC is 3652-0300-4532 if you add me send a PM with yours and i'l add as well. looking for something else to do instead of Friday night Fragfest on skulltag ^_^
  7. S!N

    Sexy Vampire!

    well i can see that most dont like it, ah well, btw i am a anime junky so it may be more to me then others gess its save to say that you will hate FOE as well
  8. S!N

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    just got mine today, dont have much wi-fi but when i get a new dongle...uh...thing. i'l edit my post here
  9. S!N

    Sexy Vampire!

    heh got me there, srry i get mad to easily but to the above poster, yes you have you own opinion but calling someone\something "retarded" is much of a statement that i don't like, just because i like dance music im a retard? FYI I like all kinds of music (other then country) as well as dance. yes most DJs suck but thats not to say that thay all suck btw i don't dance. i like music for the beat =)
  10. S!N

    Sexy Vampire!

    if you dont like it then gtfo
  11. S!N


    Hm nice little puzzle like wad. kinda bland and the door textures are a bit messed up but fun never-the-less.
  12. S!N

    Sexy Vampire!

    no, not that -_- im talking abut the single from Fright Ranger called "Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire" and the hit music video too. i love it, Discuss
  13. just played it, looks great, i love the Castlevania music and feel, maby make a Castlevania tc later on? lol kinda wish there was a whip but still i like it
  14. S!N

    Redstar WolfTC Released

    QTF i liked the old ones as well, i'm excited for this map tho as i am a big fan of Wolfenstein
  15. It looks like its coming along nicely, keep up the good work ^_^ and it dose look like a classic map (which i like btw)