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  1. Wow, so it's finally done :) Congratulations to everyone who worked on this, it was a great effort, and i'm proud to be a part of it. Cheers guys, i owe you a beer, if we ever meet :D
  2. maggot202

    More DooM editing questions.

    Second: If you're thinking about the vanilla game (or even Boom, i believe), then dehacked is your thing. Note that you can change the text, but not the level after it appears. AFAIK, this can be done on other source ports, such as (G)ZDoom and Doomsday. Fourth: Once again, dehacked for the vanilla game and not-so-fancy source ports, and different lumps for (G)ZDoom. I haven't modded for any source port other than boom/zdoom/doomsday, so i wouldn't know about them. Skulltag has some weapons, items and monsters that zdoom doesn't, but you can safely say that if it runs on zdoom, it will run on skulltag.
  3. yeah, you're supposed to have a cfg for gzdoom. You can find it here
  4. maggot202

    Help! I think my laptop is slowly dying!

    I haven't installed the latest video drivers, but did upgraded the bios some time ago (A09). In the end, i formatted the damned thing, see how it works. Might as well try upgrading the video drivers.
  5. maggot202

    Help! I think my laptop is slowly dying!

    Today I opened my laptop, and it was reasonably clean, something that surprised me, since i bought this thing about two years ago or so. Anyway, the problem got worse, i couldn't even start Windows without the screen crashing, so i tried "Restore system" to a date where the laptop ran fine, and it apparently worked. Now i'm gonna do a gpu stress test and see how it works. Wish me luck.
  6. maggot202

    Help! I think my laptop is slowly dying!

    Well, thanks for your answers, guys. I'll see about cleaning the laptop then (something i have never done). One more thing. I tried running Torchlight in Ubuntu (via wine), and everything went fine for over an hour. Could it be luck, or could be that windows is somehow corrupting my gpu?
  7. Hello I'd like to ask a question to the hardware gurus here on doomworld (i'm sure there are plenty). Last night, i was happily playing Torchlight again, and suddenly my screen crashed, showing all kinds of artifacts. Today i was playing another game and the same thing happened, and then it happened while the pc was at the windows desktop. I tried to recreate the crash by playing torchlight again, and not five minutes had passed when i saw the crash happen all over again. Pic 1 Pic 2 Since the crashes happened while some sort of openGL/DirectX app was running, i think is a gpu glitch, but is ther any program that i could use to know for sure? My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1420, Pentium dual T2390 and the graphics card is a geforce 8400GS. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello I'm writing to ask for some help with the completion of comcon. Right now, the layout of the map is pretty much done, but the monster count is somewhat lacking. I was supposed to do it before new year, but i haven't, and on tuesday i'll be off to work on some town, and i'll really have no time and/or strenght to work on comcon until january 18th (on this town, there are no weekends, you work on a 7 day a week basis). So i'm basically asking for someone to take comcon and add a few more monsters (around 50 or so) I hope someone will be able to help me out.
  9. Here it is: http://www.cec.uchile.cl/~nilopez/melange/MELANGEv2.zip I've tested it in HMP only, since i suck so much ass at playing Doom, but at that difficulty it seems balanced.
  10. I've finished tweaking melange, as per MegaDoomer's suggestions. I'll upload it tomorrow, and then i'll start focusing on comcon.
  11. Well, this is embarrasing: now i've confused file extensions. The above file was not the final map, but an older version of it. Here is the real deal. http://www.cec.uchile.cl/~nilopez/comcon/comconV2.zip Sorry about that.
  12. MegaDoomer has recently pointed out a nearly fatal error in comcon: the player started right next to the exit. So here's yet another version of comcon, this time with the right starting points: http://www.cec.uchile.cl/~nilopez/comcon/COMCONv2.wad
  13. comcon and melange are re-uploaded. I haven't touched them since my last update, in any case. edit: i've just noticed that i didn't included the .txt file of the original maps. I'll re-upload the maps with that file. edit 2: done!
  14. I think i've finished yet another version of comcon. I've added some sort of difficulty mode, and made some cosmetic changes, taking into account what was said about the keys and trapped monsters (you wanted to slaughter my precious specimens, you blood thirsty bastards!? there you go. Nothing fancy, really, just a switch that activates a crusher inside the cage. Could've been useful in case those guys from immigration went to the base looking for some unregistered demonic aliens in u.s. soil). You can download the new version here: http://www.cec.uchile.cl/~nilopez/comcon/comconV2.zip Snarboo, could you please change the link on the first post? that one is no longer valid. Oh, by the way, i want to change the title of the map to "Bio research facility"
  15. I also thought that the radiation suit before the nukage could be a little more obvious, as i completely missed it on the first run, and given the layout of the map, it's almost a must to survive.