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  1. perfectpitchrob

    The Scariest WADs?

    Pyroscourge’s “S.U.P.E.R. Natural”. No weapons and with creepy and unsettling enemies and environments. Even in its demo form, it is by far the most terrifying wad I have played. I really hope it gets finished one day!
  2. perfectpitchrob

    S.U.P.E.R Natural: Demo

    Agreed! I hope that this will be finished/revived as from what I remember playing, it had a lot of potential and felt like a unique and often terrifying experience!
  3. perfectpitchrob

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    This reminds me of the old “Titanic: Adventure out of Time” game from the 90s that I used to play. I always remember being disappointed with that game as there were quite a few areas of the ship that were inaccessible in-game such as the dinning saloons and much of the crew areas. I’m looking forward to playing your full recreation of the ship!
  4. I just finished map 5. Really enjoying what I’ve played so far. Some of these levels remind me of some of Espi’s larger maps: Grand sprawling terrain, multiple paths, and many hidden areas to explore.
  5. Congrats on the release. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to download it once I get out of work today!
  6. perfectpitchrob

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    Eternal Doom was my first, back in 2002 when I had just discovered fan-made megawads. I was astounded back then just how large a doom level could be with “dark dome” and “warheroes” especially sticking out to me.
  7. perfectpitchrob

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    Wonderful news! That last screenshot in particular looks very intriguing.
  8. perfectpitchrob

    Cool bands you discovered through Doom and pwads

    Prior to Back To Saturn X, I had no idea who "Guided By Voices" were. Flash forward to present day and I've since gotten quite acquainted with their vast catalog (Including frontman Robert Pollard's solo and collab records). I'm even probably going to get a chance to see them live for the first time this December at a smaller venue!
  9. perfectpitchrob

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E3 (Surprise!)

    That hub map is the most jaw dropping and atmospheric map I have played in recent memory. The intermission text is quite poetic too
  10. perfectpitchrob

    RIP Chuck Berry

    90 years is quite a great run for such a legend of music. The amount of artists and music styles that have been directly/indirectly influenced by his music is enormous. From The Beatles and The Stones to Bob Dylan and folk-rock, to Punk Rock, to even Metal and Grunge: Just about every electric guitar-based genre of music owes some debt of gratitude to Chuck. Rock and Roll was all about the integration of the previously racially divided styles of music, such as Country/Western vs Rhythm & Blues and Jump Blues. Chuck not only managed to bridge those genres in perfect harmony ("Maybelline" is a reworking of an old Country/Western song called "Ida Red"), but also managed, to practically invent the whole diverse Rock and Roll genre entirely!
  11. perfectpitchrob

    The "My new username" thread

    Used to be "pizzabob18". Haven't used that username anywhere else since I first registered here in 2008. In regards to my new name, I'm a musician with perfect pitch, which means I can hear any musical note and correctly guess its pitch without any references. I can even hear tones of non-musical devices like air conditioners, for example!
  12. perfectpitchrob

    Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out Of My Stations

    A great combination of jaw dropping level design, sharp gameplay, and brilliant music. One of my all time favorite wads.
  13. perfectpitchrob

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    This is a complete surprise! I'm only on the first episode so far and I'm already loving the color scheme and map design!
  14. perfectpitchrob

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Doom

    Map 30 - Excalibur - 96% Kills, 100% Secrets. And I though I'd written enough notes in tandem with my "No Parking" playthough...I think I wrote a whole book's worth here! Bob Evans' Excalibur is both famous and infamous. It is a massive castle, with gorgeous architecture and a design so snake-like, that just about every space is taken up with something. It is also a massive headache for first time players, especially those who hate puzzle maps. My first many times playing through this wad, I could never solve this properly and usually gave up. Even back in the day, I always ended up missing out on something and just eventually cheating my way to the boss brain. Today marked my first time actually solving it all the way through, with 100% secrets too!...but what a bumpy ride that was! Right from the start, the visuals are stunning. This level is like the larger, more convoluted brother of Darkdome. Both are "Breach the castle" maps, and both contain awesome visuals and design all the way through. There are only 94 enemies on hmp, but just like "Timeslip", each one is set up in such a way that the encounters feel unique. Can't deny though that there are times when the map is quite empty, especially when you have to run around frequently. The map can roughly be divided into three quadrants: The left, middle, and right. Each contains a keycard and a skullkey, six total. You need the keycards to activate the keycard switches, which allow access to the skull keys. You need all six keys to eventually access the timegate to the boss brain arena. Along the way, there are so many switches, hidden passages, and cryptic puzzles, that you may easily start to lose track of where you are, and what switches you have pressed. I mentioned earlier how in the past I could never solve this level properly. In fact, back in the day I never even managed to collect a single key. There are three VERY hidden areas that allow access to the key areas: A slightly bent railing (gains access to the bottom left areas), a run across a fenced in ledge (the upper right rooms), and an EXTREMELY cryptically hidden switch that lies behind a fake wall (give you access to the central rooms and the eventual exit. All three of these are mandatory for progression, but they are so well hidden, that I can easily see why others give up so easily. The actual final battle, which feels a bit tacked on to be honest, feels much tamer than some of the other fights in this set. Just a cyberdemon (an invuln sphere makes this a piece of cake), two "Keen" switches, and a few rockets into the exposed boss brain. And then that's it! Overall, while there is no doubt that Excalibur is a frustrating and at times, unfair map. There is also no denying that it is quite an impressive work of art that, once you managed to crack all of its secrets, becomes a rather enjoyable trip. But oh boy does it take a while for that to happen. Final Time - 14:22:04 (1:26:22 alone just for Excalibur!) ....but wait...there's more!!! Map 33 - Cybersweeper. Just a fun gimmick map, especially for those who love minesweeper. There are weapons lockers in case you manage to release a cyberdemon. For those who win, you get to telefrag each of them at the end of the game. Fun stuff, although the replay value is rather low. Map 34 - Credits. A cute credits map, with Jim Flynn-esque text showing what each creator contributed. There is even a minor key hunt and a rather funny ending. I wonder how this map looked back when it was the original closer map for Eternal Doom 1 & 2, and there were less names in the credits list. Love the music melody as well. Final Thoughts I have in the past named Eternal Doom as my favorite wad of all time. In some ways, I still stand by this message. It was the first custom wad I have ever played, It is what eventually led me to Doomworld, and it still holds up to this day. Sure, some maps haven't aged well, (Maps 10,14,32). And some maps to this day can frustrate me (All of the Flynn/Evans maps). Yet there is such a high level of quality. My personal favorites are Maps 12, 26, 28, and 31. Each of these maps are unique, and each have an epic feel. It is quite saddening that this DWMC playthrough occured after Ty's lifetime. I would have loved to hear his own recollections and memories of this wad. We are lucky that Soundblock stopped by to share his memories of Eternal Doom. It is also quite sad that this megawad's intended sequel, Return From Oblivion, is practically destined to remain in oblivion. I personally would love to see the right crew take the reins and turn Eternal Doom IV into a hand-picked community project to see its completion come to fruition! All in all, while my favorite current megawad is shaping up to be the BTSX series, I will always look forward to the next time I get to relive Eternal Doom...where it all began for me.
  15. perfectpitchrob

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Doom

    Map 29 - Dominion - 93% Kills, 100% Secrets. Our penultimate map in the set takes us once again back in time to the dark ages. By now, it is quite easy to spot a Couleur map, and this one certainly carries his trademarks: Expansive environment, natural yet still colorful texturing, and a balance between arena combat and corridor crawls. Dominion is a very spacious level, which centers around a central hub, with spoked hallways surrounding it. There are also four separate areas, each containing a key. (We have an extra red keycard in this map). Some of the best looking areas include the fiery cacodemon tower, and the rather moody-lit room just before the blue key. Couleur seems to have taken a few pages out of Bob Evans' book in terms of cryptic secrets and switches. Who else would have you shooting a hanging marine to unlock an area, or hitting random switch panels to access a secret? What also makes this level a bit unique is that it seems to almost be done in reverse, I.E: The starting room looks more like a typical final room, and the rather dull looking ending rooms look more like starting points. Perhaps that's just me, but I've always found it makes the level more interesting. The biggest nitpick I have with the map is the overuse of enemies repopulating previous areas. Now, normally this isn't a problem as in many Couleur maps, you have to traverse these areas again so it prevents boredom. Here, enemies repopulate just about the entire main hub, and because of this area's size, it can be a pain to achieve 100% kills. In fact, this was my main gripe with Couleur's Eternal Doom IV levels, one of which recycled just a bit too much of Dominion. Overall, Dominion may not be the most original Couleur level in the set, but it does contain some nice looking areas, and a few new surprises to keep it interesting. ...Now...Onto Excalibur...