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  1. I was recently sitting on IRC bitching about how I couldn't run the latest Minecraft because of a bug in the Linux ATI drivers, couldn't run Doom Builder 2, was sick of messing around with Wine to get my Steam games running and I thought "Fuck this, I'll just start using Windows 7".

    So a week later, everything is fine. I've been Minecrafting away, opening maps in DB2, finished Shadowgrounds and everything's happy.

    Except one thing - playing Doom.

    Under Linux I used the terminal to create aliases, so typing doom2 was the same thing as typing /home/superjamie/doom/prboom-plus- -iwad /home/superjamie/doom/iwads/doom2.wad and so on. This makes it easy to chuck PWADs on the Desktop and launch them in whatever order I want (doom2 -file file1.wad file2.wad) and to play/record demos (doom2 -playdemo file.lmp or doom2 -record file.lmp).

    Under Windows a similar command would be "C:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad "C:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\IWADs\doom2.wad" which is way too long for my liking. I played around with the frontend ZDL for a while which is good cos it lets you order wadfiles but has no facility for playing demos beyond typing in a (long) command. I also tried CDL which plays demos but doesn't order wadfiles. Jodwin kindly lent me the source but evidently C# is beyond my skill and patience level. Surely there is some way I can just type doom2 in a box and have things work the way I want them to.

    There is!

    I created a file called aliases.bat and filled it with the aliases I had under Linux but using DOSKey. For example:

    The $* passes all additional parameters on so -file and -record work correctly.

    Some instructions here indicate how to have it auto-start when you run a Command Prompt window.

    Now I can again just chuck stuff on the Desktop, type doom2 -file pwad.wad or play demos or whatever and it even has tab completion. Win.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      exp(x) said:

      You could just install Cygwin and use a proper shell with all of your old aliases.

      I used to do this so I could write Makefiles to maintain PK3s. And, you know...to have a decent shell.

    3. Jonathan


      Windows 7 comes with PowerShell, which is a pretty decent shell. Better than Command Prompt, anyway.

    4. Bucket


      (1) Why are you putting programs in your documents folder? At the very least, have a folder like \other progs\.
      (2) If you install a program to the registry (as opposed to a standalone executable), typing the name in the Start Menu search box accomplishes the same thing you're doing here.
      (3) Yes, making shortcuts is pretty convenient. You can also associate WAD files with your source port. I think Skulltag does this automatically.