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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I assumed editing for Strife would be as easy as getting a Strife.cfg for Doom Builder and making some text changes in XWE but apparently not. Now I am confused.

      Modding well for Strife would be hard, not only do you have to make a good cohesive and fun level, but combine that with a good cohesive and fun script. I'd probably just end up making a more Doom-style linear run-and-gun affair.

    3. Kaiser


      Super Jamie said:

      Modding well for Strife would be hard

      No its not. If a simpleton like me can do it, so can you.

    4. printz


      Adding or changing game graphics for Strife has an annoyance. PLAYPAL has two entries of black. Between them, it's the latter one that has to be used. The former one, which is index 0, gets replaced by COLORMAP to its next counterpart, which is the lightest shade of grey.

      This can be solved by importing a custom COLORMAP and changing the tables to have 0 really point to 0.