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    2. Maes


      Super Jamie said:

      In all honesty, the sound isn't much different at all from ZDoom or DOSBox's OPL3 emulation. As this is my blog, I will put forth the opinion that people bashing either project's OPL emu are full of shit.

      QFT. They are ;-)

    3. leileilol


      Uh not really. check out the rad mad differences in heretic e1m5 or even rott 1.2 suckthis.
      Heretic E1M5 with CS4232 (YMF262)
      Heretic E1M5 with AWE64 (Creative's stupid FM chip)
      Heretic E1M5 in DOSBox 0.70 (quite outdated, but same core as 0.72)
      Heretic E1M5 in Zdoom 2.0.96WHATTHEHELLTHATSKINDAOLD
      DOSBox 0.73's OPL core is a huge improvement over 0.72 though (sounds much closer to the CS4232 recording except for some percussion pitch issues) but it's still not the best.

      Also on another note, Creative's FM substitute is a complete failure. It loves to miss out on vital instruments.

    4. Maes


      If anything, the AWE64 sounds more "pumped up" regarding sound equalization, but there are no obvious deliberate timbre differences as if e.g. an operator was missing or set differently, or the ADSR envelope was entirely different.

      However, the AWE64 has a hint of intermodulation noise on some instruments, sometimes making a raffling sound for certain instruments, or making stuff sound too shart. That's because of the EMU8K sampling the OPL chip (it taps directly in the chip's digital output, if I recall correctly, but the frequencies are not locked/synchronized: OPL output at 49-something KHz, EMU8K is locked at 48 or even 44.1 KHz).

      All other recordings pretty much sound the same, and much more muffled in comparison. Also, if synthesis frequency is not set at 49KHz, it will sound weird too.