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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Rad. Give me a yell if you like, we could meet up for a drink or something.

      Here's the road I mentioned above, there was a stormdrain beneath it which got hit so hard during the flood it actually washed out of the ground and slid down the hill!

    3. Ralphis


      Poor engineering right there

    4. Danarchy


      There was some crazy-bad flooding here a couple years back. The county was declared a disaster area. The weird thing is that this county is very hilly and forested, so you'd never think it would flood. But it did. Almost everywhere.

      What happened is there was a snowstorm all day, then overnight it turned into rain. By dawn all the snow had melted and several inches of rain was pouring down on top of that. All the creeks in the county were overflowing and turning the roads into auxillary creeks. Bridges were washed out, towns were underwater, traffic got backed up for miles. And because it was gone by the time I went to work that evening, I ended up basically sleeping through it. The local paper had a pretty good photo of a bit of road just a couple blocks from the house where I grew up.