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    2. exp(x)


      Super Jamie said:

      Googling for "bourbon festival" and "whiskey festival" is almost enough to convince me I'm living in the wrong place.

      You don't want to live in Kentucky.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      exp(x) said:

      You don't want to live in Kentucky.

      Yeah I know. I watched Paradise Lost about the West Memphis 3 the other day, scary shit. I probably couldn't live in America much further south than like... Canada :P

    4. Maes


      I'd like to live in Tennessee. More specifically, in Lynchburg, Tennessee, where Jack Daniel's is headquartered.

      This way, I can play all day with the barrel's corks waiting for the whiskey to mature, while my buddies pat me on the back and tell me "just warm it up, haw haw haw" like in that old Jack Daniels commercial.

      And after it matures, you sell it and...well....you wait for the next lot. It must be the world's best job O_o Even Charles Bukowski would have loved it.