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  1. Super Jamie

    UAC Ultra released! (v1.2 final)

    You're a Space marine... Disease. An incurable though tangible threat. The demons prowl among the scorched barrens of Mars. Fleets of cacodemons infest every region. Spectres and imps swarming from every crevice. Deep down under Mars' subterra lies UAC's immense labyrinth of superhuman technology. The underground top secret lair of their most horrific experiments, buried in distress. This is UAC Ultra. As was previously posted, 40oz and I have been working on a level set for Doom 2. After 4 months of work, I'm happy to announce UAC Ultra is finally here! This is an 11 (and a half) map episode for Boom-compatible ports, though we recommend PrBoom-Plus on complevel 9. Single player has been given attention on all difficulties, and we've set things up for co-operative play as well. It hopefully should be a decent challenge for most players on UV, without being ridiculously hard, yet remain playable for amateurs on HNTR. UAC Ultra's levels contain almost all completely new or modified textures, which we're releasing consecutively as a texture pack for you to map with. There is a completely new monster who you'll meet in the later half of the maps, as well as a sector boss at the end. You'll also notice some sprite changes, a new status bar, and a few DEH/BEX touches like automap names and map06/map11 end texts. We'd like to say a special thanks to: - Jodwin, Kyka, Tanner West and Randy Vail for their playtesting - Jimmy91 and Nick Baker for their music - exl, CodeImp, SlayeR and Csabo for their WAD editing tools - The Green Herring and esselfortium for a bit of help along the way; and last but certainly not least, to Chronoteeth and Slug for their "Chimaira" artwork which they graciously allowed us to base our end boss on. Downloads are hosted by me for now, I'll update with idgames links when it passes /incoming. UAC Ultra v1.2 (final): http://www.superjamie.net/doomfiles/uacultra.zip (2.2Mb) UltraTex v1.1 (final): http://www.superjamie.net/doomfiles/ultratex.zip (460kb) Edit: URLs updated to v1.2. Includes Essel's Eternity fixes, plus bugfixes to all maps. v1.0 and v1.1 are available as uacultra10.zip and uacultra11.zip at the same URL. And some screenshots, so you know what you're in for. Please let us know what you think and feel free to record some demos. Enjoy!
  2. Super Jamie

    Freedoom maps with original graphics

    I have searched, and I suspect the answer is going to be a big fat "not without editing the file yourself", but is it at all possible to play the Freedoom maps with the original Doom textures, sprites, weapons, sounds, enemies, etc etc? Freedoom might well be a great project, but without the old UAC atmosphere, I really just can't get into it.
  3. Super Jamie

    E1M1 Jazz Edition

    I feel so dirty listening to this. Actual lulz were had. Well done.
  4. Super Jamie


    Tib nagged me to make a map and 16.5 minutes later this emerged. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43343169/doom/fuckofftib.wad It doesn't meet your criteria of 16 starts, so feel free to reject it. The title is: I gave my love a chicken, it had no bones
  5. Super Jamie

    Doom Radio - Where's All the Data Episode 6

    Would it be possible to make an RSS/XML feed for these episodes, so I can just load it into some podcasting software and download to my phone directly? If you search for "podcast rss" the required format is well documented.
  6. Super Jamie

    Try Extreme Weapon Pack for Doom II

    This is the best thing ever made for ZDoom. Ever.
  7. == Status == - Doom Builder 1 Works almost perfectly. 3D Things browser doesn't work. Your mouse cursor will sometimes disappear in 3D mode. You can work around this by making sure Things Mode is on (press "t" key) and having a Thing in view at all times. I usually populate my maps with a Thing I'm not otherwise using during development, then delete them all for distribution. It is stable enough to use as your sole/primary mapper. - Doom Builder 2 Sorta works. It throws some errors on start and minimize which can be ignored. The File/Edit/etc bar doesn't draw but the items are still clickable. The 2D editor works but alot of items don't draw properly like Things or linedef lengths. I imagine it will be useful only for drawing hexagonal floor flats. 3D mode has graphical glitches but is functional. I have not tested for long-term stability. I will try to keep these up to date for the latest version of Wine on Fedora. I am also the app maintainer for Doom Builder on Wine AppDB. == Doom Builder 1 on Wine 1.4 == - Install the 32-bit version of Wine. On Fedora 16 this is yum install wine.i686 - Manually install Wine Gecko 1.4 x86 with wine start wine_gecko-1.4-x86.msi - Get winetricks - Run winetricks vb5run - Run winetricks wsh57 - Open winecfg, on the Libraries tab, set oleaut32 and olepro32 to Native then Builtin - Run Doom Builder 1.68 installer - Edit ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/Doom Builder/Doom Builder.desktop and change the Exec line: == Doom Builder 2 on Wine 1.3.36 == - Install the 32-bit version of Wine. On Fedora 16 this is yum install wine.i686 - Get winetricks - Manually install Wine Gecko 1.4 x86 - winetricks dotnet20 - Run Doom Builder installer - Edit ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/Doom Builder 2/Doom Builder.desktop and change the Exec line: == Make a wine registry key for Mouse Warp Override so you can keep spinning in 3D mode == - Make a file called db.reg containing: - Run wine regedit db.reg == Nodebuilder == - Don't forget to update ZDBSP if you use it as your Nodebuilder, Doom Builder 1 ships with an outdated version of this. The version of ZenNode that ships with DB1 is still current. == Sources == http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=12249 - DB1 on Wine AppDb http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=12221 - DB2 on Wine AppDb http://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?t=14487 - DB1 Thread on Wine-Forums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1603263 - Mouse Warp Override
  8. Super Jamie

    Mall shooting posted on /b/ before it happened.

    This has been done before. Wasn't it the dude who murdered some pornstar gave her location on /b/ the day before it was discovered by the cops or something?
  9. Super Jamie

    Your thoughts on Far Cry 3?

    Haven't played it. It looks great, like Fallout 3. I'm looking forward to playing it in a few years when it's on sale for 5 bucks.
  10. Because it hurts your eyes to look at bright wallpaper when you sit in the dark to play games.
  11. Ah, it's infrared, that might explain it. I read in a magazine that the whole western/middle of Australia has been mostly free of topsoil and subsoil for several million years, it's just the bare regolith and bedrock of the crust poking up. Is it possible this rock is holding the heat of the daytime sun, which is why it appears on an infrared photo? It also could be all the alien spacecraft they keep out at Pine Gap.
  12. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Completely forget just hard drives, all electronics have a failure rate. TVs, dishwashers, car alarms, defibrillators, space shuttles. Haven't we been doing electronics long enough to get it right? Evidently not.
  13. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    printz, are you making the argument that we've had ~60 years since the transistor went into most retail electronics, and we should be able to get reliability much better than 97% ±2% by now? If so, I'd never considered that point before, but I agree.
  14. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    That makes no sense.
  15. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Does it matter? Existing electronic component failure rates tend to indicate the drive controller will die before either the platter or flash, in most cases.
  16. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    But proving Maes wrong is so easy and so much fun. Don't be such a wet blanket :P
  17. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Even so, that's a measurable and admitted manufacturing defect. It proves nothing about the wear-levelling reliability of SSDs. Tom's Hardware did a great investigation into the electronic component reliability of SSDs (with only ~2 years of data, given their short market availability) and found that so far, SSDs are no more or less reliable than any other computer component: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ssd-reliability-failure-rate,2923.html
  18. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Because no other electronics suffer a small percentage of early failures.
  19. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Western Digital or Seagate. Asking favourite brand of hard drive is like debating religion.
  20. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Ok Maes. Every SSD currently available will only last 1-3 years. We believe you.
  21. Super Jamie

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Honestly you could probably just copy the original drive over with a Linux LiveCD and dd and be done with it. Make sure you upgrade the firmware on the drive to the latest available on the OCZ website. The early Vertex 2s had some really nasty bugs. If you want to get the most out of it: Learn how to align your partitions properly to the write blocks inside your SSD. They'll either be 128k or 512k chips, probably 512k. Starting your first partition on 1Mb is a safe bet. Reinstall, don't copy the original drive. Then Google how to tweak your OS to perform better with an SSD. For Windows this is namely turning off swap/indexing/defragmenting/etc, and ensuring your disk has ATA TRIM turned on. There are even tools which do most of this for you in one interface with tickboxes. Don't listen to people who tell you to do stupid things like avoid writing to the disk for "wear levelling". Unless you write about 8Gb a day every day for 10 years, you won't wear it out. What Maes says about consumer-grade SSDs being shit *was* true when the first ones came out. Nowadays any current SSD is a kickass addition to any computer, and will probably give you the biggest visible speed increase available.
  22. Super Jamie

    Most time played in a game?

    Doom, easily. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I've spent more time playing Doom than I have spent playing all other games put together. It also has a long head start on most other games, being almost 20 years old. I know there are games I've certainly played a lot of - Diablo 1, Ultima Underworld, GoldenEye, Nethack, Stunts - and I must have sunk heaps of time into the Gran Turismo series, mostly the first three. Steam tells me my next highest are the Torchlights, though I did my first playthrough outside of Steam, so I estimate 200+ hours there. Steam doesn't count my Fallout 3 for some reason, which is all I've done with my spare time over the last ~6 weeks or so. I'm not finished (or even started) the main story, I still have the DLC to play, and I want to play through with a new evil character, so I'll clock up hundreds of hours there. Then I have New Vegas to play. I think the game which I would have played second most of is Minecraft. I go through phases with it, just playing for weeks getting minimal sleep until I need to delete the client so I actually do things with my life besides eat and shower.
  23. Super Jamie

    Retro Blazer (indie FPS)

    It's Darkplaces, it's not like the mapping format is some big closed off secret, someone just make a map with height variation. Hell, roughly copy the first few maps of Doom or Quake to it. That'd be way more fun.
  24. Super Jamie

    wtb: multiple keypress keyboard (gaming)

    Spend more than $15.