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  1. I sanity checked my submission post again and the name does end with a period. Hopefully I'm not coming across as hugely upset or anything, haha. Not at all. The submitted name was just the original intention. I do vaguely recall there being a game stylizing it differently.
  2. It's a minor thing, but I noticed that there is a period missing after the R in my map's name (in the wad file and on the first post). The level name on the intermission screen (the WILV33 image) appears to be cut off slightly on the right side.
  3. No problem. :P Thanks a lot for putting all those videos together! And thanks for all the feedback/notes/analyses! Those were fun to read through. We're happy you enjoyed playing through the set. :)
  4. Congrats on the release, everyone! That was indeed fun! @NiGHTS108 I did notice that NEWSKY4 appears to be missing, so the area using it on MAP11 doesn't work correctly (though it was working in RC0.3). We can change the sky used in the map to be NEWSKY3 (since it looks like 4 replaced 3) and submit that, or NEWSKY4 could be added to the compilation and NEWSKY3 could be reverted to its original state since we weren't intending that one be replaced (in case anyone wanted to use it). What would be easiest for you at this point?
  5. Huzzah! Here's my map! This was a fun one to put together. Map: D.A.G.G.E.R. Slot: E4M4 Midi: Atmosphere by Tristan Clark Download: D.A.G.G.E.R. Screenshots Enjoy!
  6. For MAP11, we changed the sky being used in most of the outdoor areas to match the original look and added some minor detailing. Download: Life is Like a Box of Demons A note for anyone wanting to test it; you'll need to load RC0.3 above and then this map for it to work correctly.
  7. Huzzah! This was a fun project to map for! The premise made this project a perfect place for me and @Lord_Z to team up again, haha. We had a few rather intense planning and mapping sessions over the past couple weeks to try and get our idea fleshed out, and we're hoping that people have fun with something a bit different. A note for @NiGHTS108, and for anyone playing the map, that there is a modified version of the resource wad in the zip file with a single new sky texture ("NEWSKY4", which is one of the existing skies without the harsh transition vertically). If there are any issues with that, let me know and we can adjust things as needed. Map name: Life is Like a Box of Demons Mappers: Dreadopp and Lord_Z MIDI: "92 is half of 99" by Dragonfly (https://www.dfdoom.com/midi-music/) Difficulties: Y Multiplayer/DM starts: Y Download: Life is Like a Box of Demons Notes: You will need to load the resource wad before our map in order to play it. Screenshots Enjoy!
  8. Dreadopp

    [Boom][Doom 2] Altitude Adjustment

    Thanks a lot for playing through the map, and for the feedback! We are glad your enjoyed yourselves. :) Thanks for putting together the video as well! What was slightly annoying to see was that slime trail because I swear we fixed that like three times before the release! :P
  9. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback! We're glad you had a good time playing through this project. :) I haven't seen all the demos yet, but more thanks for taking the time to record all of those! They are great to see. It's unfortunate that the dark lift on MAP09 didn't lower properly for you. In hindsight, having a fail-safe switch of some kind at the end of that tunnel would remove that blocker. It's certainly something to keep in mind going forward.
  10. @Lord_Z and I didn't officially sign up prior to this because we honestly weren't sure if we would make it in time, but we managed somehow, haha! This map was another one that began as a whiteboard sketch, one which we were able to follow pretty closely. We hope you enjoy what we put together! Title: I Saw Demons Kidnap Santa Claus Author: Dreadopp and Lord_Z Music: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, sequenced by Don Carroll Link to level: Download Difficulty settings: Yes Comment: It's up to you to rescue him! Screenshots:
  11. Dreadopp

    [Boom][Doom 2] Altitude Adjustment

    Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for the demo, Maribo! Another fun watch.
  12. Dreadopp

    [Boom][Doom 2] Altitude Adjustment

    Thanks for playing, everyone! And for the feedback/videos/demos! Always great to see those.