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Everything posted by warriordoomer

  1. warriordoomer


    hi so i wanna make a wad and it says after my other problem it says WARNING.could not find the reqiured lump playpal ????so how can i fix this
  2. warriordoomer

    call of duty modern warfare

    has anybody played call of duty modern warfare?
  3. warriordoomer

    wad problems testing

    http://rapidshare.com/files/102642324/delta.zip.html can somebody please help me!!!!! ok so whenever i play it,it is like trippy and ive worked really hard on this project but im gonna make friggin huge!!!! so what im going to do is let one of you guys who is very good with maps to please test it and fix it just tell me whats wrong please!
  4. warriordoomer

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    whats that hitler wad called?
  5. warriordoomer


    this is just a little wad i put together with some friends who are a little bit,well bad at mapping but its a good deathmatch never the less. http://rapidshare.com/files/101710077/chainsaw.zip.html
  6. warriordoomer


    i did what you said and enters my screenshot button but when i press it nothing happens is that supposed to happen/ and once i take the photos were do they end u what folder?
  7. warriordoomer

    [WIP] Factory.wad (8multiplayer)

    i love it best wad ive seen since hell revealed
  8. warriordoomer


    well i downloaded it but i dont know what you mean know?
  9. warriordoomer


    well i use doomsday and if thats not the right one then what one do i use??? and i dont have dos i have windows xp
  10. warriordoomer


    i dont know how to take pictures in doom
  11. warriordoomer

    [WIP] Factory.wad (8multiplayer)

    i liked it great work!
  12. warriordoomer

    pictures in doom

    ok so how do i take pictures while im playing a wad>
  13. warriordoomer

    doom sky textures

    does anybody have any sky textures they have made themselves and if you have can you place a pic up?..
  14. warriordoomer


    ok so i wanna play my own levels with bots in it but i dont know how could somebody like please put a link up or somethin!
  15. warriordoomer


    this is my little brothers wad who is only 8! and he wanted me to show you guys!.. oh and by the way its for doom1 http://rapidshare.com/files/101174508/phobos.zip.html
  16. warriordoomer

    My first Wad

    i liked it... although i dont like heretic that much i can say its a good map!
  17. warriordoomer


    yeah i told him that!,but he cant be bothered doing that and im working on a new project which is going to be a megwad which will take you about 2 hours to finish lol p.s my brother took the test and it took hime 3 hours lol and im still ading rooms!
  18. warriordoomer

    doom builder configuration

    i have doombuilder exept i had to reinstall it because when i got it last time my uncle who lives in another country now set the configuration for me so i installed it and i have type stuff in like %D %A %M and stuff like that but once i do it it says runscript error script out of range how can i fix this???>
  19. warriordoomer

    doom builder configuration

    use %F to indicate the edited pwad file to be tested AND stuff like that its under configuration in testing
  20. warriordoomer

    doomsday doom

    ok so ive got doomsday and i can play doom 2 wads fine but for some reason i cant playy doom 1 wads?does anybody know why this is happening?
  21. warriordoomer

    doomsday doom

    yeah i have but it still wont work
  22. warriordoomer

    doomsday doom

    yeah but whenever i try to play anything with the first doom wad in it ,it dosnt work
  23. warriordoomer

    xwe help

    i just got xwe and i do not understand a single thing about it<and i must have had it some time ago because some wad i had on it is not getting of it?
  24. warriordoomer


    so i might make another one like this,maybe a sequel
  25. warriordoomer


    here this is just a little wad i just made nothin fancy,dont stress if ya cant find the exit,its full of secrets http://rapidshare.com/files/98907717/tomb.zip.html