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  1. So, what should we tyson next? Here are some statistics to remind us of the current extremes of tysoning. Feel free to improve any of these stats: Highest number of monsters killed in a tyson: 644. AV14 by Aqfaq. Longest tysons: AV20 by j4rio at 2:51:09. HR203 by Aqfaq at 2:52:49. Hardest tyson ever done: Plutonia map 12 by j4rio? Most herding: Plutonia map 29 by j4rio. Most door abuse: AV13 (Can somebody count how many times a door was opened?) Most bullets farmed: Plutonia map 32 by j4rio. How many bullets? Most telefrags: ??? Most chainsaw: Plutonia map 28 by j4rio? Most cybers stuck: 2 (Scythe map 23 by 4shockblast) Most homing missile abuse: Scythe map 23 by 4hockblast? Most switch abuse: ??? Most optimized tyson: ty01-041 by Xit Vono? The best tyson TAS ever made: ??? ---------------------------- Next we have a list of notable non-tysoned maps with estimated "SKILL LEVELS": "DOABLE" maps don't seem to require more skill than anything that has been tysoned before. It doesn't mean they are easy, though. Nothing is easy here! "INSANE" maps seem harder than anything that has been tysoned before. "INSANE+" maps seem much harder than INSANE maps. "TAS ONLY" maps can't be realistically tysoned by a human. j4rio can do them, though, so don't give up, there's always more cheese to be found. "IMPOSSIBLE" maps can't be tysoned even with perfectly built input. "???" Unknown difficulty. Feel free to give an opinion! TNT 30 TAS ONLY. THE PLUTONIA EXPERIMENT 30 TAS ONLY. TAS exists by Light_Speed. HELL REVEALED 07 TAS ONLY. 12 INSANE+. Spider in a very bad location. Otherwise relatively simple compared to most other maps. Spider can get stuck by a lost soul, so this is definitely within human reach. 14 DOABLE. One cyber can be telefragged. The other cybers can be infighted to death. Mancubi must kill most of the windowed revenants. Otherwise we run out of bullets. 15 INSANE. Good infighting possibilities. Bullet farming needs to be done, so that the cybers can be killed. 16 INSANE+. Not as hard as most HR maps. Good infighting possibilities. 17 INSANE+. Not as hard as most HR maps. Good infighting possibilities. 18 INSANE+. With incredible infight planning and patience, this might actually work. The cyber must stay alive so that it can kill the tower arch-viles. 19 DOABLE. Cyber can get stuck. Arch-viles can kill the spider. 20 INSANE+. 22 TAS ONLY. 23 TAS ONLY. 24 TAS ONLY. 26 TAS ONLY? Cyber can kill the ghosts? 27 TAS ONLY. 28 INSANE+. Arch-viles can kill the cybers? 29 TAS ONLY? 30 TAS ONLY. 31 TAS ONLY. 32 TAS ONLY. Maybe the hardest tyson map on the list, but should be doable by an experienced TASer. SCYTHE 24 DOABLE? Again, berserk exists, and there's a lot of infighting opportunity and tons of room unlike map 23. The mancs in the cages towards the north of the map might be hard to take out as they don't infight with anything easily. Revs from the west of the map can be brought down the lift and infought with everything else. 25 INSANE/DOABLE? Lots of arach punching that's probably unavoidable since the monsters in the map won't provide enough support from infighting (cyber also needs to be punched, but there's enough space for that). No bullets on the map other than backpacks, but you do get berserk. 26 INSANE. I mean, infighting can go a long way here, but how would you deal with the three cyber triplets on the key ledges? Berserk would be insane, and there's not much ammo, and there's five more cybers in addition to those. Doesn't seem likely, but maybe I'm underestimating the amount of damage everything else can do to the cybers. 27 DOABLE. Just grind it until you get all the cybers stuck. 28 DOABLE. Already done with 81% kills. 100% should be possible? 29 INSANE+ Maybe through a bunch of clever infights this could be done? 30 TAS ONLY MEMENTO MORI 05 INSANE+. Arachnotron needs to kill some imps. Otherwise we run out of bullets. 08 DOABLE. It requires some clever infights and baron punching without berserk, but j4rio has already done harder maps than this one, so it should be doable. 12 ? 23 TAS ONLY? 25 DOABLE? What a strange map... 26 DOABLE? Berserk and invulnerability are available, which suggests this is doable? 28 DOABLE? TAS exists by Cyberdemon531. Learn from it. 29 DOABLE. Almost done, but Cyberdemon531 got unfairly rekt in the end. 30 TAS ONLY. 31 DOABLE. 32 DOABLE? MEMENTO MORI II 16 HAAAARD. TAS exists by vdgg. Learn from it and prosper! 19 DOABLE. 20 DOABLE. Best attempt: 104/112 kills by Aqfaq. 21 TAS ONLY, because of the two cybers on a pedestal & the caco-filled exit room. 22 DOABLE. TAS exists. 26 DOABLE. There is a berserk kit and two invulnerabilities. 28 DOABLE. Berserking + tons of bullets. Don't take the invulnerability! Leave it for the arch-vile in the last room! 30 TAS only. ALIEN VENDETTA 11 DOABLE. Get the cyber stuck with revenants. There are also plenty of bullets, at least 500-600. 16 TAS ONLY. There are six cyberdemons in a single room? 17 DOABLE. Get cyber stuck. 18 INSANE. 639 monsters. Precisely planned infights required, but this map seems only slightly harder than anything that has been done before. 19 DOABLE/INSANE. 268 monsters. Berserk available. A TAS exists by Azuruish. Maybe the arch-vile can kill most of the arachnotrons safely? 23 INSANE. 158 monsters. Berserk available. Are there enough bullets to kill the big spider? If there are, then this might be doable. 25 DOABLE. The map has 1325 monsters, but no worries. Just be careful who to release and when. All monsters pretty much cancel each other out. Monsters can't open fast doors, so we are completely safe. Cybers can be telefragged in the dark tunnel, if we need to. The last room is hard, but we can harvest bullets for that, if necessary. With invulnerability we can probably initiate infights, so that the arch-viles kill the three lava pit cybers. We can save the invulnerabilities for the hardest parts. My test run had all invulnerabilities still available to the very end. 26 TAS ONLY. 964 monsters. 27 TAS ONLY. 838 monsters. 28 INSANE. 304 monsters. Probably harder than anything that has been done before, but not by much. Most of the cybers can probably be trapped. Some bullet harvesting is also possible, if you find a good setup for chaingunners and arch-viles. 29 TAS ONLY. 346 monsters. 30 TAS ONLY? 31 TAS ONLY. 32 INSANE+. The first half of the map is doable. Can we find a safe strategy for the second half? Maybe arch-viles can kill the cybers? TAS exists by Clumsydoomer. REQUIEM 07 DOABLE. Get good arachnotron/hellknight infights. 09 DOABLE. Git gud. 12 DOABLE. 15 DOABLE. Berserk tells me this is doable. 18 DOABLE? Berserk is available. 19 DOABLE? We have chainsaw for the spiders. We can also farm bullets. 21 INSANE+. No berserk? The cyber is a big problem. 22 DOABLE. Hard arachnotrons, though. 23 INSANE+/TAS ONLY. Ghost SS soldiers and cybers can be dealt with. What about the monster spawner? 27 DOABLE. You need to punch some barons in the middle of the level. The rest is easy infighting. The final spider is easily shot from the pit. 29 DOABLE. SCYTHE II 14 DOABLE. The arch-vile can damage the cyber nicely. Together with other infights and bullets, no punches are required for the cyber. 15 DOABLE. The last room is cruel. Otherwise the map is relatively simple. If this gets done, it is probably in the top five hardest tysons ever made, but we can easily get the cyber stuck by revenants. We also have berserk and bullet harvesting, so this map is definitely within our reach. The last room is the only real challenge here. 17 INSANE. Nothing special, you just need to be about as good as j4rio. 20 TAS ONLY. Unless you find a safe strategy for killing the last two cybers. 22 DOABLE. Cyber is no problem as the ledge revenants can safely hit its tall head. If you can punch mancubi, then go for it! 23 INSANE+. The final room is incredibly hard, but not impossible. Maybe we can use mancubi noclip shots to damage monsters beforehand? 24 DOABLE/INSANE. 25 DOABLE/INSANE/INSANE+. Hard to tell how hard this is without carefully testing the infights. 26 DOABLE. 27 DOABLE/INSANE/INSANE+. Hard to tell how hard this is without carefully testing the infights. 28 DOABLE/INSANE/INSANE+. Hard to tell without testing how the infights play out. Maybe all the monsters kill each other? 29 DOABLE? It seems that arch-viles can kill all the hard monsters for us? 30 INSANE/INSANE+/TAS ONLY. Hard to tell how hard this is without carefully testing the infights. 31 DOABLE/INSANE? Only 8 monsters. Berserk is available. TAS exists by Azuruish. 32 DOABLE/INSANE. Good infights and bullet farming are available. PERDITION'S GATE 25 DOABLE. It seems like it should be easy, but the barons, PE, and archvile complicate things significantly. Punching the barons in such tight spaces is really hard, and infighting them is also really hard because there isn't much space to maneuver so you just need to hope the cacos go up there and shoot quickly. PE starts spawning souls quickly, and with little cover and so many monsters around, it's hard to isolate it to get rid of it. If you get the archvile stuck on the bottom step, you can punch it from below, but that requires luck. 29 DOABLE. Get cyber stuck. Get spider stuck. Relatively easy map compared to the rest of the list. 30 TAS ONLY? Well, you can walk around the crusher trigger that kills the player at 2 minutes and punch the demons at the start, but then you have two cybers and an AV, no chainsaw or berserk. You can get both cybers stuck on lowering ledges, making it easy to punch them out, but monsters constantly spawn into that room. With TAS, it would be trivial to manipulate RNG such that all the monsters spawning there are either weak (demons, imps, etc.) or too big to be positioned in the spawn spots as they are very close to the wall, but without TAS, you'd need a lot of luck, and it would still be troublesome to deal with the AV. Alternatively, you could infight the AV with a cyber, but you'd then need to hide somewhere and the only spot available is the hallway towards the exit, but going in there triggers a crusher that kills the player (unless you get lucky and skip it). HELL REVEALED II 08 DOABLE. Use doors to survive. Lure hell knights away from the cyber. Release cyber. Cyber will kill hell knights. 09 TAS ONLY. 11 DOABLE/INSANE. Save the invulnerability and the megasphere for the last room. Try to harvest bullets also. 13 INSANE. Surprisingly, not as hard as it seems. There are many spots that allow good infights. The monsters are pretty well contained. Tower arch-vile can torch the baron houses. If you have the patience, you can run around and exhaust the revenant army one by one. Imps and spider mothers cancel each other out. 14 INSANE+. Arch-vile can harvest an extra ~500 bullets from chaingunners. The cyberdogs clear out most of the sheep. The cyberdogs themselves can be telefragged with incredible luck. The caged revenants require insane patience and skill. 15 TAS ONLY. 16 TAS ONLY. 17 TAS ONLY. 18 TAS ONLY. 19 TAS ONLY. 20 DOABLE. There are plenty of bullets. Cybers can be shot and infighted to death. Just plan the bullet usage and this will be relatively easy. The first cyber has two possible teleport destinations. I don't know which one is better. 21 INSANE. Berserk, a plenty of bullets, a fast door riot shield. What else do you need? Oh, you need to keep the cyberdoge alive! The cyberdoge needs to kill as much as possible, otherwise the run gets nearly impossible to finish. So, you need expert herding skills. Woah, this is a very unusual setting... You actually need to PROTECT a cyberdoge to succeed! Go for it! :D 22 DOABLE. 24 TAS ONLY. 25 DOABLE. Careful bullet harvesting and infights make this an easy two-hour map. 26 TAS ONLY. 27 TAS ONLY. 28 TAS ONLY. 29 TAS ONLY. 30 TAS ONLY. 31 TAS ONLY. 32 TAS ONLY. KAMASUTRA 08 TAS ONLY. 10 INSANE. 13 DOABLE/INSANE. 14 DOABLE. Fredrik says: "If you camp around the central horseshoe structure, pretty much everything dies to infighting. Two cyberdemons and a spider mastermind need to be killed with berserk + 900 bullets. One cyberdemon and the spider can both be killed safely with the pistol. The last cyberdemon is in a decent location for punching (perhaps it makes sense to kill it first of all?). If you get very lucky with the infighting, bullets might last all the way (e.g. arachnotrons might kill the spider)." 17 TAS ONLY. 18 DOABLE. Fredrik says: "There are something like 700 bullets available to begin with, which is enough to take out the two annoyingly placed cyberdemons and the two tower revenants, provided that the cyberdemons have been softened up by infighting and some punches with the invulnerability. The third cyberdemon usually dies to infighting. On top of that, the archvile + zombieman inside the train can be farmed forever, if needed. The archvile near the blue skull switch also potentially allows farming, but I'm not sure if there's a consistent setup for it. The nukage arachnotrons can potentially walk into the teleporters which allows telefragging them. However, bullet farming seems faster than waiting for that to happen... Everything else looks reasonable, considering that there's a berserk, plenty of health, and corners to hide behind." 19 INSANE. 20 INSANE. The difficulty depends on how easily we can get the cybers stuck. 21 DOABLE??? 22 DOABLE/INSANE/INSANE+. It depends on whether we can kill the cybers easily. We will probably run out of bullets. Bullet harvesting, maybe? 23 TAS ONLY? 24 INSANE+/TAS ONLY. 25 DOABLE??? 26 INSANE. 27 IMPOSSIBLE. I'm not sure whether this can be completed even if TASed optimally? Can we kill the two cybers inside the arms of the robot? 28 TAS ONLY. One of the hardest maps on the whole list. Theoretically, cacodemons can kill all the caged monsters. 29 INSANE/INSANE+. Cybers get stuck and infights are plentiful, but the map is very long, so it will take extra dedication to finish this one. 30 ??? 31 DOABLE/INSANE/INSANE+. A lot of infighting available! 32 INSANE+. ICARUS 09 INSANE. Can you punch five cacodemons in a small room? 14 DOABLE. Revenants help us get the cyber stuck. Barons kill the spiders with our help. 16 DOABLE. Revenants help us get the cyber stuck. Lots of bullets available. 18 DOABLE. It's a puzzle game. With the fast doors we can farm bullets. 20 DOABLE. Bullet harvesting is available. 21 DOABLE. 23 DOABLE. 24 DOABLE/INSANE. Barons and lost souls can kill the ghosts. 25 ??? 26 DOABLE. Cyber gets stuck. 27 ??? 28 DOABLE. 30 ??? 31 ??? 2002ADO E1M8 DOABLE? E2M2 DOABLE. E2M3 DOABLE. E2M4 DOABLE. E2M5 DOABLE. E2M6 DOABLE. E2M7 DOABLE. E3M2 DOABLE. E3M3 INSANE? Can we survive the last room? E3M4 DOABLE. E3M5 DOABLE. E3M6 DOABLE. E3M7 DOABLE. E3M8 DOABLE? We have bullets for one cyber. With some luck, the second cyber and the spider cancel each other out. E4M2 DOABLE. E4M3 DOABLE. E4M4 DOABLE. E4M5 DOABLE. E4M6 DOABLE? The cyber seems a bit tricky. E4M7 DOABLE. E4M8 TAS ONLY? First we have a cyber in a tiny cellar and only about 200 bullets. Then we have two cybers in the final room and no bullets. (I'll update the list and statistics when new tysons are made or new information is delivered by a tyson "scientist". Feel free to contribute. If you are a mod, feel free to edit this post as you wish!)
  2. Aqfaq

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    I think you could leave some dudes alive upstairs so they can distract the spider, so you can use chainsaw. If you can keep a chainer shooting while sawing, then it could be a super fast spider kill. The goal should be sub 8:00 on that map.
  3. Aqfaq

    Speed of Doom demos [-complevel 9]

    Map05 Tyson 40:56. Try it yourself for lots of fun! sd05t4056.zip
  4. Aqfaq

    Speed of Doom demos [-complevel 9]

    Map23 Tyson 1:03:54 sd23t6354.zip
  5. Aqfaq

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 17 tyson in 1:18:08. av17t7808.zip
  6. Aqfaq

    Speed of Doom demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 22 tyson in 2:27:31. sd22t14731.zip
  7. Aqfaq

    Kama Sutra demos [-complevel 2]

    Keyboard and mouse malfunction, so there is some shit in the fan, but anyway... Here's Kama Sutra map 22 tysoned. ks22t15018.zip
  8. earth dsda page , wad by Roger Ritenour EARTH.WAD http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/in...2/d-f/earth.zip MAP02 TYSON 4:41 Only good for tyson fans. earth-02-tyson-441.zip
  9. Aqfaq

    New category ideas

    Randomizer runs! This works with any existing category. Just add the following features: 1. Keep original game content. 2. Randomize map order. 3. Shuffle all thing coordinates on the current map. 5. Perhaps shuffle all graphics? 4. Shuffle all sound effects? 6. If you can think of some game content to shuffle, shuffle it! 7. Try to complete any megawad without dying or getting stuck. 8. Restart.
  10. Aqfaq

    DSDA on YouTube

    SHUT THE FUCK UP DAD! Doom demos are the best method of meditation since Buddha learned to suck a tit.
  11. The relationship is very simple. j4rio tries to be the ultimate tyson master of the Universe, but can't... because of me. j4rio can't even do a tyson run for Alien Vendetta map 25...
  12. Hell Revealed II. Map 03. Tyson. Sub 3:00:00! Doom is the best puzzle game. I highly recommend trying the map yourself before watching the run. The solution was always there. h203t25249.zip
  13. Aqfaq

    Weird demos

    I accidentally recorded a run in AV map 17 where a cyberdemon and a chaingunner loop eternally. Their mutual period is such that the cyber always walks 25 steps and then shoots, never hitting the chaingunner. The RNG seems to have died, so I guess this also counts as a rare kill. av17-infinite-looper-cyber.zip
  14. I know nothing about that, but here is a demonstration of how to kill the cyber in AV map 17 in 1:30. Both chaingunners shoot it for great damage per second. av17t-cyber-kill.zip
  15. Update: ALIEN VENDETTA 25 DOABLE. The map has 1325 monsters, but no worries. Just be careful who to release and when. All monsters pretty much cancel each other out. Monsters can't open fast doors, so we are completely safe. Cybers can be telefragged in the dark tunnel, if we need to. The last room is hard, but we can harvest bullets for that, if necessary. With invulnerability we can probably initiate infights, so that the arch-viles kill the three lava pit cybers. We can save the invulnerabilities for the hardest parts. My test run had all invulnerabilities still available to the very end. Estimated completion time will be less than three hours. Something like 2:30 would be a good time. As for AV17, I'm not going to do it. I'll take a break.
  16. Aqfaq

    Official Demo Request Thread

    Some TAS requests: Hell Revealed map 32 tyson. Kamasutra map 27 tyson. Kamasutra map 28 tyson. I think these are among the hardest maps to tyson from the DSDA top 20 wads.
  17. Aqfaq

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    AV 14 tysoned. Hardest tyson I've ever done, although it feels easy now that it is done. It did not take many tries, but planning it and having the patience to actually record it took some time. Also, each failed attempt took some time and nerves, because the run is so long. With 644 monsters this should be the highest monster count ever in a tyson, am I right? av14t22109.zip
  18. Aqfaq

    Failed demo attempts

    Some failed attempts for AV14 tyson. Most other attempts failed in the very first room. av14t-fails.zip
  19. Aqfaq

    Notable 2017 demos

    The notable demos of 2017 will pale in comparison to the notable demos of 2117.
  20. Aqfaq

    Failed demo attempts

    Just a moment. Let us update to the limit removing brain. LOADING...
  21. Aqfaq

    Failed demo attempts

    According to vdgg I had not posted this old tyson attempt for Memento Mori II, map 20. I don't even remember what the map looks like, but here is the recording. Judging from the file name, it seems that I got 104/112 kills. mm220t-104kills-in-41-minutes.zip
  22. Great find, GrumpyCat. Interesting to see how you can manage with that map. It is not going to be easy even with that trick. I filled in a rough estimate for most of the Kamasutra maps. Feel free to improve the accuracy of my estimations.
  23. Aqfaq

    Scythe 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    Scythe II map 18 tysoned. Almost failed to get the cyber stuck. I usually did it in another spot. s218t2640.zip
  24. Aqfaq

    Failed demo attempts

    73 failed tyson attempts for Scythe II map 18. s218t-fails.zip
  25. Agreed. AV 17 is easy. You can position yourself so that one of the chaingunners kills the cyber. The best method I found was to first let the cyber shoot some rockets at you, so that the chaingunners get aggroed. Do not attack, so that the barons remain asleep. No, wait. Actually, let the cyber kill the barons first. Then get the chainers aggroed to the cyber. It takes some easy grinding to succeed, but it is worth it so that you don't need to kill the barons yourself and it makes the start of the run much faster. Yes, I think the slime pit pinkies need to be shot. The other pinkies can be punched with berserk after everything else have been killed. My test run took about 90 minutes. Much shorter than I expected. I can do it sometime next year, if nobody has done it by then.