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  1. This is probably the key thing that gets to me. I have started a number of maps over the last few years but I never seem to get anywhere with them. Whenever I think I am getting close to finishing an area and really examine it, I can't help but compare it to maps that I have recently seen or played. I start to think "this really does not look very good..." That said, I have recently started drawing out a bunch of small maps. My hope is that by making a couple maps with simple scopes, I can get back into it. Making them Boom compatible is also a good limitation since whenever I think of a map for ZDoom or a similar engine, I can't help but think about more complex mechanics like jumping, slopes, or portals, and those things cause a map to take a lot of extra time and effort to make.
  2. Huh, that's pretty neat. I'm always amazed when I learn new tidbits about Doom all these years later.
  3. The idea of onestop.mid playing through the walls is pretty funny to me. Once or twice anyway, haha.
  4. Lord_Z

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I recently finished Ys VIII. I stopped playing it for a while so that I could finish it with the re-localization patch. The music is pretty sweet.
  5. Well, I participated during the session mostly as a way of trying to get back into mapping and it turns out I need more time than that to make something, haha.
  6. Lord_Z

    Portal is free until May 24

    Very nice. If I did not get it with the Orange Box then this would definitely be enough incentive to get it. Still have not played it though...
  7. I'm really glad this has finally been finished and released. It did not seem like it was ever going to happen based on what I remember of the old threads. Good job all!
  8. If I had the resources and the know how I would totally make something like that. Probably not in an R2D2 case but still.
  9. Lord_Z

    The Movie Thread

    Oh my god, I totally forgot about the Ducktales movie. That brings back memories.
  10. Lord_Z

    You know you've been mapping too much when...

    This happens to me sometimes as well. Occasionally, if I am bored, I will look around the room/building I am in and think if it would be possible to recreate. I never actually bother doing it but perhaps it is a good brain exercise.
  11. Lord_Z

    Stronghold - Is it finished?! (p3 bottom)

    I really love the northern lights effect. Everything looks great though. Keep it up!
  12. Lord_Z

    Bombing the Moon

    Neat. It would be very interesting to have an opportunity to live on the moon. Although I'm not holding my breath.
  13. Those archers are the coolest fish I have ever seen.
  14. I meant to post earlier but I have tried your map out kaiser_wilhelm, and it looks very good so far (I am guessing it is not yet finished since I got stuck at the yellow key :P ). Here are some issues that I noticed: -Apparently the texture is called "?(smiley face)" present in the level and it crashes Heretic+. I got the same thing when running it in Skulltag but it is able to ignore the texture and continue. I don't know what or where this texture is but it needs to be addressed. -This is more of an aesthetic thing but I think the very first switch could be flattened into one line rather than rounded like it is. It is just strange that only half of it lights up when it is activated. -There is a door in the dragon claw secret that should have the lower unpegged flag on so the wall textures do not raise with it. -I got trapped in the secret room with the backpack near the crushing ceiling. I am not sure whether there is a way out or not once you fall behind the sarcophagus. -Later on in the map there is a teleporter that leads to sector 260 but there is nothing to get in there. It just seems rather pointless since the enemies were already dead from my earlier visit to the room just outside. -The door at sector 744 needs to have it's tracks lower unpegged. -I did not notice anything else until the yellow key but it seems that is as far as the level goes for now anyway. Other than that, this level should make a fine addition :)
  15. Lord_Z

    Fire main weapons

    Very cool. I would never have guessed that Raptor and Strife were related.