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  1. Lord_Z

    The 2020 Cacowards

    I was very surprised but pleased and honoured to see a mod I worked on get a HM. Thanks to everyone that played it! Also, thanks to everyone who worked on the Cacowards this year, reviewers and mappers both! There's some great looking stuff there.
  2. I hope there is still movement with this project. I got some feedback on my map and I decided to make some minor thing/enemy adjustments based on that: Mobius Flip V2
  3. Lord_Z

    1000 Line 2 CP - Completed

    It was fun to be a part of this again. Great job to everyone who worked on the project and thanks to everyone who has played it so far!
  4. Lord_Z

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    So here's the conundrum: The database is rejecting the wad because it contains unmodified Doom assets. Only 1 texture came up when the "Remove Entries Duplicated from IWAD" tool in Slade was used and resubmitting the wad without that texture still didn't work. Plan B was to just have this wad require the Ancient Aliens resource wad as a separate download. However, that isn't going to work because that resource wad does not contain the Doom sprites that work with the AA palette. Meaning the enemies, HUD, and various other things look messed up. My guess is that including these sprites is the reason why the database rejects our wad. Plan C was to have the wad require the Ancient Aliens base wad as a separate download. That isn't going to work either because a lot of the textures have different names than the AA resource wad, which is what our wad was built with. Without having to do some heavy texture or resource modifications, I'm not really sure what to do.
  5. Lord_Z

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    Thanks for the tip, @xvertigox. I didn't realize Slade had those handy tools.
  6. Lord_Z

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    Your mention of the Beastie Boys near the start reminded me that I was listening to the radio on the last day of working on this map set and Intergalactic Planetary was played twice. It was a sign, haha.
  7. Lord_Z

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    The reason this was done was just to avoid the awake sound from occurring immediately and "spoiling" what was coming. I didn't think about pacifi´╗┐st runs specifically though.
  8. Lord_Z

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    It was great to see a demo of the map. The timing is a tricky thing to balance since I didn't want people to run through too quickly. That said, it looks like I may need to shave off a couple seconds on the last fight at least. Thanks for playing!
  9. Lord_Z

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    Fun fact: The first two maps were created back in October as part of the month long Creatober event (is that the right name for it?). We decided to keep going and expand into a small set of maps since there were a lot of interesting textures to choose from. I liked working on map 5 a lot once we figured out how to end it, haha.
  10. Lord_Z

    DBP20: Dungeons and Demons

    Looks great! I quite like the skybox and the shot with the ship.
  11. I thought both 8 and 9 had a few interesting ideas but they were never fully realized. If 9's plot had been started in 8, and some of 8's plot removed, there would have been more time to explore them. Things would have made more sense and the breakneck pace of 9 would have been alleviated. As a Legends/EU fan, I can't help but wish that Disney had taken an approach to the Star Wars universe similar to that of Marvel. To say that the existing canon is being replaced is one thing (since that basically happened with the MCU and Marvel's comics), but to not use (refuse?) major/popular existing characters and plot lines is upsetting. Especially when I think about what it was replaced with.
  12. @RonnieJamesDiner - I had a quick play through of your map and it was pretty good! A lot bigger than I was expecting but overall if definitely feels like Ultimate Doom. Makes me wonder if my map is too easy/small now, haha. Here are some minor cosmetic suggestions:
  13. Working with vanilla Doom textures and enemies was more challenging than I remember, haha. But here is my map! E3M2 - Mobius Flip Music: Level 1 of Hover by SmartOne Screenshots:
  14. Ah, ok. That's good to know. I was just using Doom Builder's defaults when it came to testing the map.
  15. I am nearly finished my map and I hope to be posting it this weekend. I also noticed the crash that RonnieJamesDiner mentioned. The new sky texture wad kills Chocolate Doom for whatever reason.