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  1. Mad_AX666

    Doom trivia

    My score was: 22 Ghost : Lost Soul
  2. Mad_AX666


  3. Mad_AX666

    Doom Wars Sorce code?

    I'm sorry to say this, but the Doom Wars source was never relased, and the author seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. :( Why not start from scratch?
  4. Mad_AX666

    Final Doom: Divide by Zero error

    Go to Options --> Video Options and change the resolution.
  5. Mad_AX666

    Doom 3 Platforms question

    Well it's too early too tell, though Doom3 may come out on the X-Box (apparently). Not sure about the rest. Btw, shoulden't this be in the Questions section?
  6. Mad_AX666

    More Fredrik Art!

    That's the BEST fan-pic of a mancubus ever. You should get a career in art if you haven't already. Well, don't stop now.
  7. Mad_AX666


    Well, your not alone, m8. I like TOOL as well. To all the people diss other's taste in music, grow up, you lamers! And take special note of my sig! You don't hear me saying "such-and-such are shit!" do you?
  8. Mad_AX666

    DW forums meets South Park

    Have you tried the Print Screen button and pasted it as a new bitmap?
  9. Mad_AX666

    One Nation, NOT Under God, Indivisible

    Darknation: Religion should be abolished because it causes wars and hatefulness. (You are a prime example)
  10. Mad_AX666

    Members Needed

    Errr... flibble!
  11. Mad_AX666

    Killers Unleashed

    Thx for fixing the link.
  12. Mad_AX666

    Getting to know you, part 3.

    Satanism only sucks if you are a Christian. (I'm talking to everyone about this) I can't be bothered to post anymore on this thread. Edit: This thread has gone too far. Let's just focus on things that are the same, not on things that are different. If everyone did that, there would be a hell of a lot less wars,imho. Hmm. That would make a good sig.
  13. Mad_AX666

    Baphomet? What the hell was he?

    You're better off ignoring people like Ralpis.
  14. Mad_AX666

    Teleportation comes in real life

    I think I'll try that!:P