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Status Updates posted by LuciferSam86

  1. Is Doomwiki down? Last night the site gave me a "cannot connect to database" and now the I cannot connect to the wiki. 

    1. CyberDreams


      It was down for me too but it's seems to be working now all of a sudden.

  2. I just saw I have the member title "Nice Member" but I don't recall this title on the old forum.

    Is because I have 0 warning points and the new system automatically put this title?

    1. Marlamir


      i think the new forum have some new ranks. thats why i think

    2. LuciferSam86


      now i get it. 69 and "nice member" ...


    3. Marlamir


      OHH i get it 69 post and you are nice member LOL XD made my day

  3. So, I tried NERVE.WAD and it was a really good WAD.

    I tried it in a vanilla-like form with Crispy Doom, and with Metadoom mod for GZdoom and it was pretty good.

    I did not like Map 33 from Doom 2 IWAD (Betray): i find the architecture of the level pretty boring.

    1. Fonze


      Squibbons's maps for NRftL were very creative and fun to play; I wish she'd make more maps some time in the future.