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  1. But then there would never be the chaingun cha-cha :P On a serious note, open burning cityscape, high tech decaying industrial areas. Problem I had with Doom 3 was corridors, and then more corridors, and then corridors with sky in them, followed by more corridors. Non linear gameplay is a plus, as it adds for more replay value in a game (and I'm the sort that likes to explore absolutely everything). Personally, run and gun gameplay, with hordes of monsters, after all wasn't Doom 2 about managing unruly crowds? (MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP13, MAP16, MAP18). I just found that the original games mixed monsters well, while Doom 3 had limited encounters which felt static more than anything (anyone read the Bioshock 2 designers blog?) One last thing, I heard something about a 30fps cap :(
  2. Abrax

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    Confirmed, had this on my first run through on the 360
  3. Abrax

    Weeds General MIDI SoundFont v3.0

    Will this work on bog standard AC97 audio, or do I need a decent add in card?
  4. Abrax

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    Has anyone tried replacing the wad file inside the mission1 folder with a custom pwad yet?
  5. Abrax

    How do YOU make textures?

    Excellent guide Essel! I'll have to give that one a go when I get a few free hours next, you have described how to use some more advanced tools that I'm not yet familiar with, by following that I should be able to do some more with the program. @40oz, that nukage stained door looks pretty smart, I'll have to give that go.
  6. Totally agree, Generals imo is by far the best game in the series, coupled with the fact that it has some pretty stirling mods. Thing I enjoyed most with Generals is the base building is in no way restrictive, you can building anything you like anywhere you like. A sequel to this game is overdue (i would have expected one before C&C4, but meh). I bought RA3 on Steam, and I have to say its certainly not a bad game, but its certainly not that fun to play either. I tend not to play these games for any single player value either, although I do find that I tend to use basic units more effectively. One gripe I do have is that most online play consists of nothing but rushes, which yes, rushing can be fun, but it does get kinda dull.
  7. Abrax

    How do YOU make textures?

    I'll *******ely have to look into this program, as texture creation has always interested me, that yellow stone texture is absolutely amazing, much better than my simple efforts :). Was that one from scratch, or was it based off of a photo source? I'll have to admit that photoshop only had limited use when it comes to working with palleted images, I often have to manually edit out random garish pixels by hand, even after simple recolours, but then again I'm not exactly what you'd call adept with the program ;)
  8. Abrax

    How do YOU make textures?

    I made some simple texture edits using nothing more than photoshop (only to create a darker/lighter variant of the base texture), and MS Paint (I know its a terrible program, but still...). Using 24bit colour, I simply paste the "primitive" into the darker image with red as the transparent colour, then paste it again into the lighter texture, this time with yellow as the transparent colour. Next, I copy one into the other (so now I've got the lighter/darker parts, and the magenta still, then copy and paste the lot onto the base texture, with magenta as the trasparent colour, and voila! Add a few details after and a pretty decent result imo, with very little effort involved (the most important part ;)) PS: I know the lighting isn't right on the door texture, and it could probably do with some more details, maybe some weapon scarring or demonic claw marks (it looks too clean).
  9. When having used the "make sector" tool multiple times, if I undo this operation a certain number of times, I get a fatal crash, resulting in loss of everything before last save, I've worked out how to repeat this bug: Draw something like this: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z103/abrax1/dbcrash1.png Then do this, and make the 4 sectors: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z103/abrax1/dbcrash2.png CTRL+Z x5 =: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z103/abrax1/dbcrash3.png I found this while making TLITE flats look nice with angled edges on ceilings, but I've had it occur numerous times on different sector shapes.
  10. This game is yet another victim of milking a good name for Ca$h. So much of it going on lately, sometimes its best to leave things on a high. Doom 3 was a good game, not a great game, but had it been given a different name how would it have fared? Terminator anyone? Aliens vs Predator? Going off topic, but the video game to movie trend seems to be on the up... a worrying trend? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1424381/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411951/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0464037/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0803096/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0293429/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0400426/
  11. Loving your work Ptoing, those blended flats are awesome. Can't wait to see some more of that project. EDIT: Wasn't it one of the GOTHICDM wads that had a couple of cracked mud/grass2 flats? After playing MARSWAR.wad, and having a few hours to spare I experimented with a bit of simple DECORATE and did a GZDoom remake of MAP01, adding a few sprites and some textures.
  12. Abrax

    Monster Behavior

    Muha, I can remember making a staircase like that once upon a time, Dooms movement code is full of allsorts of oddities and imprecisions (plasma bump, wallrunning, thingrunning etc). I guess it explains why monsters appear to turn on the spot (pinky comes to mind).
  13. Abrax

    A Doom II episode

    Your texturing is spot on, and monster placement was pretty decent too (I liked the yellow key caco), but they were terribly cramped meaning that some monsters were too easy to evade, and others were horrendous to evade (the revenant on MAP03). MAP02 felt as though everything needed to be doubled in size, and the small size of the computer room in MAP03, coupled with the fact that the player can run over the consoles means the camera is bobbing up and down too much. Again increasing the size of this room somewhat would remove the problem. All said, aside from scale these maps, although short are looking pretty darn good :)
  14. Abrax

    Monster Behavior

    I noticed while making a classic "imp box" offset at 45 degrees that in the 64x64 area the monster would not move, implying that it could not turn, do the monsters hit boxes physically turn with the direction the monster is facing, or do they remain strictly aligned to the map grid? I solved the problem of the imp not moving by making the box slightly larger and adding some fake wall with midtex, but I thought I'd ask, just to learn some more about monster behavior.