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  1. Doom will have to re-write its story

    I'm asking the same question right now; since when did facts influence gameplay? It's a fictional story, so who cares?
  2. Procrastination and Beavis and butthead

    Just post a link here; it'll be easier for us all.
  3. Moderation Request

    No, wanna keep my postcount up :P
  4. Hotmailers beware

    And you MAKE 260 of them on the DW forums a day ;) I see a pattern...
  5. Moderation Request

    [QUOTE]Fredrik said: isn't it? Well, this post may be fucked up, but...what was with that attempted quote?
  6. finally

    Hmmmm, we have ME on one of our computers at home...I never use it though, because it's not mine (another one of my mom's computers).
  7. Ultimate Doom Poster?

    DAMN YOU ALL!!!! You stole what I was about to say!!!!!! :(
  8. Angry pissed rage

    Obviously some guys here do...
  9. We love you Yoda!

    Ouch, exucuse me while I go cry to your mommy lying in the bed next to me ;)
  10. windows CE

    Well said ;)
  11. I've never played Deus Ex.
  12. Doom III bosses?

    Heh, why not JOHN ROMERO HIMSELF?????? Kind of as a "bonus" boss, though. /me shoots himself again.
  13. Reacting to getting shot.

    Just exactly HOW many people am I a clone of in these forums?
  14. The Old Vs. The New !

    Ah, but this new game is a retelling of the original DOOM, right? Do Arachnatrons make an appearance in the original? Thank you.
  15. Doom III bosses?

    SUPER SATAN!!!!!! /me looks around to see nobody laughing, then shoots himself