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  1. nobbjob

    Architecture vs. Texturing

    do you think the spirit world would be the same level without the gothic/tech(?) red key area? perhaps you could retexture the rocky/natural type areas as an outdoors area, then retexture the red key area as tech-base and it might become an excellent example of a tech-base. I think any level can be transformed by retexturing, its a bit harder to transform a level just upon architecture alone. but they both need to be consistent in order to have a believable and consistent theme. maybe thats what i was trying to say before.
  2. nobbjob

    Architecture vs. Texturing

    Well I throw gothic textures around like its nobodies business... The theme of a level cannot ever be determined from either one alone. The combination of both is what delivers the theme. The difference between gothic and hell being what? Are you to tell me that Monster Condo is actually the local library? no its not, its part of hell, hence the sky.
  3. http://www.perfordmag.com/ If you like Aussie Fords
  4. nobbjob

    Favorite map of all time.

    Doom2 Map17 Tenements - best id designed map ever. certainly far better design than most maps released since doom2 itself. Doom2 an_coop2.wad by Michal Mesko - I think one of the best designed level since the release of doom2, definately the best coop map ever.
  5. nobbjob

    doom 2 favourite maps

    definately map17 tenements. Probably the best designed level out of doom + doom2 i reckon, great to play coop with that cyberdemon runnin around as well. the secrets really are tricky, and this level still comes to mind quite often when i create my own. mind you, the living end has such an atmosphere of finality and apocalypse about it, you really know that level 29 is gonna be the big daddy of challenges before you have a shot at the end boss. more of a memorable and enjoyable boss level than 30 in my opinion.
  6. nobbjob

    Best co-op level ever?

    an_coop2.wad by Michal Mesko - the best single level designed for coop.
  7. nobbjob

    what is your favorite enemy from doom?

    The Imp is the best creature to fight and waste. A single shotgun blast will end one, a chaingun will make them dance, a rocket will mush them, double barrrels will knock a few on their ass... You must be accurate at close quarters, if you miss them with a double barrel, then they will maul you... When faced with many of them you must spin constantly and keep an ear out to estimate where the fireballs are coming from, and where they are headed... two attacks, a decent threat, and great fun in numbers, nothing compares to an Imp mob, so predictable and yet so satisfying when bring them all down.
  8. nobbjob

    England wins world cup!

    it cost me and my dad $762 for two tickets to the grand final. but it was worth it, the greatest match i can remember in my lifetime. the atmosphere when Flatley kicked that penalty to even the match was unbelievable. It also took us 2 hours to get out of the damn stadium.
  9. nobbjob

    favorite Doom song

    when it comes to slow evil tunes, doom + doom2 both have very similar tracks. are there any alice in chains fans here? 'Them Bones' and 'Barrels of Fun' sound identical. anyone else noticed that?
  10. nobbjob

    Botherhood of Ruin

    I loved ruinbros when it was first released, havent played it much since, but I remember it was good value.
  11. nobbjob

    Community Chest Wad, Map 16

    nice rich. you're gonna be playtesting my new level in a couple of months, ok?
  12. speed? I cant say that it is any faster than WA, and I would still say that WA is at this point more user friendly. but for basic-midrange geometry and reliability in such, DB is great. I find texturing in DB at this stage far slower than in WA especially.
  13. yeah ap_10.wad will be completed with Doom Builder. that makes it 1/2 WA and 1/2 DB. its big map and if you use Doom Builder sensibly and dont try to do anything too outrageous, then its quite reliable and user friendly
  14. nobbjob

    The "ExMx / Mapxx knockoff" list

    Thats ridiculous, how can you make exceptions? I love to see other people's interpretations of the original levels, as long as they are 'original' interpretations and not simply altered versions of the original level.
  15. nobbjob

    what do you drive?

    I got a 1977 Ford Falcon coupe, its a fairmont with a big A/C. Just bought it 2 months ago, its got 295s under the rear and its fucking loud. the paint is shit and most panels are wavy. when the registration runs out I'm getting it restored to original colour, thats sure gonna hurt my bank balance.