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  1. Well, he appears to be exactly of that kind - feeding on attention to himself, he's a typical ego-vampire. Additional "skills": rascal, fraud, lie, Nietzschean Ubermensch. So, the best way to deal with it is: a) Capture and put on a long term b) IGNORE and FORGET Because of authors nature ALL and EVERY of his BLA-BLA-BLA should be simply dismissed and disposed as garbage!
  2. https://lolcow.wiki/wiki/Icycalm https://icycalmisacriminal.wordpress.com/ Well, my fellow untermenshen, IS there there anything to discuss??
  3. If the text string length in Dehacked is longer than allowed by Vanilla it will stop typing text further. Move word ("saw") to the next string (making first one shorter) and it should display all text correctly.
  4. O. M. F. G. So many years passed, it finally happened, and I've missed it for almost a week after release! That should be fixed
  5. Glad you really like it in the end, kmxexii). I hope second episode won't take that much long to complete.
  6. Finally, uploaded it to idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/a-c/aa_e1 So, get ready for classic Ultimate DooM adventure:
  7. axdoom1, thank you for playing and such a detailed bug report). Fixed those bugs, also replaced all 4 demos - now you all can see what a noob I actually am (well, I just find it much more challenging to play dos shooters with arrow keys instead of wsad+mouse). Probably yes, I just need to find some time for mapping now (as well as even just playing other wads), because I have now a full time job. There are some new things saved for later episodes. I'd like to build them solely for a new boss fights in the end. Map would still be based on some kind of main feature but instead of overwhelming nonlinearity there should be more heavy fighting, map hazards and puzzles. I think that new features like turrets, drones, voltage should be used wider in later maps (in E3, E2 is actually not a tech base episode).
  8. So after so long E1 is finally completed: V.1.05 https://www.dropbox.com/s/251isre8yc7iuhy/AA-E1_v105.rar?dl=0 Please, feel free to comment and give a feedback - this surely helps moving on this project.
  9. Ok, I'll keep ZMAPINFO in wad then. Quite a precedent, isn't it)? I'll ask in ZDoom forum next time, but since you're here, can you check another thing? I've discovered you can make apply various ghost effects to things in vanilla using negative values for width/height in dehacked. Monsters may become immune to specific attacks, gain noclip but still be shootable. Two things in this wad actually use that trick, one with -width, another with -height. Both things work also in PrBoom, but ZDoom clearly ignores -height parameters (tried various compatibility mods). Short Tech Pillar (replaces Dead Cacodemon) has -1000 height / 16 width. In vanilla it blocks player, can't be shot with hitscans and projectiles, immune to BFG-rays and only vulnerable to explosions. In ZDoom it's also immune to explosions and either blocks player or not (depending on compatibility settings). This problem was solved with DECORATE, but maybe an option could be added to ZDoom to behave like vanilla in this case?
  10. Inserted ZMAPINFO.lmp with it in wad, but it still doesn't work :(.
  11. Containers are made wider than items placed inside them and they block player (so that you have to blow it up to see what's inside). Container has lower thing number, so it's sprite is always displayed in front of item placed in the same spot. If you load a save game in vanilla or prBoom it still works that way In ZDoom it works correct only from map start - if you load a savegame or autosave all things placed inside containers on entire map will be displayed in front of container sprites Maybe this could be corrected somehow with DECORATE, so that container sprite always would be drawn in front.
  12. All secrets are reachable, one you're talking about is accessed near start area.
  13. Thank you for feedback, Firedust. Maps in other episodes will not be as large as here (but they will be more difficult), also I finally defined myself with map format, so it sure should take much less time to complete them. Ok, so here is v.0.95, almost final https://www.dropbox.com/s/b9z9cl3zuso0phy/AA_095.rar?dl=0 This is NOT BETA, only reason for this not being v.1.0 is that I want to insert a new titlepic (but it'll take some time to make it) and credits (I wanted to type in them now, but link to DoomWord is dead and I don't have it on my laptop with me). Otherwise, anyone who waited for final release can play it and record demos, because I'm not going to change anything in uploaded version except adding graphics. Well, if no one finds any errors, of course, but I'm just so tired of endless testing them myself and without much feedback(...
  14. Yes, and it's exactly a fatal error. There's a switch behind it, that opens passage, but it's closed (forgot to remove sector tag, so it closes itself when platforms lower). I've fixed it and some other error, but haven't reuploaded wad yet.
  15. My rig barely runs Doom 3 (although with all whistles and bells + sikkmod) and Doom 4 is a 2016 title... DirectX 11?? I don't even know how DX 10 looks like. Windows 7? No, thanx, I'll wait until all XP's in existence vanish (so that there will be absolutely no support from anyone), then MAYBE I'll switch to another platform. You'll be punished for this: sent into hell with no achievements, only with a pistol, against real (no dweeb) monsters, no continues, no console stuff, no jumping/crouching, no looking up/down. Pure classic... Hm, sounds fine to me...