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  1. SamBeckett94

    Doom for Xbox360 - what a letdown.

    I most certainly did not think that this port was a let down. Come to think of it, I believe that it's the best console port of DOOM that there is. It remains completely true to the original, has a decent support for multiplayer, I think it was great. My only problem with it? It didn't include either of the dead bunny scenes.
  2. SamBeckett94

    Can't strafe and shoot at the same time anymore

    I had this problem a while ago. It was my keyboard. Now, when I move, strafe and shoot, my screen turns on it's side. Sod's law.
  3. SamBeckett94

    berserk fist vs. chainsaw

    Chainsaw. There's something delightfully sinister about it. Best thing about it is the 'vrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMM' that plays when you pick it up (on shareware and console ports, anyway, or when you pause the game just as you pick it up).
  4. SamBeckett94

    Who is playing Doom today?

    I'm 37, been playing DOOM since it was uploaded to the servers of the Uni of Wisconsin-Madison. I don't spend too much time on it - I give the wife, work and Happy Days a higher priority. Still, doesn't stop me from enjoying the game.
  5. You're a monster! I suppose you'd rather have sex than enjoy a trip to the Lake District too, would you?
  6. Sneaky bastards. Fortunately, I'm not a resident of Canada.
  7. SamBeckett94

    Music you listen to

    The Beatles Mr. Bungle Status Quo Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie Charles Mingus John Coltrane Antonio Carlos Jobim Snake Davis Cannonball Adderley Prince Buster Marc Seales Danny Gatton Kenny G Many More. They are all awesome. Not a word against them. Pizza Bob, I like your thinking. The Beatles rock. "When I get older losing my hair, many years from now, will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings bottles of wine? If I stayed out til quarter to three, would you lock the door? Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64..."
  8. Oh, so you'd prefer to have sex rather than watch a cop in a wheelchair?
  9. I'l drink to your health to help you out, kid.
  10. SamBeckett94

    Fun PSX Doom stuff..

    I DID IT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlzLvP4Fg0M EDIT: Why the hell isn't the embed working?
  11. SamBeckett94

    SNES music?

    Try the Super Mario theme. Actually, try some Megaman X music. (I always wanted to put Mr. Bungle's Mario theme in a Doom game, I might another day. You have inspired me, and for that I thank you).
  12. I passed up an erotic night with my wife to watch Ironside.
  13. SamBeckett94

    What did you call the monsters before you knew their names?

    I always nicknamed them. It was a lor more fun by calling them by their proper names. Former Human - Zombie Sergeant - Shotgun Guy Commander - Chaingunner Guy Imp - Imbecile Lost Soul - Floating Skull Baron - That Goat Thing Hell Knight - That Other Goat Thing Mancubus - Fat Shit Cyberdemon - Giant Android Thing Revenant - Skeleton Archvile - Irritating Little Fucker Arachnotron - Spider Spider Mastermind - Giant Spider Demon - Pink Thing Spectre - Invisible Pink Thing Cacodemon - Left Bollock (floating ball when around my wife) Pain Elemental - Right Bollock (floating ball when around my wife) Wolfenstein SS - Arsehole/Nazi Guy Am I the only one that thought that the Spider Mastermind and Arachnotron didn't belong in Doom?
  14. SamBeckett94

    Whats better - Psx or pc version of doom and why?

    Thank you for the information. But the PSX version is actually quite choppy. I still have DOS 5 (after all this time?), and when I play vanilla DOOM on that, the framerate is a little smoother than the PSX's.
  15. SamBeckett94

    Whats better - Psx or pc version of doom and why?

    PC DOOM was 8 bit? It looked to me like there were too many colours. I don' think it was, but what do I know? I prefer PC DOOM, purely for the fact that the music gets me ready to blast the shit out of the enemies. Whenever I come across a level with an ambient track, I'll idmus to one of the more 'adrenaline-pumping' tracks. PSX DOOM was awesome, but they could've tried not to repeat the music as much. Obviously there's a limit, but it wouldn't have killed them to knock up a few more tracks to stick in there. The ambient music was refreshing, but it's only good for so long. You can't really listen to it. There's no melody (obviously), so I can't enjoy listening to it as it all seems rather random.