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  1. I wish I could use IDDQD...

    ...to become invulnerable to the Government's taxing. This is just going to be a little rant of mine that will most likely become a closed topic, but, anyway.

    The Government over here in Yorkshire are taxing too much. They have far more money than they need. The twats are even on about taxing for use of the road.
    It's leaving me and many others broke.
    Not literally broke. Perhaps some are. I'm running out of money. I'd considered sending a letter of complaint to them, but I concluded that it would do no good. If only there was some kind of vaccination for taxing. If you could just pay ten pounds and say "that's it". Unfortunately, there is no vaccination for taxing. It's terminal.

    That metaphor was a bit over the top. Dearest apologies.

    If you have any views, feel free to express them.

    If you want to flame me for wasting your time and board space, feel free to do so.

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    2. Richo Rosai

      Richo Rosai

      Danarchy said:

      Yeah, England has always had ridiculous taxes. Something like 75% of the average person's income goes into taxes. And they say they still need their Queen.

      Damn those Messrs. Wilson and Heath...

    3. Danarchy
    4. Gokuma