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Everything posted by WillWater87

  1. WillWater87

    Which Doomer(s) have you met in real life?

    I haven't met any doomers yet! ** *Cough* Ahem you forgot about me =P
  2. WillWater87

    The most realistic difficulty

    Definitely Nightmare for unfairness, ultra violience is realistic. Technically monsters aren't real (Refering the fictional ones).
  3. WillWater87


    DSSHOTGN sounds much better for the chaingun.
  4. WillWater87

    Playstation Doom/ Doom 64 Sound Effects

    Ugh, the main answer to this they got it from Hollywood edge premiere edition sound effects library. How can most of the americans not know?
  5. WillWater87

    Is Doom based on any religion in particular?

    If it was religious, then the game would be doing religious things (i.e. Pray to god/satan, believe in jesus or Mohammed, etc.) instead of just killing monsters all the time.
  6. WillWater87

    Rape legalized in Afghanistan by US-Puppet Government

    Rape + legalized = Fucked up And payed by the USA? Makes it worser than it hasn't.
  7. WillWater87

    Is Doom based on any religion in particular?

    As in doomsday? :P Seriously the answer is simple, no it isn't based on any religion
  8. WillWater87

    Funniest monster infighting pairing?

    Cyberdemon Vs. Spider mastermind
  9. Somehow the board is disabled, has anyone witnessed this before it was disabled?
  10. WillWater87

    What the hell has happend to skulltag forums?

    You still have moderation power, it is just that you don't abuse it so much like an instaban :P
  11. WillWater87

    Teenage Tourette's Camp

    I've seen this on ITV2, fucking hell I laughed so hard
  12. WillWater87

    What the hell has happend to skulltag forums?

    I was just wondering that's all I can wait really
  13. WillWater87

    The /newstuff Chronicles #338

    Short review, regardless of this brilliant review of my announcer
  14. WillWater87

    [RELEASED] Tubers announcer

    tuann.zip - 3.84MB Here is the Download link and the TXT is included It is a cybernetic demon announcer alike made by me for skulltag Edit: final update done
  15. WillWater87

    [RELEASED] Tubers announcer

    Yes it is just a typo fix on ACNRINFO, check it if you want
  16. WillWater87

    [RELEASED] Tubers announcer

    I have already finished it, tell them I'm sorry anyway
  17. WillWater87

    [RELEASED] Tubers announcer

    Can there be a possible wad replacement re-upload Deeforce? Becuase I made a hotfix for the announcer because it contained ANCRINFO typo by using a default script
  18. WillWater87

    [RELEASED] Tubers announcer

    Thank you mate ;)
  19. WillWater87

    [RELEASED] Tubers announcer

    Can someone upload the wad for me? I can't do ftp, I'm just lazy
  20. WillWater87

    Alando Guns X

    You should use SlumpED a bit to separate the DECORATE lumps
  21. WillWater87

    [RELEASED] Tubers announcer

    I'm just now waiting to get it reviewed or something... Thanks for the feedback by the way
  22. WillWater87

    Alando Guns X

    Will it have separate DECORATE files? For e.g. WEAPAONS, MONSTERS, etc.
  23. WillWater87

    How Did ID make sprites for doom & doom2?

    What they did was amazing, infact even if you do that kind of shit yourself you probably become a brilliant spriter
  24. Shamefully, I first started playing doom just about 5 and I thought it was very hard (Well as you can see, I was messing around at certain times), nowadays it's is easier, except Nightmare becuase it does play unfairly.
  25. WillWater87

    PSX Doom

    There is a total conversion of the doom PSX and it is still currently in beta take a look and see if IDgames can approve it. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=16480