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  1. Curunir

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    I'm all in favor of 10-15 map sets rather than megawads. I tend to play on UV and many megawads turn pretty insane for my taste past level 20 anyway, so even if I try, I hardly ever finish the last 10 maps. To me, there is nothing in a megawad that is somehow more valuable than two sets of 15 or three sets of 10 maps.
  2. Curunir

    The philosophy of level design

    Take your meds on a regular basis, OP, please.
  3. Curunir

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I was watching the Evolution of the WAD series on YT and found out, for the first time in my 21 years of playing Doom, that the "leaky" rad suit is a thing.
  4. Curunir

    Best Alternative to Slade?

    Just try SlumpEd or an older version of Slade as MrD suggested. One of those should work with no instance of MSVC++ installed.
  5. Curunir

    Best Alternative to Slade?

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/utils/graphics_edit/deutex/wintex43 I'll see myself out. You can also try SlumpEd - it's what eventually became Slade, but it may or may not require the components you're missing.
  6. Curunir

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    I logged in for the first time in years just to say a huge "Thank you!" to Torm and all other contributors to this project. This really is something and I wanted to drop a line of thanks. On a side note, it's amazing to see people whining about this when this is literally the biggest thing to happen to the game in years and years.
  7. So voting for Plutonia 2!
  8. For the first time, I decided to do a map that is vanilla Doom :D So no sliding doors here. I never learned how to do the polyobjects anyway, I only did swinging doors. But mapping for regular Doom feels so... liberating! You no longer need to worry about advanced shizzle, you just do sectors and texture them, then move on. And yes, I replaced the door textures with Quake's, it's not that bad indeed.
  9. I thought the door texture is a bit off too but the Quake medieval doors are the slide-to-the-side type and the texture has a cleft in the middle so I thought it would be odd if the doors went up.
  10. It's ON again! I'm not sure how well this whole Quake dungeon theme is going to hold together though, I'm thinking of switching to a cleaner Doomish texturepack. The Q conversions seem to be too dirty, dark and with lots of black spots in them. I mean, yes, I want it to be a dark and gloomy dungeon but I want it to also not be all black. Should I keep with the Quake textures or scrap em? I'm afraid I have no idea what pack would look good for the sort of dungeon I want.
  11. Perhaps what we really lack is indeed discipline. I think I will give this a try - come up with something that's no more detailed than regular Doom 1, make ALL areas and then do pretties work.
  12. Thanks, Christoph. I guess I gave up for the same reason I always do - fretting and wasting time over the little things, texture alignments, vertex-perfect shapes.. And of course the terrible soul-consuming lack of good gameplay. Looking pretty doesn't equal playing well so there just comes a point where I think to myself "Why am I doing this? This isn't going anywhere and will play like crap" so I delete them. There fore: "saddening remains" :D I have more, check it:
  13. Curunir

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    You've been working since 2006, I've been drooling over it for just a few weeks and my bib is already soaked. Two thumbs up!
  14. The saddening remains of my abandoned mapping attempts :L
  15. I've also been thinking of the option for showing custom textures only so you don't get clutter and are able to work on a new, consistent theme. Would be sweet.