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  1. A bit self explanatory. Mostly for the "Open map from..." window, where you choose the map in the wad that you want to edit. If the map name is longer than 6 characters, you can't see the map's full name, which makes it harder to find the map you actually want to edit. (In this case, I'm working on the ZDoomWars map pack, and the map names are ZDWARS1 - ZDWARS23, which just shows up as 'ZDWARS..') I just want it to be re-sizeable so I can expand it horizontally to maybe see the map's full name. Might prove useful to others as well.
  2. Yeah, I need to do some fixin on Map20. The reason why most of the textures are misaligned is probably because back then, I believed that pressing A on a wall fixed all alignment. That split door to the lift down used to open both ways. Or at least I thought it did. Ah well, I'll fix it. I swore that I marked the super secret as a secret. Then again, I swore that I aligned all the textures. I'll make a chip or something in the switch that doesn't do anything, to imply damage of some sort. The secrets, I never knew that marking the secret door as a secret changed its color to normal. I thought it would just make it purple. I'll also see what I can do about being able to grab items through the walls. (Although this might be a tough one, space is already fairly constricted.) As for the monster teleporting, I was kind of experimenting with it. I'll try to make the teleporters faster, by making the monsters spawn in more places. More teleportation hallways, faster teleportation. Of course, I'll also implement the monster teleporting failsafe that Mek taught me. The difficult part for me, though, is that I can't get boom to function on my comp. At all. It just rejects it, no idea why. So I have to test it with either Skulltag or Zdoom. That makes it really hard for me to test it properly. So I was wondering if I could send TGH or anyone else who is really strict with critisizm the map right after I make the fixes? That way, I can fix it faster.
  3. Looks cool, but the hi-res textures mixing with the low-res textures look kinda odd.
  4. @ Whoo: Wood flats on metal textures?
  5. Heh, awesome to see this finally released. Also, @ Lizard Commando: Oooh shit. That's a bit major there.
  6. I'm actually fairly excited about this. It's been a whole year, I think, and it's finally gonna come out! Has anyone had any problems with MAP32?
  7. Mik57

    My First "real" Map

    Actual bridge objects would be helpful anyways, for more low-lying bridges. Also, if you use them, you could probably make them closer together, which would allow the monsters to walk on them.
  8. Mik57

    My First "real" Map

    What difficulties did you have with the doombuilder bridge objects? If you used those, it would be easier to allow monsters to walk on them. Plus, if I remember right, those bridge objects are 8 units high, so you could go under lower bridges.
  9. Assault rifle, with a shotgun as an altfire. Already made one.
  10. Mik57

    ideas for a map

    Good to see another potential mapper. Especially good to see an upcoming sprite artist, if you plan on making them, since fresh good sprites are difficult to come by nowadays. As for ideas, start out small, and with the vanilla configuration, its good to start out with basics. Make a 5 map map-pack, small - medium sized maps, with varying themes to practice your skills. Maybe try: Techbase, hellish, marble, ash/lava, canyon/outdoor areas. There are probably another few key themes to get used to, but these are the basics, in my opinion.
  11. Alright, update done. Waiting for feedback now. Also, I need the updated texture pack, so if anyone has it, could they send me a link?
  12. Can you tell me the bugs on the new version of OilRig, if there are any? I feel that there might be something missing from it, so I wanted another's opinion.
  13. This is epic. Those 3d models are actually pretty cool.
  14. Mik57

    Wad upload

    Well, you've been spamming your map around for a while. That's kind of a major thing. As a side note, sorry to be going more off-topic with my posts. I'm just surprised no one has done anything about this guy yet.
  15. Mik57

    Made a map

    @ Dweedle:Well, the map DOES belong to OBLIGE. Did you get permission to edit it? Also, about the map that this thread is really about: Damn, its hard, but I like it. I might be playing it for a while, until I can beat it without cheats on UV. About 20 times better than that OBLIGE map, mostly because it was made from scratch.