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  1. NeFaRiuS

    quake2 or Half Life add-on?

    I'd go for Half-Life, from what I hear from friends it's easy to work with and you can get some pretty nice levels out of it with almost no skills. Besides that I think Half-Life feels very "decent" while playing, I can't describe the exact feeling (get some sleep maybe).
  2. NeFaRiuS

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    Adding a sniper gun would definitely spoil the game, but perhaps a sub-machinegun such as the mp5 from CS would make a great addition or an m16 with grenade launcher. Non-destructive weapons are being developed right now in the US, especially for crowd control. So you could add guns that blind enemies or immobilize them with a sticky sunstance (not practical to incorporate into doom levels however).
  3. NeFaRiuS

    What's the best new game?

    At the moment, I think Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is the best game, it offers o much depth and freedom, it's incredible. I'm even running 3 games almost simultaneously at the moment (as a Figher, A Mage and an assassin).
  4. NeFaRiuS

    Spiritualism and Science?

    OK, OK, that should be Civilization of course. (see above)
  5. NeFaRiuS

    Spiritualism and Science?

    "All cvilization starts with language. If one does not master language, one is uncivilized." -Machiavelli, Il Principe
  6. NeFaRiuS

    Spiritualism and Science?

    m0l0t0v said: "In fact the 'me vs my'- mistake toke place when I was defending myself against Fodders COWARDLY and UNPROVOKED attack." To fuel this fire some more: m0l0t0v, you should have written "took" instead of "toke", unless you wanted to write "token", which would not have made any sense in this sentence. So you really need to check up on your spelling. If not, people will not be interested in your ideas (cruel, but so very true) :-) NeFaRiuS, self-proclaimed president of the Organisation Using Grammatical Errors to Irritate Other People (OUGEIOP) Despite the terrible :-) spelling, we don't need flaming tongues to understand m0l0t0v (still warming up, is that a good or a bad thing when you're a molotov cocktail?).
  7. NeFaRiuS

    Spiritualism and Science?

    Science is based around proving things (hypotheses) with experiments that can be replicated by other such scientists. Spiritualism does not concern itself with the 'proving' and 'replicaton' part. It just gives 'answers' and you can choose to accept these or not. So in this way both disciplines can not be comined. But perhaps someday all scientists and -pseudo-scientist will work together and solve the ultimate mystery. Until then, stay rational!
  8. NeFaRiuS

    Cloning isn't going to stop

    For the sake of science I think it's very useful to continue cloning (although some moral considerations should be taken in consideration :) ). There is very much to win and almost nothing to lose. We can figure out principles of body development and cures for very severe diseases. Cloning for president, that's what I'm saying!