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  1. Okay. Thanks.
  2. Hello. I'm Zemni. Being in the doom community for some time, I've picked up a lot of playing strategies from friends and family. Are there any strategies that would help me gain some sort of "Edge" while playing? Maybe the "w-a-s-d" key layout isn't good enough? Anyhow, Are there any suggestions that anyone can tell me?
  3. I'm sorry about that. Was in california for about a week and didn't sleep on my way back and very little in my hotel. DC3 reborn is at http://www.relentlessbeating.com/doomconnector/ no more rights problems because Zorcher has decided to support it. Cya there.
  4. It doesn't matter. DC4 is shit and the code is old. Just forget about it. I'm tired of putting up with all this crap. Don't think I'm being emo. I just don't want to deal with all this shit that I am. DC4 is offline and its site is down. Merry Christmas. You won't see me supporting the Doom community any longer. Have a good day. It's just a stupid game made about 15 years ago. You guys make it into something you can make money off of, which you can't. Get off your high horse already.
  5. It's not me, but it's nice that you try to help us. Thanx.
  6. He doesn't, so merry christmas. I haven't changed the site yet so he's still on there.
  7. Oh, sure. It wasn't really me. It was between Anonymous and Zorcher and I shouldn't be stating anything that would spark anything. But yeah. It's 100% genuine and if you want to use it, you're free too. :) Thanks for your time and support, man.
  8. It's time to announce Doom Connector 4's first major release. Owning the rights to DC4, this isn't really a vendetta. So, without further delay(but with a new web site [**]), Doom Connector 4 (v1)! http://doomconnector.co.nr/ Masterservers are [quote]releh close[end quote] to being coded because we actually have the codes. Also, ping timeouts are completely bytes in the wind. Bon Appetite!!!
  9. I'm still using some of the code... More of optimizing it, really. Basically just the protocols and the netcode. No need to laugh. It'll be back. I'm working real hard on it with the team. The Player Connector staff can just stick it in their bongs and smoke it. Edit: It's fucking long! Gonna take awhile, but I'm stronger than giving up.
  10. Well it seems that some of the Player Connector staff decided to terrorize the DC community by hacking their client code and admin-ing themselves in an attempt to stop any competition. I'm sorry to say that it didn't work. We're now completely recoding our client to encrypt code and ultimately show them the steps to demise. It's not their code anymore, so bear with me. DC4 will be back... forevermore. You're on, Zap610! I feel sorry for you. Meh!
  11. Well that's your choice. I'm a rebel; I hate change. ** So thanks. Rock on, man.
  12. Yeah. ALMOST bugless, mapping tournaments and a new update app (because the old one was WAY too complicated). Basically, it's the same code, but a better line of bug fixes. The only known bug is location in the buddies list. It cuts off most of the location and shows the last letters. It's being fixed though.
  13. Doom Connector is back! This time with more support, a faster server, and nazi-less moderation. The new gamemodes are also supported! We're even getting masterservers(coming soon)! This is a press release and doesn't include some of the items listed above. It will auto update once they are released. http://doomconnector.co.nr/