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    MEMORY REMAINS. DOOM IS THE GAME OF THE -XVII*10*9 WHEN DINOSAURUS CAME TO THIS WORLD. MAY BE IN THIS TIME THEY HAVE SEEN BIG-GRAY-BLACK-GREEN-YELLOW-MAROON-MORON MONKEYS AND BIG FLYING SHIT LIKE A BALL. MAY BE THIS DINOSAURUS EAT SOME MUSHROOMS IN CHINA TOWN (NOW THERE N.Y.). Little history... about how id made d00m. I see this very big-imPORNtant site about doom and another junk of the net. So lets talk about junk aka doom. Oh somebody dont know me? This is Username. Unreal username and other translators or boogers have to shut up about my great image, so keep hands up. New suggestion about doom, about new doom not with monkeys or twelve monkeys or ball shit or shit like a ball, doesnt MATTER.(DER YBIHT SHULTZ). Script: you prisonner in stogg base and they have made on you experiment (You become Bad Mother fucker) with nice-pretty muscle and metall ass. So stroggs doesnt liked it and they want to terminated your process like a application. You will know it why? you have psycho-big-generator. YOu kill two bosses (vice president of strogg and major of STROGDON (capital of Strog IMPIRE) ). and you want to escape from the HELL (strogs consider that is paradise) Music: heavy cyber punk dark ambient witrh drum'n'bass (120kwatts) Wepon: jaws, hyper strog reaper, laser gun (pops? advice something at least you are professionals). Price: Id (activision) know this. //If you version is not legal you will be burn in hell (strogg capital this to bitches;]) thanks to all a specialy: Bank of New York IT administarators, Moscow State University, siberian nucler waste (home of wasted), linguica, dead nail, razor 1911, zaldron, leader.ru, void.ru (in memory duke he died in last year// forever to his doom) kiitos of University of Helsinki . last topic here: In the MOOD for DOOM. 1. no more disconnect: This real username, username has some problems with password. 2. two words about ... new movie reliaze of old d00ummies game and screensuck was complete peace of junk of shit. 3. something new? nothing and Mr. C. he knows, may be he wants to do new engine? (ID have to do "Quake: Apocalypse now" on this engine). SAY NO to monkeys and KAKA-cooki daemons. OK i tell you story about where id found this script for d00m... ... in the begining...part !00 All we play wolf 4D(somebody think that it 3d, they assoles, dont beliave it)... and somebody found secret levels in wolf and spear of destiny (if you did that, you saw monster that very different than officers and dogs, some smoke-ghost and their friend big dragon-monster-grizzly)<<< ... in the medium...part @00 All we play doom (form alpha, first, second, aliens, 2d, tnt, plutonia and other booritozzz versions)... and quake I (only) all we see monkey aka imps, kaka-d. aka ball shit (not snakes) , infested terrans aka infested terrans, brain with bazookas aka idiocy, bull with rockets aka big jerome...ETC. ... in the future...part #00 No body didn't play Doom3(exclusive of chinese hookers-crackers-xakers and ...) but we already see screen**** and movie. SO its to you to decide are you with q2,q3.or you with oldsters PS boos said your competency is sucks, english sucks and we found new worker //it's she and she girlfriend of b00s Goodbye M. X. You are dismiss from 23 of august. ..WARNING!!! UNSAVE CHANNEL... ..CHANGING PROXY-SERVER... ..CHANGE FAILED: USER CONNECTION SUPPORT ONLY 8 PROXIES... ..TRYING ENCRYPT... ..ENCRYPT FAILED... ..CONNECTION WILL CLOSE BY SERVER IN: 5 SECONDS... ..CONNECTION TERMINATED...
  2. username

    Free speech.

    &lt;HTML&gt; &lt;script language="JavaScript"&gt; if (top!=self){top.location = self.location}&lt;/SCRIPT&gt; &lt;FRAMESET rows="0,*" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" framespacing=0 frameborder=no border=0 &gt; &lt;FRAME SRC="no.htm" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" name=header scrollbars=no scrolling=no framespacing=0 frameborder=no border=0&gt; &lt;FRAME SRC="page.html" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" name=body framespacing=0 frameborder=no border=0&gt; &lt;/FRAMESET&gt; &lt;/HTML&gt; &lt;!-- íè÷å òèïà ìåíÿòü íå íàäî! FRAME SRC="no.htm" - ïóñòîé ôàéë,page.html- ïàãà. --&gt; &lt;/font&gt;&lt;/p&gt; Greetings you Fighters for Doom Mega 2000 AD GAME (release date 35684352111111114444444444444444444444 ND) OK&gt; Big Hi 2 "operator" and "web OdMINs" In spite of difficults i'm writting this ball letter:) At first Doom not a game is a porno like Duke beta 0.00000000000002, isn't it. Is mine opinean.(Free Speech) At second, stop remove my ball letters. Doomers are ball shit snakes.
  3. username

    Do you know who I am.

    Why does my Wolf feel so bad? Doomers are ball shit snakes.
  4. username

    Well, it just Doom 3 Settings....

    Yes, its good 1); 2);but Hell not is body, itsa big room of ballshit!!! "Event Horizom" good!!! IM Gonna see Gig pics now... if it shit ill post ballshit here!!! Doomers ball shit snakes.
  5. username

    somewhat related to doom

    Wolf 3d more cooler that Doom2 becoz it was original, Doom3 must be good but simple and intresting ... OMNIRAR sad Username, im gonna rip ya OFF!!! Doomers ball shit snakes.
  6. username

    No heavy metal or techno crap in Doom 3!

    Rap is not good so you too... Doomers ball shit snakes.
  7. username

    Dear (died) Are you pooking?

    What do you thinking if something close this stupid site, It was big mistake that i regestered on this ball site. All web masters have done good job (about design) And what are you all people doing on that site, ofcourse BALL sITe. Stupid queations STUPID IDEA STUPID FORUMS STUPID ... HHHHHHHH ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DOOM is not a game this is black disk with something eggs on pictures. Doomers ball shit snakes.