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  1. Mangetsu

    Ask Your Doctor About Zandronum

    http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=14623 Someone is very desperate...
  2. So who's these people who want to fork off and what's their Website? I don't really care about drama or these shitty derailments, Skulltag needs to be revived.
  3. Mangetsu

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    Wait, what...what just happened. Well, I don't want you to keep trolling the Thead, I want it to die peacefully, you see...don't mind me...
  4. Mangetsu

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    You best be trolling if you're refering to me.
  5. Mangetsu

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    /facepalm. Stop nailing with your crap, you're one to comment about attitudes.
  6. Mangetsu

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    You mean, ambitiousness, right?
  7. Mangetsu

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    Don't mind that, Graf, I'm sure the ST Devs are going to plan lots of things besides what's available on the present time, while they already announced that the other changes are going to be ported on their next version, 97E, but I dunno what much.
  8. Mangetsu

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    I don't think Hexen is limited at all, you could play RoC on Coop, or full DM, without any issues in the Public RC, same with itself and I guess that applies the new final version, too(unless aliens wanted to h4x ST and I didn't knew about it). But, yeah, Strife is fully playable too, the problem is that Coop support is completely unguaranteed, since something related to the way it handled Player Spawns didn't support it, I don't quite accurately remember the issue with it, but it was something like that, the good news about Strife's MP support is that DM should be playable on ST. That, and getting more Off-Topic, I felt the urgue to thank lots of people, since this work is amazing: big thanks to randy & Graf, and lots of love to whoever contributes for ST, specially the ST Devs, I love Skulltag, these Source-Ports are the best.