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  1. Saul William's wack, he ain't hip hop either. He's also insulting Rakim, that's one bad part. Rakim's one of the legends in hip hop history. Saul's also got no rhyme scheme in his lyrics, that wasn't even rapping. A lot of fake hip hop artists make lyrics like that man. That's pretty much it :).

  2. Hah game was tight man. Talk about it, I only got past the first level then I had to reformat my PC. I think Wolfen Doom is better. However, I didn't know we had some Volxenstein players here. The author was an average coder, the graphics was the best part. The game was good, but it was kinda hilarious.

  3. As many of you seen on MTV, radio, magazines, etc, Hip Hop culture is interpreted as a gangster culture. That is wrong. Just slap yourselves. You're all just being brainwashed by the stupid media going on in Hollywood since the 90s. You're just the media's puppet for business. It's their way of making money.

    Hip Hop represented in the 80s was real. It was all about the culture's elements and knowledge. Breakdancing, DJing, Graffiti, and Emceeing (or rapping). We never made hip hop about gangs, drugs, etc. Our fathers of the culture have participated in one of those activities, but they never made it a culture about the bad things. Hip hop was a culture about anti-gang and fight without violence.

    Souljaboy has killed hip hop culture more than it did already. I really hate him, I'm glad there are people who hate him but don't know a thing about hip hop. His music made the teen generation of America think it's just some shit about black. And he is such a disgrace to the real hip hop culture itslef. He is not a rapper, he's just an entertainer.

    That wraps up what Hip Hop is. Check these sites find out more about the real hip hop culture.